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Poll Maker / WP Poll Survey & Voting Plugin is user poll, online contest / user voting system system WordPress plugin. This WordPress Voting Plugin offers a quicker & flexible way to conduct elections easily to your website and insert polls into your blog post, or site anywhere just by adding a shortcode. It comes with LIST/GRID DESIGN and advance User Interface which is MOBILE RESPONSIVE and it comes with advance admin panel, where you can add images in options too.

Poll Maker – Create Poll in Seconds use this on Non WP Site.

Here are lot’s of plugins to add a wordpress poll system, survey and voting system over your blog, but this plugin gives you different type of ui, list style ui and grid style user interface.
This plugin provides best user experience with it’s mobile friendly layout. You can easily add vote or poll anywhere just by adding a shortcode any where to your site.

Features of Election Voting Plugin


  1. The plugin helps to place vote / poll in your website.
  2. You can place user vote / poll system to your blog posts, pages and everywhere.
  3. You can use shortcode to place poll / election voting system anywhere.
  4. Advance admin panel to create polls to conduct election or polling.
  5. Button to add shortcode easily while adding blog posts.
  6. Switch poll / voting system into grid style or list style anytime.
  7. Add Images into options of question / as poll option.
  8. Add Cover Images into options of question / candidate.
  9. Awesome Advance UI with multi varients of colors but currently all varients are available in Premium here is single only
  10. Result Dashboard to Check each and every poll’s result.
  11. Change Poll’s background ui gradient color. (Only Primary Colour)
  12. Add Poll via widget in sidebar with both views list and grid.
  13. Easy to place shortcode now having more options [IT_EPOLL id=”Your Poll ID” type=”list/grid”][/IT_EPOLL]

Epoll 3.0 Pro Features

Features of our Poll Maker / Election Voting Plugin’s Premium Version :-

  1. Plugin Allows you OTP Based Voting System (which is Cryptographically Secured) / Verify Voter’s With One Time Password, Best for election voting.
  2. Plugin Allows you upgrade result of each option manually, means you can updates votes of any options as per your choice.
  3. You can use inbuild form builder to design / compose OTP verification form.
  4. Access to all UI of plugins, customize User Interface as per your choice.
  5. Allow Multi Voting Means voter can vote more then one option/candidate.
  6. Allow IP Based Voting – The Plugin’s System block to user after participating one time in poll. Means you will get unique votes or your poll.
  7. Show Poll in Poupp / Modal / Lightbox.
  8. Get Verified / Non Verified Voter’s Data in Admin Panel.
  9. Get Voting Results instantly in admin panel.
  10. Easy to place shortcode any where with much more options now [IT_EPOLL id=”Your Poll ID” type=”list/grid” use_in=”currently not required leave it blank”][/IT_EPOLL]
  11. Disabled Branding of our epoll system from bottom of each poll.
  12. Mobile OTP and Email Based OTP Verification System.
  13. Change Poll’s background ui color


  3. SEND AN EMAIL US AT: (infotheme.in@gmail.com)

Testetd on 5.9+

This plugin is used and tested on latest wp version, However we are working on new version 4.0 and it’s pro, will be available soon. (Now survey and quiz system will be the part in this biggest update and will be available for mobile apps too Android Apps & iOS Apps (React/Angular/Native))


  • How our Election Contest looks like in frontend with basic WordPress theme.
  • How our Voting Contest looks with cover picture / image in grid view. When you vote on an option in grid style.
  • How it looks when no cover image for candidate or voting poll option.
  • Frontend view of poll in list style.
  • How it look when someone vote on an option in poll.
  • Add New Poll / User Vote / Survey / Election Poll / Voting.
  • In title section add your question eg("Who is the founder of Wordpress ? / Who will be the president of USA ?") and use other options as mentioned in screenshot. You can activate / inactivate poll by just selecting "Poll Status" -> Live/End.
  • Click to "Add Option" button and in "Option Name" write on of your option's name eg(Bill Gates/Cory Boker). You can update choose option image and cover image. You can update votes of any option/candidate.
  • Add User Poll / Voting into blog post.
  • How to get shortcode of User Poll / Voting.


  1. Unzip the downloaded plugin and upload the folder “it-epoll-wp-voting” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Go to the plugin menu in WordPress and activate the plugin.
  3. Go to the left hand side of admin menu and click on “ePoll” and click to Add New.
  4. In title section add your question eg(“Who is the founder of WordPress ?”).
  5. Click to “Add Option” button and in “Option Name” write on of your option’s name eg(Bill Gates), and click to “upload” button to upload an image to this option eg(You can upload bill gate’s photo here), So you can add other options with the same process.
  6. You can activate / inactivate poll by just selecting “Poll Status” -> Live/End
  7. You can change poll design into list and grid by “Poll Style” -> Grid/List


Please ask your question to ASK POLL PLUGIN QUESTION’S HERE for any bug you might have found, or any suggestion you like to add.


7 december 2022
This is the best plugin which i have used for the poll. i have used this plugin for gaming poll , it's help me to provide the best result . It's is very easy to use ,any one can use this easily and create your own poll. I recommende this plugin for every one who wants to create poll.
30 juni 2022
The plugin works great without too many problems. Great customer service and they are always willing to help you through any avenue of communication. I recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to.
28 juni 2022
I have used this Plugin since 2019 for my websites and it has served me well. The plugin works great without much hassle. Great customer service and they are always willing to help you when you need their support. I highly recommend this plugin to you if you are looking for a voting/poll plugin that works like magic and easy to use and modify to your liking. Price is also unbeatable. You won't regret, give it a shot.
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  • Initial public release.
  • Date: 1-Feb-2017


  • Secondary public release.
  • Date: 1-Jan-2018


  • Third public release.
  • Date: 14-Dec-2018
  • Resolved index image issue
  • Resolved permalink issues
  • Update with latest wp version 5.6.2


  • Date: 8-Apr-2022
  • Update with latest wp version 6.0


  • Date: 12-Jul-2022
  • This Voting System Plugin is now Multilingual Supported
  • Translated to German / Deutsch Language
  • Translated to Hindi Language
  • Translated to English-United States Language
  • Translated to Espanol / Spanish States Language
  • We are adding more here soon…