Genesis eNews Extended


Creates a new widget to easily add mailing lists to a Genesis website. Recommended plugin in virtually all Genesis theme tutorials. The widget allows the site administrator to set either the Feedburner ID or form action, e-mail form field and hidden fields to mimic the subscribe form of other mailing list services.

Dank je wel.

Een speciale dankzegging voor iedereen die heeft bijgedragen aan Genesis eNews Extended.

Financiële donaties

  • Joe Taylor
  • Dorian Speed
  • Paul Meyers
  • Joel Runyon
  • Jennifer Jinright
  • Greg Ferro
  • Greg Young


  • Gary Jones (veel, véél meer dan één keer!)
  • John Levandowski
  • David Decker
  • Kim Parsell
  • Erick Nelson
  • Nick Davis
  • Maor Chasen


  • David Decker (Duits)
  • Branco Radenovich (Slowaaks)
  • Marco Galasso (Italiaans)
  • Ryan Sullivan (Spaans)
  • Paul de Wouters (Frans)
  • Diane S (Servisch)
  • Daniel Bailey (Bulgaars)
  • Gary Jones (Brits Engels)
  • Fabiana Simões (Braziliaans-Portugees)


  • Een speciaal dankwoord voor Brian Gardner en het StudioPress-team die de originele code, die de basis voor de plugin vormt, schreven.

Zend mij een bericht als je niet in de lijst staat. Dit is op geen enkele manier met opzet gebeurd.


  • Voorbeeld van de plugin terwijl hij in gebruik is op een site die Streamline 2.0 gebruikt.
  • Widget instellingenscherm


  1. Activeer de plug-in via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Voeg Genesis eNews Extended toe aan een sidebar in Weergave – Widgets.
  3. Using the mailing list contact form code provided by your vendor, add the form action URL, the form field ID for the e-mail field and any hidden fields (not all services use them) into the widget options. See some tips for this on the plugin’s install page.
  4. If using name fields, read the plugin’s tutorial website.
  5. Controleer of dit werkt.


Welke diensten werken met deze plugin?

Feedburner, MailChimp, Aweber, FeedBlitz, ConvertKit, and Constant Contact are confirmed to work, but it should work with almost all services. If you have tested this with other services, please contact me

How do I get the privacy policy link to show? The checkbox isn’t working.

Genesis eNews Extended uses WordPress’ built-in privacy policy setting. Be sure you have a privacy page set at wp-admin/privacy.php .

De “Open in hetzelfde tabblad”-mogelijkheid werkt niet met FeedBurner. Wat gaat er verkeerd?

Dat is expres. Je wilt niet bezoekers van je site kwijtraken en ze op FeedBurners site laten steken.

De voor- en achternaamvelden zien er raar uit.

Read more on the plugin’s tutorial website.

Ik heb hulp nodig! Waar kan ik dat krijgen?

“Official” tutorials will be maintained on the plugin’s website.

Questions can be asked at the Support Forum for this plugin.


31 augustus 2019
Hi. I am loving this plugin, used with MailChimp. The reason is that it does not use APIs. Then, it works perfectly in any circumstance, just passing data to MailChimp by the Form Action. Instead, using the MailChimp API, it is possible to have some limitations. For example, if you deleted a user profile on MailChimp, it is not possible for that user to subscribe again via API, using the same email. Thank you very for this plugin. 🙂
17 januari 2019
We've been using this for years, and over the past few months have noticed dozens of .ru subscribers being added to our mailing list every week. That stopped when we replaced this plugin with a different form builder, so I suspect there's a bot out there targeting it. Check your subscribers list.
12 januari 2018
Very disappointed with the plugin and the genesis theme in general. I used the plugin for a opt-in form on my website and it just looked a mess in the sidebar. I was a youtube video of this plugin being used two year ago and the template now is nothing like it was then. Another thing, if you are using mailchip you get a double opt-in option and there isn't a way to change that. I'm sure a subscriber wouldn't like to have enter there email twice. Just disappointing. 🙁
12 oktober 2016
I love the simplicity of this plugin. Just read the form code from the service you're using, make sure you put in the action and the field names (precision is crucial) and you're good to go! Then you will need to set up, at the service itself, the pages for the confirmations and other notices.
3 september 2016
As a preimium Gravity Forms users, this is the plugin I prefer using for email subscription forms. It's straight forward, easy to plug-in your MailChimp data, and much easier to style. Simple. To the point. No bloat. I wish more plugins were like this.
3 september 2016
The best plugin of Brandon and Coffea Web Services thanks!
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  • Accessibility: Use aria-label instead of to prevent CSS being either over-agressive or not enough.


  • Accessibility: Updates to be implicit to eliminate duplication when multiple instances are used on a page.
  • Coding Standards: Implement WPCS.


  • Remove comment that was displaying on the front end.


  • Provide option to link to the site’s Privacy Policy.
  • Allow “a” HTML tags in the hidden fields settings field.
  • Various improvements to match coding standards.


  • Repareert een klein probleem dat leidde tot HTML validatieproblemen.
  • Repareert de PHP notice om in sommige gevallen niet-bestaande variabelen te checken.


  • Corrects typo impacting Last Name field text placeholder.


  • Add filters for text before and after form.
  • Fixed form name to be valid HTML 4.
  • Use https with Feedburner to prevent mixed content warnings on HTTPS sites.
  • Minor code fix when MailPoet is not present.
  • Adds genesis-enews-extended-args filter to allow plugins to manipulate the widget settings prior to output.
  • Uses HTML 5 placeholders instead of JavaScript.
  • Form ID now uses unique value.


  • Add fieldset, legend, option, optgroup, select to allowed HTML for Hidden Fields area.
  • Update CSS for screenreaders. Props jwenerd.
  • Updated BG transations. Props Daniel Bailey.




  • Remove type hints to prevent error when strict reporting used in PHP 5.4


  • Minor code improvements.
  • Updates HTML5 option for late Genesis 2.0 changes. Props Nick Davis.


  • Adds option for HTML5-enhanced forms.
  • Adds error checking for including in the Feedburner ID field.
  • Minor code improvements
  • Listing of issues resolved in this version.


  • Adds text space after form. Perfect for a link to a Privacy Statement!
  • Code cleanup. Thanks to Kim Parsell for reporting.
  • Adds labels to form elements to make it compatible with screen readers for the visually impaired.
  • Adds Serbian Translation. Props to Diana S.
  • Listing of issues resolved in this version.


  • Improved French translation. Props to Paul de Wouters.
  • Improved German translation. Props to David Decker!.
  • Enables mail service validation of name fields by clearing default text onsubmit.


  • Fixed bug with incorrect escaping function used in first and last name fields.
  • Fixed bug with some translations not working.


  • Allows for more HTML tags to be used in Text to Show field. Dropped genesis_allowed_tags in favor or wp_kses_post. Props to John Levandowski.
  • eNews Extended now compatible with Catalyst theme (Catalyst not officially supported).
  • Fuzzy translations added for a wide number of languages based on Genesis 1.8.2 translations of the original eNews Widget.


  • Adds ability to edit “First Name” and “Last Name” displayed on front-end.
  • Security update and other code cleanup.
  • Version numbering now using rationale.



  • Makes available first and last name fields.


  • Adds option to open confirmation window in same tab.



  • Adds Feedburner support in anticipation of Genesis 1.9
  • Security and translation updates


  • Past de class name aan om met meer StudioPress-thema’s samen te kunnen werken.


  • Voegt de “Hidden Fields” widgetinstelling toe om de widget met meer mailingdiensten compatible te maken.


  • Eerste release.