Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Frontend Registration – Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 (CF7) is the most reliable WordPress Plugin used by the millions of user. Now a day’s so many add-on are available for Contact form 7.

We have created same like one add on for contact from 7 in which you can convert contact from 7 into registration form or signup form for WordPress user.

By using this plugin you can create registration form by which registered user will be register as a subscriber role in WordPress.

You just need to add plugin and select fields for username and email ID from created fields. In order to use this plugin, make sure your Contact Form 7 is activated.

Contact Form 7 – Frontend Registration Form Features List

  • You can convert your Contact form 7 form into registration form.
  • Allows you to set fields for user name and email from admin settings.
  • Plugin can work in multiple forms on different page or single page.
  • You can select particular user role for the registration from settings.
  • You can skip default email of Contact form 7 Pro.

Contact Form 7 – Frontend Registration Pro 4.9 Plug-in Features

  • We have provide restriction of same name and email with registrations.
  • Also provide field for add link of login page if you are create custom login page.
  • You can customize your registration mail which will be send to user with registration information.
  • Easy understanding all setting from admin side.
  • Also you can configured multiple Contact form 7 Pro for registration.
  • Ability to set each and every different setting for different forms.
  • Now you can set Password field from amdin.
  • So User can their own password from frontend registration form.
  • New feature with User meta field. Now you can assign your field to User meta fields , Also If you make extra user meta field then also supports.
  • We have also supports Woocommerc Fields, Just make same field in contact for 7 and assign it to perticular Fields of Woocommerce.
  • In custome field we have support with ACF fields only. You can assign Text field and Select Field to user page that can manage at the time of registration on contact Form 7.

Plugin Requirement

PHP version : 5.3 and latest
WordPress : WordPress 5.0 and latest

Pro Plugin link

Front-end Registration – Contact Form 7 – PRO 4.8


  • Screenshot ‘screenshot-1.png’ Shows ‘registration settings’ tab in contact form edit section.
  • Screenshot ‘screenshot-2.png’ Shows User Role change option in settings.


  1. There are two ways you can install this WordPress Plugin. Either Open, which is the official WordPress Plugins’ directory page, or upload all files manually to your site’s server. click on the download button the page.
  2. Now login to your WordPress site and activate the plugin. Then, select ‘edit’ option in ‘Contact Forms’.
  3. You will find a tab added to your Contact Form 7 – “Registration Settings”
  4. You can set registration fields from here, for all the fields added to your contact form.


Do this plugin use any customization in contact form 7 plugin?

No, this plugin does not need to customize in contat form 7 plugin core files.

Do users need to do any customization to set different field form signup form?

No, I believe in very quick solution and hence I make people reach out of any customizations.

Can we use it multiple Forms in single page?

Yes, you can use it in multiple forms. Every from has different option and you can set fields for each and every forms although if it is in single page.


10 mei 2023
The pro version 4.8 was so bugged that it threw a 500 error when submited registration. They promised a 4.9 version to fix this, but their site is down. Unable to reach them, unable to get a new plugin. I’ve literally spent tens of hours trying to fix it myself. **** this guy.
8 juni 2021 1 reactie
The author doesn’t reply to any emails. The PlugIn “Frontend Registration – Contact Form 7” is buggy, the other one “Frontend Login – Contact Form 7” too and it doesn’t work at all. Unfortunately, I paid for both PlugIns but I wouldn’t buy them again.
5 februari 2021
I’ve used this free plug-in for years without any problem.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“Frontend Registration – Contact Form 7” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.




  • Tested with latest Contact Form 7 & WP version
  • Add: Authontication of active Contact Form 7 Dependent Plugin


  • Tested with latest Contact Form 7 & WP and php8.1.
  • Fix: Solve some minor bugs.


  • Tested with latest Contact Form 7 & WP.
  • Fix: Solve some minor bugs.


  • Tested with latest Contact Form 7 with major update by them.
  • Tested with latest WordPress version.


  • Set Option for Login URL Enable/Disable and Custom URL.


  • Solved Redirection issue and tested with latest WP version.


  • Solved some issue related to Site Health.


  • Add New Feature of AutoLogin. After Registration its auto login and redirect on Home Page.


  • Changes in GUI of Registration Setting and changes in some variable to make compitible with another plugin.


  • Changes in GUI of Registration Setting with Contact form 7


  • Add New feature for Free version , Now you can Skip defaul Contact form 7 Email.


  • Add New feature for PRO version , Update detail in Free Plugin for Information.


  • Add New feature for add user role from admin


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