GS Testimonial Slider


GS Testimonial Slider is a WordPress plugin which creates a custom post type to add client’s testimonials / recommendations to display anywhere on your site using shortcode.

GS Testimonial plugin is simple but flexible & powerful.

GS Testimonial Slider by GS Plugins

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Plugin Features

  • Responsive Testimonial Slider.
  • Testimonial Shortcode Ready
  • Light Weight, Clean & Beautiful design.
  • Custom post type for Testimonial posting.
  • No need any settings.
  • Work with all WordPress themes.
  • W3C valid markup
  • Output Testimonials anywhere with the shortcode [gs_testimonial] or [gs_testimonial theme=”gs_style1″]
  • Easy Install, Configuration.
  • All Major Browsers compatible
  • Developer friendly & easy to customize.
  • Displaying Author Image with each Testimonial
  • Its easy to use interface allows you to manage, edit, create, and delete Testimonials with no new knowledge

Pro Features

  • 20+ Predefined Testimonial Styles.
  • Front-end Submission Form.
  • Testimonial pending status for approval by Admin.
  • Tons of shortcode parameters
  • Category wise Testimonials
  • Great Settings Panel
  • Column wise / Full Screen /Flip Testimonial Slider.
  • Filter & Masonry Testimonial Showcase.
  • Read More option to Expand content.
  • Characters custom limit option.
  • Star Rating System.
  • Show/hide star rating.
  • 6 Different Author image styles (Square, Circle, Radius, Square Shadow, Circle Shadow, Radius Shadow)
  • 9 different Transitions
  • Show/hide Navigation arrows.
  • Testimonials Order by (date, ID, title, modified, ran)
  • Order (Descending, Ascending)
  • Set Testimonial Auto-play speed time.
  • Testimonial stop on hover.
  • Shortcodes to be used everywhere.
  • Widget Ready.
  • Used FontAwesome arrow for Previous / Next.
  • Priority Email Support.
  • Free Installation ( If needed ).
  • Free updates for one year.
  • Auto update notification.
  • Auto update from dashboard.
  • Well documentation and support.
  • And many more..

Available fields to add info

  • Testimonial Author Name
  • Testimonial Details
  • Testimonial Author Image
  • Company Name
  • Designation
  • Testimonial Categories
  • Star Ratings

Testimonial Settings (Pro)

  • Transition Style (carousel, fade, fadeout, scrollHorz, scrollVert, flipHorz, flipVert, shuffle, tileSlide)
  • On / off controls for – Stop on hover, Navigation Arrow, Responsiveness, Pagination, Company & Designation, Ratings, Image
  • Sliding Speed
  • Style Testimonial Texts by – Color, Font Size, line Height, Weight
  • Style Author Name by – Color, Font Size, Weight, Margin
  • Style Labels by – Color, Font Size
  • Style Name & Designation by – Color, Font Size, Weight, Font Style
  • Navigation Arrow Color. Applicable for Flipster Theme
  • Ratings Color
  • Filter Category Position. Applicable for Filter Theme
  • Font Family. Yes / No to change Handwritten Author Name
  • Image Width
  • Image Height
  • Company Label. Change to your desired label text
  • Designation Label. Change to your desired label text
  • Author Image Border
  • Border Thickness
  • Border Style
  • Style & Theming

9 different Transitions

  • carousel
  • vervaging
  • fadeout
  • scrollHorz
  • scrollVert
  • flipHorz
  • flipVert
  • schudden
  • tileSlide

Use any shortcode to display testimonials with preferred transition

[gs_testimonial transition="carousel"]
[gs_testimonial transition="fade"]
[gs_testimonial transition="fadeout"]
[gs_testimonial transition="scrollHorz"]
[gs_testimonial transition="scrollVert"]
[gs_testimonial transition="flipHorz"]
[gs_testimonial transition="flipVert"]
[gs_testimonial transition="shuffle"]
[gs_testimonial transition="tileSlide"]

20 different Themes / Styles

  • gs_style1
  • gs_style2
  • gs_style3
  • gs_style4
  • gs_style5
  • gs_style6
  • gs_style7
  • gs_style8
  • gs_style9
  • none
  • gs_style11
  • gs_style12
  • gs_style13
  • gs_style14
  • gs_style15
  • gs_style16
  • gs_style17

6 Different Author image styles

  • gs_square
  • gs_circle
  • gs_radius
  • gs_square_shadow
  • gs_circle_shadow
  • gs_radius_shadow

GS Testimonial Slider’s shortcode usage

Use following shortcode to display testimonials combined with Carousel transition, gs_style1 theme & gs_circle author image

[gs_testimonial transition="carousel" theme="gs_style1" img="gs_circle"]

Shortcode PHP Usage

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_testimonial transition="carousel" theme="gs_style1" img="gs_circle"]' ); ?>


Normally Testimonials will show by descending order, latest will show first. But if you wish to display ascending order, oldest at first then pass order=”ASC” parameter to shortcode like

[gs_testimonial order="ASC"]

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  • GS Testimonial Slider output on pages/post after adding shortcode [gs_testimonial theme="gs_style1"] - Testimonial Frontend Presentation - 1
  • GS Testimonials Column Slider View
  • GS Testimonial With Full Screen Slider View
  • GS Testimonial With Flip Slider View
  • GS Testimonial With Filter View
  • GS Testimonial With Masonry View - 1
  • GS Testimonial With Masonry View - 2
  • GS Testimonial With Masonry View - 3
  • GS Testimonial With Masonry View - 4
  • GS Testimonial With Masonry View - 5
  • GS Testimonial Widget
  • GS Testimonial Frontend Submission Form
  • Testimonials > Add New. Then add Author Name, Testimonial, Author Image, Company Name, Designation, Star Rating
  • Testimonials > All Testimonials. View all Testimonials at a glance.
  • Testimonial Settings -> General Settings (Available only at PRO version)
  • Testimonial Settings -> Style Settings (Available only at PRO version)
  • Testimonial Settings -> Advanced Settings (Available only at PRO version)


Install GS Testimonial as a regular WordPress plugin. Here is different ways to install GS Testimonial slider plugin :

Install by Search Plugin

  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Search GS Testimonial Slider
  • Click to install
  • Activeer de plugin
  • Testimonials post type will show below POSTS

Install by Upload Plugin

  • Download the latest version of GS Testimonial Slider (.zip file)
  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Select “Upload Plugin”
  • Click on “Choose File”
  • Select downloaded & click on ‘Install Now’ button
  • Activeer de plugin
  • Testimonials post type will show below POSTS

Install Plugin using FTP

  • Upload gs-testimonial folder inside the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins & Activate the GS Testimonial Slider
  • Testimonials post type will show below POSTS

  • Put [gs_testimonial theme=”gs_style1″] shortcode, where you need to show the testimonial slider.


How do I add a new Testimonial?

Testimonial post type will show below POSTS. To add new testimonial, go to Testimonial > Add New, then add Testimonial Author name at Title, Full testimonial at Editor, Author Image, Company Name & Designation at respective fields and Finally Publish.

What will be the Author image dimension?

Better to add a square size image. Default image size set to 86px X 86px.

How to use shortcode inside page templates?

WordPress has a great function, do_shortcode(), that will allow you to use shortcodes inside your theme files. For example, to output Testimonials in a Theme file, you would do this:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[gs_testimonial theme="gs_style1"]'); ?>

How can I add new testimonials of my customers at GS Testimonial plugin?

If you know how to add a post or a page in WordPress, you know how to add a Testimonial in your website. We have split this into 6 simple steps as you can see below :

  • Testimonial Author Name (1) : This is self explanatory. Just add the name of the Testimonial Author.
  • The Testimonial (2) : Add The Testimonial in the editor which you received from the client.
  • Testimonial Author Image (3) : Add a picture of your client who wrote the testimonial.
  • Company Name (4) : Add Company Name of testimonial author. Keep it blank if you have no company name.
  • Designation (5) : Add Designation of testimonial author. Keep it blank if you don’t wish to display.
  • Testimonial Categories (6) : You can categories your testimonials by creating your own category.
  • Star Ratings (7) : Add Star Ratings value
  • You can check Add New Testimonial section » for visual explanation.

Is there any word length limitation for testimonials at GS Testimonial Slider WordPress plugin?

Actually there is nothing like that in the GS Testimonial plugin. But we recommend adding same length testimonials to make it look more usable and compact. If you use the masonry view theme then add different length testimonials.

How can I add the author image at GS Testimonial Slider WordPress plugin?

You can add Testimonial Author Image at Featured Image field : Add a picture of your client who wrote the testimonial.

How can I use shortcodes in WordPress GS Testimonial Slider plugin?

First install the GS Testimonial Slider plugin in your WordPress website. Then add the shortcode [gs_testimonial theme=”gs_style1″] where you wish to showcase client testimonials.

Is this WordPress Testimonial carousel plugin easy to use?

Yes, this WordPress Testimonial plugin is absolutely easy to use. It is something like to fill an online form. You will find shortcode usage and screenshots in the Documentation Part so that you can simply use it.

What are the styles available in GS Testimonial carousel WordPress plugin?

There are 20 different themes / styles available at GS Testimonial plugin including 6 different author styles. So you can make any combination from here as you need.

Can I use this WordPress Testimonial plugin in all types of WordPress website?

Yes, you can use GS Testimonial plugin in all WordPress versions but recommended minimum WordPress Version: 4.5 or higher. We are regularly updating and releasing new versions to make it compatible with the latest WordPress.

How can I add GS Testimonial carousel in my multiple WordPress website?

You can add the GS Testimonial carousel lite version at any number of sites. The Pro version has domain licenses. You can select a number of licenses as your need. Please check details License & Pricing here.


26 februari 2021
I contacted Sarwar about the GS testimonial plugin conflicting with the new update of Word Press 5.6.1. it creates a white space at the the top of my website. Sarwar answered my support request by the next day and corrected the issue within two days and my website was working correctly. Great followup by Sarwar. I was very satisfied with the service.
21 december 2020
I installed GS Testimonial Lite in TheGem theme using the WPBakery Page Builder. As soon as the plugin was activated, the edit feature of WPBakery stopped working. I contacted support and received a response 7.5 hours later from Sarwar asking for WP access. I sent access and 15 hours later received an email from Sarwar informing me they had fixed the problem by adding a small script to the footer of my website. Needless to say, I am very pleased with their support efforts!
10 juni 2020
When activated, all JavaScripts on the admin section stop working, I had to disable many plugins to find out this is the faulty one. Also when activated it redirects you from "add plugin page" to its own setting page and some parts of its page also can't load
29 maart 2020
I bought the premium version of this plugin. It's extremely easy to use and the testimonials came out looking very beautiful. I had an issue with the plugin though--whenever it was activated, the customizer page in WordPress stopped loading. The developer resolved my issue immediately. Thank you very much!
21 januari 2020
Had a problem when I bought this plugin, it seems the plugin might have been conflicting with the javascript on the site 'cause the layout to break. However, I sent an email to support and they had it all fixed within a couple of hours. Excellent plugin and excellent service, can't fault at all.
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Version 1.9.1 [6th Oct 2021]

  • [Updated] : Rewritten the plugin.
  • [Updated] : Organize files in the folder.

version 1.8.16 [23rd May 2021]

  • [Fixed] : PHP 7.3 Compatibility.
  • [Fixed] : Deprecated Function Warning.

version 1.8.15 [13th Feb 2021]

  • [Removed] : Extra files from Appsero library.
  • [Updated] : Scripts for jQuery 3

version 1.8.14 [17th Dec 2020]

  • [Updated] : AppSero Client.
  • [Removed] : Affiliate Admin Notice.
  • [Updated] : WordPress 5.6

version 1.8.13 [27th Sep 2020]

  • [Fixed] : Admin Notice for Affiliate.

version 1.8.12 [14th Sep 2020]

  • [Updated] : link with UTM.

version 1.8.11 [13th Sep 2020]

  • [Added] : Admin Notice for Affiliate.

version 1.8.10 [13th Aug 2020]

  • [Updated] : WordPress 5.5

version 1.8.9 [24th Jun 2020]

  • [Updated] : Appsero Client.

version 1.8.8 [5th Jun 2020]

  • [Removed] : Ticker Admin Notice.

version 1.8.7 [21st Apr 2020]

  • [Added] : Compatibility with Latest WP version.
  • [Added] : Admin Notice.

version 1.8.6 [14th Dec 19]

  • [Added] : orderby and order parameter on shortcode

version 1.8.5 [20th Nov 19]

  • [Updated] : With WordPress latest version.

version 1.8.4 [6th Nov 19]

  • [Fixed] : Dequeue jquery from script.
  • [Fixed] : Default value at shortcode file.
  • [Fixed] : Domain name with www & fixed all urls.

version 1.8.3 [20th Oct 19]

  • [Added] : Released new 5 themes – gs_style1, 2, 3, 4 & 8
  • [Added] : Column Option ( min 1 to max 4). Applicable for gs_style1, 2, 3, 4 & 8
  • [Added] : All Transition Styles available at free version.
  • [Added] : Activation redirects to Help & Usage page.
  • [Added] : New Contributors.
  • [Fixed] : Domain name changed & fixed all urls.

version 1.8.2

  • Printing a variable’s output, now fixed.

version 1.8.1

  • Coupon Code added
  • Minor CSS fixed

version 1.8

  • Settings Panel Added (Lite)
  • Fixed Text Domain
  • Added Review system
  • Code Improved

version 1.7

  • Fixed function name conflict with Team plugin.

version 1.6

  • Help & Usage Link added
  • Installation Video Added

version 1.0.5

  • Fixed query issue for WP 4.4

version 1.0.4

  • Domain name changed & fixed all urls
  • Donate link added
  • Css fixed

version 1.0.3

  • Removed Admin notice
  • Added Logo slider demo link

version 1.0.2

  • Added admin notice to upgrade PRO version for free till 15th March 2015

version 1.0.1

  • Documentation Added
  • Fixed CSS
  • Added Demo & Doc links

version 1.0

  • Eerste release