Gift Up! Gift Cards for WordPress and WooCommerce


Gift Up! is the simplest way to sell gift cards online. It’s completely free to setup and there are no monthly fees, we only change a small fee when you sell a gift card.

Gift Up! is an app that works with your existing wordpress website and social media platforms and allows you to create and sell gift cards for your business. It’s very simple for you to install, and it’s a seamless experience for your customers.

First, we’ll provide you with easy steps to add gift card purchase functionality to your current website. It’s easy and fast to install. Easily design beautiful gift cards and certificates with your branding and logo. Access hundreds of unique, beautiful designs or create your own. Sell either products or services with specific pre-set amounts or customers can input a custom amount.

Once a customer purchases a gift card, we’ll handle everything, from processing their payment to delivery of a digital or physical gift card. The process is fully automated, you get paid in full immediately and we make sure your customer receives their digital gift card via email.

It’s a smooth experience for your customers to buy gift cards 24/7 directly from your website and social media platform, with your branding. They can pay with debit or credit cards, or other payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

When a customer is ready to redeem their gift card, you can process the payment with WooCommerce or in-person, using our app.

What does Gift Up! do?

  • Beautiful gift cards with your branding
  • Fully automated email delivery of your gift cards, immediate or on a future date/time
  • Simple checkout installation in any wordpress page or post using our shortcode [giftup]
  • Accept the gift cards you sell anywhere, from in-store via our mobile apps or your online cart
  • Full management dashboard included

You can also:

  • Design your own gift cards, or choose from one of our designs
  • Specify expiry dates for gift cards
  • Sell gift cards in any currency
  • Integrate Gift Up! with 1000+ other software products you use, like MailChimp etc…


  • The simplest way to sell gift cards online
  • Track your gift card sales and balances in our easy-to-use dashboard
  • Customize Gift Up! to match your brand identity
  • Powerful options, settings and integrations with every account
  • Redeem gift cards in-person ... and via WooCommerce
  • Easy installation via our WP shortcode and in Facebook/Instagram
  • Clear, accurate reporting that's available to export


Install Gift Up! via the WordPress plugin store.


  1. After activating the the Gift Up! wordpress plugin, create an account with Gift Up!
  2. In the plugin settings panel, copy/paste your unique wordpress API key
  3. Visit the Gift Up! dashboard and complete the simple steps to configure your account (like how to get paid etc…).
  4. Drop our shortcode [giftup] into a page somewhere to install your checkout
  5. Enjoy gift card sales!


We have a huge knowledgebase on our website, check it out for all your questions and answers.

What is Gift Up’s fee?

No monthly or setup fees. We charge a fee of 3.49% when a gift card is bought (but you can opt for your customers to pay this if you prefer).

  • No setup or hidden costs
  • Pay only if you sell a gift card
  • Gift Up! system is totally free to use
  • You get paid on a rolling 2-day basis

How do my customers pay for my gift cards?

After a simple copy/paste installation of our checkout system on your website, your customers pay for their orders using either credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple pay or Android pay.

We ask you to attach your own payment gateway to Gift Up! We support Stripe, PayPal, Square, Mollie, Authorize.Net, Adyen and more…

What languages/currencies does Gift Up! support?

You can choose to have our checkout in 30+ different languages, including:
– English (US)
– English (Canadian)
– English (Australian)
– English (British)
– Bulgarian
– Czech
– Danish
– Dutch
– Estonian
– Finnish
– French
– French (Canadian)
– German
– Greek
– Hungarian
– Italian
– Japanese
– Latvian
– Mexican
– Norwegian
– Polish
– Portuguese
– Portuguese (Brazilian)
– Romanian
– Russian
– Serbian
– Slovak
– Spanish
– Swedish
– Slovak
– Ukrainian

You can also take payment from your customers in 135+ different currencies. View all currencies supported. Popular currencies are USD, AUD, GBP and Euros… all fully supported.

How and when do I get paid?

You get the gift card revenue (less any payment processing fees and our fee) immediately. We do not hold on to any funds. You can get the money into your designated bank account in 1-2 working days.

What can I sell in the gift cards/certificates?

Anything you like! We have thousands of customers using us selling all sorts of things; you have complete control.

What does the plugin do to my website?

It enables a shortcode that you can use to install our drop-in checkout easily in to any page or post ([giftup]). We have a demo of what it looks like here.

What about WooCommerce support?

We have full support for WooCommerce, this means your customers can use their gift cards in your existing WooCommerce store!

More information on how our WooCommerce integration works

This requires WooCommerce v3.0+ and we have confirmed compatibility with the following WooCommerce plugins (amongst others):
– WooCommerce Currency Converter
– WooCommerce Shipping & Tax
– WooCommerce AvaTax
– WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO
– Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce by ORION
– Country Based Restrictions for WooCommerce
– AlgolPlus Advanced Dynamic Pricing

Please note, that the new (and crucially experimental) feature named “WooCommerce Blocks” actively being developed by WooCommerce is incompatible with Gift Up! for the time being as it required capability that is not yet present.


4 januari 2022
HIghly recommend this plugin - easy to set up and the dashboard is clear and informative. My only suggestion would be that, when setting up and choosing a font for the voucher page that the fonts are listed with examples of what they look like. Redeeming the vouchers is simple and easy via the app.
22 december 2021
We are using this plugin for a few weeks now! It is easy to set up and great to use! The interface is great! There were some issues with the French translations which the support solved really fast! I wish they could integrate with the woocommercee payments! That would be great!
22 december 2021
Pretty impressed on how quickly and easy is to setup a giftcard system using GiftUp. From nothing to the fiers sale in minutes. The phone's app to control gift card remining mone is also straightforward to use for our team. Can't wait the da that they have an integration with tillersystem, our point of sales system.
13 december 2021
Je ne suis pas un pro de l'informatique, mais j'ai réussi sans aide a installer le plugin et le faire fonctionner correctement, celui-ci est très facile à utiliser, je le recommande sans réserve pour effectuer des ventes de cartes cadeaux, merci
8 december 2021
Our team set this up in a blink and were chuffed that it was simple and straightforward. As the business owner of an osteopathic clinic this is an easy to navigate and edit product that gives us just the right level of reporting so we can stay on top of voucher sales and redemptions. Well done!
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  • Added Dutch translations


  • More tolerant way to redeem so it does not require a post body


  • Added ability to pre-set the custom value amount if a custom value gift card is forced


  • Disabled lookup of gift card if coupon not found


  • Added message warning about test mode cookie being set, but not logged in as admin


  • Bug fixed: using rawurlencode now


  • Bug fixed: gift card codes with spaces in them now are redeemable via WooCommerce


  • Bug fixed when entering a gift card code into the promo code field on certain versions of WooCommerce


  • Entering a gift card code into the promo code field now applies the gift card, if it exists


  • Latest WP & WC support


  • Supports new valid-from policy


  • Rounded redeem value to 2DP


  • Added nb_NO language


  • Bug fix when saving API key


  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Currency Converter


  • Added diagnostics mode for WooCommerce & fixed replay logic for compatibility with Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce by ORION plugin


  • Detect unit backed gift cards and reject them with a message


  • Detect and consider WooCommerce activation state


  • Improved shortcode interpretation= 2.4.1 =
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce AvaTax & WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO plugins
  • Improved reliability of redeeming of gift cards for various order statuses


  • Can enter the gift card on the checkout page as well as the cart page now


  • Allow WooCommerce connection when not fully onboarded in Gift Up! yet


  • Test mode tweaks


  • Compatibility with Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce by ORION plugin


  • Compatibility with Country Based Restrictions for WooCommerce plugin


  • Improved diagnostics around making outbound curl requests, including TLS checks


  • Improved diagnostics around making outbound curl requests


  • Responsive cart labels fixed on non-English sites


  • WooCommerce tax handling improved in various setups


  • Plugin version determination updated


  • WP 5.5 compatibility & new styling classes for checkout controls


  • Catch errors when reading plugin state from file system


  • Bug fixed again getting WooCommerce version when WooCommerce is not installed


  • Bug fixed getting WooCommerce version when WooCommerce is not installed


  • Test to make sure WooCommerce is activated as a plugin


  • WooCommerce version test methodology changed to be more inclusive for different deployment environments


  • WooCommerce version test methodology changed to be more reliable


  • CSS fix for gift card entry
  • Compatibility with AlgolPlus Advanced Dynamic Pricing plugin


  • Added ability to use test gift cards in WooCommerce cart


  • Rewrite of WooCommerce integration to no longer use Discount Coupons as mechanism, instead WooCommerce is now operated against the Gift Up! API directly


  • Compatibility with WP 5.3 & WC 3.8


  • Updated plugin name and version compatibility checks


  • Added extra customizable properties


  • Updated demo link


  • Added ‘hideartwork’ to shortcode properties


  • Added ‘promocode’ to shortcode properties


  • Added extra parameters to the shortcode for pre-filling values in the checkout


  • Minor improvement to WooCommerce connection wording


  • Improved installation script


  • Improved API error reporting if no connection made


  • Added platform identifier to checkout installation code


  • Added ability to install checkout for a single product only


  • Broadcast WooCommerce supported version


  • Improved WooCommerce connection for slower network connections.


  • Improved WooCommerce connection.


  • Support for WooCommerce.


  • Improved signup workflow.


  • Initial version.