Etsy Shop


Plugin that allow you to insert Etsy Shop sections in pages or posts using the bracket/shortcode method. This enable Etsy users to share their products through their blog!

Feature plan


  • Options Page
  • Etsy listing rendering
  • Bewerk bericht om Etsy Shop op te nemen


  1. Download the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress or upload it manually to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress;
  3. Get your own Etsy Developer API key: Etsy Developers;
  4. Enter your API key in the Etsy Shop Options page;
  5. Place [etsy-shop shop_name="*your-etsy-shop-name*" section_id="*your-etsy-shop-setion-id*"] in your page or post;
  6. Viewers will be able to click on your your items.


Hoe kan ik de winkelsectie-ID vinden?

Hier is een voorbeeld:


So, in this example:
sushipot is etsy-shop-name
11502395 is etsy-shop-section-id

Ik krijg “Etsy Shop: lege argumenten”

Zie hieronder ‘Etsy Winkel: ontbrekende argumenten’.

Ik krijg “Etsy Shop: ontbrekende argumenten”

2 argumenten zijn verplicht:

  • etsy-shop-name
  • etsy-shop-section-id

Dus je zou zoiets moeten hebben: [etsy-shop shop_name="Laplume" section_id="10088437"]

More argument:
* show_available_tag [0 or 1]

Ik krijg “Etsy Shop: je sectie-ID is ongeldig”

Please use a valid section ID, to find your section ID, see How to find section ID

Ik krijg “Etsy Shop: API-reactie zou moeten zijn HTTP 200”

Please open a new topic in Forum, with all details.

Ik krijg “Etsy Shop: fout in API-aanvraag”

Please make sure that your API Key is valid.

I want to limit results

You may use 2 additional arguments:

  • limit
  • offset

So, you may have a shortcode like this: [etsy-shop shop_name="Laplume" section_id="10088437" limit="10" offset="5"]

How to integrate directly in template?

Use <?php echo do_shortcode( '[etsy-shop shop_name="*your-etsy-shop-name*" section_id="*your-etsy-shop-setion-id*"]' ); ?>


30 april 2022 1 reactie
I was looking for a simple and free solution to showcase my etsy listings on my website. This plugin did exactly that. The author is quick to fix any bugs. The kind of plugin I wish was more common nowadays. Definitely recommend!
16 september 2020 1 reactie
I tried installing this plugin but I get an error saying something about an invalid header. Update: All fixed! Thank you for fixing it so quickly!
12 augustus 2020 2 reacties
Won't activate: "The plugin does not have a valid header." The fix for me was to install the plugin, and after I got the message, I went to the plugins page and clicked Activate not use the same page as I installed from.. then it activated like a peach
10 juni 2020 3 reacties
I cannot activate this plugin. Tested on two different website. Error message is "The plugin does not have a valid header."
4 februari 2020 1 reactie
I searched around for an Etsy plugin and this one was the only one that had been updated and it worked perfectly for my blog, I wanted to limit the number of items per category that it shows and so I reached out to support and not only did he conversate with me to understand exactly what I needed, he added that function to the update and now I can set my categories to show however many items I like. I really appreciated the quick response and support I received. I recommend this plugin 🙂
24 januari 2019 2 reacties
The CSS loads at the bottom of all other scripts so it overrides CSS that you have changed in your custom CSS. In order to style this with any sort of average time I had to dequeue the script or add "!important" to my css lines (not gonna happen). And then on top of that you can't change the size of the thumbnails unless you edit multiple lines in the etsy-shop.php file which will break on the next update. And another issue I have with this is that when you click an image it opens in "_self" when I wan't it to open in "_blank" so visitors don't navigate away from my page. So to sum up when it comes to customization this plugin is a complete dumpster fire. Hopefully these things will change in the next update and I can change my review.
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  • Use Nonces for Quick Start, to prevent CSRF


  • Use Nonces for Settings Page, to prevent CSRF


  • Workaround for a bug on Etsy Open API v3 to retrieve the Shop ID
  • Update error message


  • Update price calculation to Etsy Open API v3


  • Compatible with WP 5.9.3
  • Compatible with Etsy Open API v3
  • Added clear message for invalid API Key
  • Added function to delete all the cache
  • Added function to clean all parameters
  • Removed old translation code
  • Removed old bracket style code


  • Compatible with WP 5.6
  • Automatically detect NOK currency
  • Fix: cache for section with different options


  • Add note on new button used to delete cached content


  • Compatible with WP 5.4
  • Cached content are in the database now, no more cache file
  • Debug mode only for users that can edit post
  • Add filter for limit and offset options
  • Add FAQ for limit and offset options


  • Compatible with WP 5.3.2
  • New limit and offset options
  • New warning about the tmp folder status
  • Do not show the dollar sign for Danish Krone


  • Compatibel met WP 5.1.1
  • Volledige artikelbeschrijving voor betere ondersteuning van SEO
  • Remove trunk duplicate folder


  • Compatibel met WP 4.9.4
  • Now responsive design
  • Nieuw snelstart formulier om shortcode te genereren


  • Compatibel met WP 4.8.1
  • Vertalingen bijwerken


  • Cache life now as option
  • Update logica toegevoegd
  • Ga naar versie 1.0, volg de Semantic Versioning


  • Versie toevoegen voor CSS-bestand
  • Compatibel met WP 4.5


  • Automatisch GBP valuta detecteren
  • Compatibel met WP 4.3


  • Correctie voor show_available_tag


  • Mistake, default columns is 3, not 4
  • You can add columns=”5″, to your short code. Replace number 5 by the number you want


  • Optie om het aantal weer te geven kolommen te selecteren
  • Optie om één vermelding-ID te selecteren
  • Option to height & width of thumbnail
  • Option to choose thumbnail size
  • CSS-update
  • Het gedeelte code van Steague, bedankt!


  • Optie toevoegen om de vertaaltaal voor de inhoud te kiezen
  • Kies automatisch het Dollar teken of Euro teken


  • Italiaanse vertaling (dankzij Pierantonio Bonato)
  • Compatibel met WP 4.2.1


  • Corrigeer oude shortcode-methode om PHP-waarschuwing te voorkomen


  • Optie om de beschikbare statustag voor elk item weer te geven of niet


  • Reset van de cache op de admin-pagina toestaan (sponsor Michael Kellar)


  • Voeg de optie toe om de time-outwaarde voor verzoeken aan Etsy-servers te wijzigen
  • De time-outwaarde is standaard 10 seconden in plaats van 5


  • Compatibel met WP 3.9.2
  • Gebruik nu de WP Shortcode API
  • Allow maximum of 100 items per section instead of 25 items


  • HTTPS voor alle Etsy-aanvragen, nu verplicht voor nieuwe Etsy-apps.
  • Detectie toevoegen voor slechte sectie-ID.


  • Standaard centreren van items (sponsor Jersey Designs).
  • Voeg opening toe in een nieuw venster linkfunctie (sponsor Jersey Designs).
  • Filter toevoegen voor winkel-ID en sectie-ID.
  • Beter filter voor de API-sleutel.


  • Correcties op foutopsporingsmodus.
  • Automatically Remove spaces in API Key.


  • Foutopsporingsmodus meer uitgebreid.


  • Foutopsporingsmodus beschikbaar.
  • Optiepagina compatibel met PHP 5.2.X.


  • Optimization of API request.
  • Add error message if empty arguments.
  • Nu met behulp van WordPress HTTP API, is cURL niet meer vereist.
  • Update the Options Page.
  • Code follow WordPress Coding Standards.


  • Update installatiestappen.
  • Vertaling van lijststatus.
  • Correcte generatie van lijsttabellen.


  • Eerste uitgave.