Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.



FastSpring is the first and only full-service ecommerce partner to offer a WordPress plugin that helps software companies sell more, stay lean, and compete big in the global marketplace.

This powerful plugin allows users to access the full capabilities of FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce platform directly in WordPress. What used to take days, weeks, or even months of dev resources can now be done within a few hours with minimal dev support.

With this full-service ecommerce plugin, you can:
Embed product details and purchase buttons directly on your WordPress site, using simple shortcodes and HTML attributes.
Manage and update all of your digital products from your Fastspring account and your updates will automatically appear on your website.
Support advanced shopping features like bundles, cross-sells, and upsells without any complicated front-end logic.

This plugin requires a FastSpring account; you can create a free FastSpring account here.


Everything software companies need to sell online worldwide in one, easy-to-use platform:

  • Global Online Payments
  • Subscription Management + Billing
  • Branded Checkout
  • Wereldwijde belastingen + financiële diensten
  • Risicobeheer + naleving
  • Integraties

Om de bescherming van gevoelige informatie te waarborgen, voldoet FastSpring volledig aan de PCI en AVG/GDPR richtlijnen en maakt gebruik van 256-bits versleuteling om account informatie op te slaan. Gegevensoverdracht is alleen toegestaan via TLS en gebruikers authenticatie is vereist. Bezoek onze privacyverklaring voor meer informatie.

The FastSpring plugin is a new offering and we welcome and encourage community feedback to continually improve the experience! Visit to learn more about FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce platform.


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  1. Installeer de FastSpring plugin voor WordPress. Als je hulp nodig hebt bij het installeren van de FastSpring plugin voor WordPress, raadpleeg dan de documentatie van WordPress over het beheren van plugins op

  2. Klik op de dashboard pagina van je WordPress site op FastSpring instellingen aan de linkerkant van de pagina.


Heb ik een FastSpring account nodig?

Yes, FastSpring\’s WordPress plugin requires that you have a FastSpring account. You can sign up at


26 september 2022
If you use the Elementor page builder, be prepared for things like accordions and slideshows not to work properly. The FastSpring plugin throws JS errors non-stop. Disabling the FastSpring plugin makes these widgets work correctly again. It seems like FastSpring did the bare minimum here and did not look into effective implementation with modern page builders and WordPress.
15 februari 2021
I've followed the documentation to the letter. Everything setup correctly in the Plug-In parameters. The FastSpring popup-store front tested good on FastSpring's website but when I tried to "add FastSpring blocks" (via WordPress) to my page, I would just get an error with unable to preview. I would not see ANY of the parameters displayed in their documentation (like product) so it seems to me the plugin/block process is not working or something else is stopping it from working? It seems to be a problem with the FastSpring Plug-In and I was able to confirm that by disabling the FS PlugIn. Once disabled, I used the method of adding FastSpring Script snippets to my page head and then using data-fsc-action and data-fsc-item-path-value in HTML code and that worked! So it's clearly a problem with this FastSpring Plug-In. I tried contacting FastSpring support and it's now 7 days later with ZERO response. Very disappointed with FastSpring support. Rob A. Sim Horizon LLC
15 maart 2019
This plugin saves you a lot of work! Here you can see that someone has really thought about it. The plugin is really very well done and the documentation answers all open questions. The FastSpring support also answers very quickly and politely. I love this plugin, It's fucking awesome!
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