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Do you want to build high quality animations and pages but you struggle with low performance on google tests with popular page builder? Greenshift will take care of this.

Plugin doesn’t use predefined styles, frameworks, icon fonts and script libraries. Every asset is generated on fly and loaded only when you use it. In the same time, plugin has very unique blocks and animation possibilities to surprise your visitors with high-end animations and transitions. You can build styles like on top awarded sites without any code knowledge.

Check out Greenshift block gallery


✅ Kant-en-klare bibliotheek met secties en lay-outs met FSE ondersteuning
✅ SVG vormbibliotheken. Voeg uitgebreide opmaak toe aan elk blok of geanimeerde scheidingslijnen
✅ Geavanceerde containers en rijen. Beheer elk aspect van uitlijning, afstand, positie, flexibele positie, responsive tot 4 breekpunten, flexbox en css rasteropties.
✅ Geavanceerde positieregeling. Je kunt css positie instellen via CSS transformatie, positie of marges.
✅ Mobiel slim scrollen voor secties. Verander je gewone kolommen en blokken in scrollbare items op mobiele telefoons of carrousels.
✅ Geavanceerde sliders en tabs. Maak elke vorm van inhoud als carrousel/slider/tabs. Converteer gewone galerij naar geavanceerde 3D slider
✅ Uitgebreide achtergrondopties (kleur/gradiënt/video’s) en overlays met hover overgangen.
✅ CSS scrollanimaties en hover overgangen zonder bibliotheken.
✅ AR/VR 3D viewerblok, gebaseerd op Google model viewer.
✅ Dynamische blokken: geanimeerde koppen, aftellen, tellers, video’s, tabs, toggles, inhoudsopgave, voortgangsbalken enz.
✅ Beheer eenvoudig alle opties voor afzonderlijke resoluties
✅ Hoofd hover overgangen en achtergrond animaties
✅ Maximaal 3 schaduwen voor het maken van 3D ontwerpeffecten
✅ Aangepaste zij dropdown schuifpanelen, pop-up bouwer
✅ Lokaal lettertype, klaar voor de AVG/GDPR
✅ Figma CSS om ontwerpconversie te blokkeren
✅ Herbruikbare stijlen (globale stijlen)


With Greenshift’s features, you can create complex pages and animations without code skills and directly inside core editor. Add spacing, positioning, css transform, shadows, borders like you can’t do in any other page builder. Use Shadow presets, hover transition presets, overlay transitions, infinite css animations, Headline Effects, Custom Animations, Gradient Backgrounds, Shape Dividers, parental transitions and many more.

To view some unique options, visit feature page.


Mobile traffic is even more than desktop nowadays, and Greenshift has everything to make your mobile web design better. It provides 4 custom breakpoints, preview mode and possibility to add different values per each resolution. All blocks have special optimized mobile layouts. Also, you can shift your regular columned design to smart scroll on mobiles to generate Application-style design.


We understand that you may want to keep your current page editor, but in the same time you want to use some features from Greenshift. For this purpose, we added possibility to convert blocks and pages to shortcode. You can use them directly in your plugin or custom pages. And even more, we added possibility to load blocks dynamically when they are in view, or by click/hover. This can save page perfomance on heavy pages.

Highest web vitals score

Wij zijn van mening dat Greenshift de meest geoptimaliseerde plugin is voor webvitaliteit. Dit komt omdat de plugin unieke conditionele assets gebruikt. Alle blokken zijn verdeeld over stukken, die alleen worden geladen wanneer je ze op de pagina gebruikt. Alle dynamische bibliotheken hebben geen jQuery afhankelijkheden. Alle stijlen worden inline geladen in het hoofdgedeelte van de pagina om CLS en incompatibiliteit met cache plugins te voorkomen. Herbruikbare blokken, widget en template omgevingen worden ondersteund.


All our core features are free and will be free always. We don’t sell any premium versions and don’t limit functionality. In the same time, you may be interesting in extra blocks depending on your type of site. Check full list of addon’s blocks for wordpress


You can add any custom animation in core version, but Animation addon will give you more options based on popular GSAP library. Custom parallaxes, different triggers for animations (scroll, hover, click, stagger, batch), controll interpolation with scroll, Pin blocks while scroll, make Smooth flip between states, use Smart Lottie loader, add animated blobs, reveals, mouse interactions, animation chains and connections, text and svg animations, image sequences and video loaders. Use Rive block to add Rive scenes and our special API to connect dynamic site values and Rive.


Query addon is usefull if you want to extend dynamic functionality. It has a lot of ready patterns for query loop block, you can customize and extend each of them with special Meta getter block (use to get and show any values from custom field, ACF, ToolSet or taxonomy meta), wishlist block, thumbs and hot counter. Visibility block allows you to show/hide content based on different filters (category, tags, taxonomy, custom field value, user roles, detection of current category). Advanced listing builder helps you to build directory listings. Query Builder allows you to build any kind of design for CPT loops and carousels.


We have very long 10 year story of developing different tools for affiliate, review, comparison sites. In coordination with best affiliate professionals and bloggers, we built set of special, highly conversion blocks to earn more profit from your sites. Link parser helpers, offer blocks, comparison and versus tables, listings, score and review boxes, woocommerce boxes. All blocks have special mobile layouts.


  • Smart Scroll. Turn any elements or columns to scrollable/carousel block for mobiles
  • Fast CSS grid. Use smart css grid container if you need perfectly aligned equal height columns
  • Flexible Container. Use FlexBox options to align elements perfectly
  • Advanced Sliders and Carousels. Add custom slider to any blocks. Convert galleries to sliders
  • Shape dividers. Select predefined shapes, control color, gradient, animation
  • Css 3d transformations. Add any kind of css transformations, including 3d effect
  • Sliding panels, popups. Build custom sliding panels, add any block, use for mega menus


Pak het zip-bestand uit en plaats de inhoud in de map wp-content/plugins/ van je WordPress installatie en activeer vervolgens de plugin vanuit de plugins pagina in WordPress.


Does GreenShift work with all the themes?

Greenshift werkt met alle thema’s die de coderingsstandaarden van WordPress volgen. Maar we raden aan om Gutenberg geoptimaliseerde thema’s en FSE thema’s te gebruiken.

Can it be used inside other page builders?

Je kunt templates maken in het gedeelte “Herbruikbare templates” en de plugin maakt een shortcode voor de template. Je kunt deze shortcode gebruiken in andere pagina bouwers en gebieden die niet worden beheerd door de Gutenberg editor

Werkt het met andere WordPress Gutenberg plugins?

Ja, alle codes zijn gebaseerd op blokken, dus je kunt ze combineren met andere plugins en blokken.

Moet ik weten hoe ik moet coderen?

Nee! Greenshift gebruikt de meest moderne functionaliteit voor browsers, maar het heeft een visuele gebruikersinterface om alles via de editor te bedienen. Tegelijkertijd is er een aangepaste CSS optie die je kunt gebruiken om een aangepaste code toe te voegen als je die nodig hebt.

Kan ik een score van 100 aan webvitaliteit krijgen?

Ja, we garanderen dat Greenshift op basis van Google aanbevelingen is gebouwd en dat je zelfs complexe pagina’s kunt bouwen en daarbij de 100 score op mobiele apparaten kan behouden (in het geval dat je een geoptimaliseerd thema, goede hosting en een niet-overbelaste pagina heeft).


27 februari 2024
The plugin is really cool, but unfortunately it is not self-sufficient in the free version. Why? While I can swallow the lack of a contact form, the lack of an image gallery with an integrated lightbox is something that is very annoying, as it is needed for almost every site. It would be nice if a gallery of static images was included in the free version. Regarding the lightbox for regular images, it could also be improved, as it seems to be underdeveloped. I hope that the changes will be taken into account, because it is a really interesting plugin
17 januari 2024
Your plugin is very nice! It has some learning curve to it but it's good. I like the classes and variables but they can be improved. I like the animations, position, and line clamp, but some features like display are not there. Trying to navigate seems quite hard as some of the options are in different areas. And also some of the wording is confusing. Maybe following the CSS naming convention would be nice. Like value spacing and block spacing, I'm not sure about the difference. So far the most confusing for me seems to be the query builder because trying to find which field to choose is hard to understand. Regardless, still 5 stars as this is a great plugin.
7 december 2023
it's more like just blocks. build you carousel posts with fields you need (even custom fields), use custom post navigations (i.e. for your very own documentation pages), build modals and include your forms, show 3D models on your pages --- so many possibilities developers will love and can get for lifetime! - thanks for all this from a very happy pro user
7 december 2023
I have switched from Elementor to Greenshift, it is very easy to use and the blocks are quite complete, and most importantly the founder is very active in updating
5 december 2023 4 reacties
Adds some additional functionality and blocks that are easier to control than basic gutenberg blocks. Is very buggy, often blocks don't work as intended. Could be very useful if developed more but for now would recommend other solutions like Kadence blocks, etc.
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  • Added: background color option for backdrop in sliding panel
  • Fix: improvements in scripts for reusable templates, tabs, interaction layers, slider


  • Added: Button presets
  • Added: Active state for button design panels
  • Added: Option in library to import animated version of template + New templates
  • Added: More priority for Stylebook body element to overwrite some core wordpress styles


  • Fix: Slider creative effects fix, videobox align fix, added Trigger action in GSAP library for Animation panel


  • Fix: Slider images in scenarios when you use it in FSE templates + slider link bug.
  • Added: New FSE templates section in Library


  • Added: Progress bar block has updated DOM with new API
  • Added: Improvements in UI for many panels
  • Added: Reverse direction option for slider
  • Added: Background color option for Stylebook for global background settings
  • Added: Dynamic text option for heading block has Current user data options
  • Added: Big update for Woocommerce addon with many new Conversion pack of blocks (buy now button, free shipping, fake sold out, etc)
  • Added: Advanced list block has global align option which can be set different for different devices
  • Fix: Parental hover option for class system


  • Added: Progress bar block has animation option, more spacing options and copy-paste functions
  • Added: Swiper block is clickable now in editor and has control buttons in Inspector
  • Added: Typography panel improvements


  • Added: Text mask and Rotation option for Mouse effects in Animation panel


  • Added: Copy – paste options for tabs block
  • Added: Fix for extra gap on Rows with custom gutters on mobiles


  • Added: Mouse react animations for Animation panel
  • Added: Improved 3d space inheriting from parent container
  • Added: Polylang support and fix for styles


  • Added: Option in container to disable inner items so you can use it as design element (shapes, lines, circles)
  • Added: Button has Flexible align option and option to disable text if you enable icon
  • Added: Visual position drag for containers
  • Added: Advanced toolbar for counter block
  • Added: Swiper has option to stop on last item in autoplay mode + fix for overlay in slides
  • Fix: Global gradients for Stylebook
  • Added: ACPT repeater support, search and filter, better Meta getter and many more in 7.9 update


  • Added: Smart scroll has option to select width type and make custom arrow buttons


  • Added: support for video block inside repeater builder
  • Fix: sliding panel/popup in footer option


  • Added: support for GS stylebook in Kadence theme
  • Fix: duplicated pattern performance bug
  • Change: container width/height calculation in editor


  • Added: New Bulk stretch and align option for inner items for CSS grid builder
  • Fix: Accordion inner items background issue


  • Added: UI improvements for components
  • Added: Iconbox align is device related now
  • Added: Slider block is moved to API 3 with new panels
  • Added: Synchronized Containers feature for slider check Slider Synchronization
  • Added: Accordion block is moved to new API and new panels
  • Added: Accordion block has new option to attach icon to title
  • Added: Video block is moved to new API and new panels
  • Added: Switcher block is moved to new API and new panels


  • Added: Option to copy-paste style to definite type of block inside specific container
  • Added: Tab in inspector has memory. If you open Advanced tab in button block, then it will be opened by default in all button blocks
  • Added: Advanced list improvements, removal delete icon, improvements in toolbar, duplicate/remove buttons in toolbar are working for current selected list item instead of last item
  • Added: Light style for Infobox (info light, notice light, error light, download light)
  • Added: Accordion scroll to top of content is optional now
  • Added: WPML support including addons, translation files for addons
  • Added: Layout import has option to import also global assets (fonts, global colors, Global Element design)


  • Added: preparation for new template library (importing global colors, fonts with template, etc) + fix for svg shape margin + security improvements + better WPML support


  • Added: Sliding panel has sliding from top option


  • Fix: Accessibility bug in accordion block (page must be resaved to apply changes)
  • Added: Support Board for better support experience


  • Added: Interaction layers have also option to Load Reusable templates
  • Added: Interaction layers have new dynamic placeholders: offset left, offset top, height
  • Added: Overlay panel use more modern isolation css option instead z-index for better compatibility with other elements on page
  • Change: Interaction layers have now unlimited Math operation feature for values + custom selectors for dynamic placeholders. Please, note, that previous version of Math operations will not work in new version. You need to update your interactions in case if you used complex Math operations


  • Added: Colors for simple social share buttons
  • Fix: improvements for gutenberg API 3 performance


  • Added: Custom close selector for sliding popup and other improvements for block
  • Added: Video actions for Interaction layers
  • Added: Rive App actions for Interaction layers check more in Fancy Academy
  • Added: More layouts for wireframe library


  • Added: additional align options for CSS grid
  • Added: compatibility with older versions of wordpress


  • Added: Accessibility improvements for tabs, accordions, content toggler, sliding panel, switcher. Added aria options, focusable elements and controlling from Keyboard


  • Added: some improvements for Blocksy theme 2.0


  • Fix: possible CLS on width 100% option for images + container height fix + added links on new documentation


  • Added: Interaction panel In-view trigger has option to set root margin to control position of view trigger in viewport
  • Added: Border presets and some UI change for border component
  • Fix: Container margin auto option has better behavior in editor


  • Added: Clip Path presets to GSAP Animation panel
  • Added: Custom property option to GSAP Animation panel (you can animate any custom css property)
  • Added: Color option to GSAP Animation panel
  • Added: Observer type of trigger for GSAP Animation panel
  • Added: Refreshed UI in GSAP Animation panel
  • Added: Option to set custom units for Shifting properties


  • Fix: Reverting back Stylebook if you accidentally removed page. Fix for responsive hide option for containers in case if you have extra gaps or margins on it, fix responsive option for column and 100% in slider when you enable full width alignment


  • Fix: Scrollable carousel must prevent clicking while drag


  • Fix: CSS grid builder bug for mobile devices, accordion block align bug
  • Added: Smart Scroll feature for container was improved (added align option and drag option)
  • Fix: twitter icon replaced


  • Fix: Image view for mobiles for static width of images


  • Added: Interaction panel can use cookie for set, get, conditions


  • Added: Interaction panel new placeholders CLIENT_X_%, OFFSET_X, OFFSET_Y, CLIENT_Y_% for mouse effects
  • Added: Interaction panel new action to set HTML to elements
  • Added: Interaction panel new condition to check local storage


  • Added: Local class can be limited to style element only in Editor or only on Frontend. It’s useful for cases when you build custom effects when element is hidden by default. You can set to be hidden only on frontend while you can continue to edit it in editor
  • Added: Interaction panel has Action for Slide to specific slider for Advanced Slider block
  • Added: Css transform panel has separate delay transition option for initial, hover and active state
  • Added: Local classes can overwrite default position and spacing in Columns and Containers


  • Added: Text blocks now uses placeholders for default text
  • Added: Row can have custom semantic tag
  • Added: Interaction panel has Delay option for triggers


  • Added: more 6.4 fixes


  • Added: Background position has option to set custom units and variables
  • Added: Stylebook has Night mode switcher
  • Added: Image block has Full width option
  • Added: Wp 6.4 compatibility
  • Added: Fix for option to set default attributes for blocks


  • Reverted: Typography presets are reverted back. Please note that it’s temporal restoring and will be removed in month, you need to migrate presets to new Variable or class system