Enhanced Media Library


Handy for those who need to manage a lot of media files.

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Categorize by Anything!

  • Unlimited categories & tags for media items
  • Unlimited custom taxonomies: create in a few clicks
  • Unlimited third-party taxonomies: assign to the media library

Configureerbare filters

  • Show / hide data, author, taxonomy filters
  • Per taxonomy filters
  • Configurable outcome of the filtering: include / exclude child categories

Enhanced Media Library

  • Show captions: title, filename, or caption field for each media item
  • Bulk selection: no special mode anymore, faster editing
  • Drag’n’Drop re-order right in the media library
  • Infinite scroll and manageable loads per page options

Dynamic Galleries / Playlists

Additional parameters for the [gallery] and [playlist] shortcodes:

  • media_category or any other taxonomy
  • monthnum
  • year
  • limit of media items to show

MIME Types Management

Add or remove file types, allow or disallow uploading. The plugin incorporates a file type into media filters if you wish.

Feels Native to WordPress

We spent hours to make Enhanced Media Library operates as though it were native WordPress functionality. All plugin features are incorporated into WordPress UI seamlessly.


  • Core hooks just work for media taxonomies and media items
  • All taxonomies supported: custom and code-registered
  • REST API supported out of the box
  • No custom tables in the database
  • Deactivation makes no harm to data: all media items and taxonomies remain after deactivation

Export / Import / Restore Plugin Settings

Als je je media bibliotheek moet verhuizen naar een andere site, dan moet je de WordPress inhoud exporteren en importeren met de ingebouwde WordPress export/import. Maar om je Enhanced Media Library te laten werken op de nieuwe site met dezelfde instellingen, dan kun je de export/import functionaliteit gebruiken.

Multisite compatibel

Activeer de plugin via netwerk en kies welke opties beschikbaar zullen zijn voor je beheerders. In de PRO versie moet de licentie sleutel 1 keer geactiveerd worden voor het hele netwerk.

Meer over de basis versie op wpUXsolutions.com

Enhanced Media Library PRO

Toegevoegd comfort en een betere manier om je WordPress media bibliotheek te beheren:

  • Unlimited & Super-Fast Bulk Edit
  • User-friendly dynamic galleries / playlists: all options set with dropdowns and checkboxes, no “coding”
  • Advanced search: filter media items by just typing the first letters of its name in the search field
  • Auto-Categorize for post media items

Meer over de premium versie op wpUXsolutions.com


Ondersteuning is gratis voor beide versies van de plugin. “PRO” gebruikers hebben geen prioriteit. We doen ons best om binnen 24 uur te reageren zo niet sneller.

Compatibel met de plugins:

Laats ons a.u.b weten of je welk probleem dan ook vind met de plugins van de lijst hierboven of andere.


Merk op dat je Enhanced Media Library gebruikt met andere plugins die ook media categorieën toevoegen, media mappen, of MIME types beheren op eigen risico. We kunnen hun compatibiliteit niet garanderen vanwege de verschillende benadering voor dezelfde functionaliteit. We raden het af om andere media bibliotheek (map) plugins te gebruiken samen met Enhanced Media Library. Kies degene die je prefereert.

Handige links


  • Plugin instellingen: WordPress algemene media instellingen

  • Plugin instellingen: Media artikelen volgorde & Enhanced Media Shortcodes

  • Plugin instellingen: Media taxonomieën & Filters

  • Plugin instellingen: MIME Typen instellingen

  • Plugin instellingen: Export, Import, Terugzetten, Opschonen

  • Media taxonomieën zijn puur gewone WordPress taxonomieën

  • Media categorieën en tags in Nav Menu

  • Media Library grid modus

  • Media Library list modus

  • Bewerk individuele afbeelding / media artikelen

  • Filter-gebaseerde afbeelding galerij


  1. Upload plugin map naar de ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

  2. Activeer de plugin via Plugins menu in WordPress admin

  3. Pas de plugin’s instellingen aan op Instellingen > Media

  4. Veel plezier met Enhanced Media Library!


7 mei 2024
I am very pleased with this plug-in, and have used it for several years now. It is very powerful, especially if you design your taxonomy well. I have never needed support because things were not working, but I have contacted them several times to help me figure out a problem or to suggest an improvement. Each time I received a very quick reply and have been given excellent and comprehensive attention. They clearly know their stuff and I cannot recommend this plugin enough.
26 april 2024
I have been using the PRO version of the plug-in for 3 years. Because I have a lot of media and have to sort them in some way, I find the plugin extremely helpful and so far without any problems. Now there was a problem after a new update, but the support was super fast and super nice, THANK YOU! I am very satisfied and can only recommend it.
14 april 2024
This plugin just continues to work. I use the paid version to support the work of the author. It is so useful for sorting and finding files
12 februari 2024 3 reacties
this plugin makes tons of database requests to tables like wpuxss_eml_get_media_term_count. with thousands of media this plugin abomination clow down down loading admin pages for minutes! Give a wide berth from this crap!
1 december 2022
I use this on multiple sites. It saves a huge amount of time sorting through images. It probably does more but that’s well worth the price.
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Release datum – 14 juni 2024


  • xlsm file type upload ensured if allowed


  • Security issue related to MIME types upload has been fixed since v2.8.10. Please update to the latest version on all your websites.


  • EML is compatible with PHP 5.6, 7, and 8. Don’t hesitate to update. If you previously had issues because of the PHP version, it’s not the case anymore.

Thank you!

For being EML users for so many years.
* This update has been issued in Ukraine under everyday missile attacks.
* Please do not buy into ruzzian lies and propaganda. This aggression is unprovoked, illegal, and unfair. The people of Ukraine have all the right to live peacefully without ungrounded ruzzian claims and crimes committed.
* Support Ukraine. Unimaginable for a human to support Nazi russia because of “culture” and Dostoevsky as it is unimaginable to support Hitler because of Goethe. Erich Maria Remarque and Thomas Mann left Nazi Germany and spoke out against Nazism as many other decent Germans did. While you won’t be able to name a single modern russian writer, not to mention…


Release datum – 14 juni 2024


  • Elementor compatibility bug of v2.9.1 (not showing filters in Elementor’s media popup) fixed


Release Date – May 27, 2024


  • WP native search performance improved for both free and PRO versions in Media Library Grid Mode
  • PRO only: new options added: Search on enter, Auto search, and Minimun number of letters


  • PRO only: plugin update module PHP-warnings issue fixed


Release Date – May 16, 2024


  • Uploaded to this post by default option added to the Media > Media Library > Filters section
    Enable the option to get media files initially filtered by “Uploaded to this post” in a Media Popup while adding or editing them for a post, page, or custom post type.
  • Some changes made to the plugin’s code and the PRO version updating mechanism in preparation for an upcoming major update EML v3.0


  • Tiny bugs fixed


Release datum – 10 mei, 2024


  • Gallery / playlist shortcodes improved for better compatibility with other plugins
  • AND logic within a single taxonomy implemented for [gallery] and [playlist] shortcodes


[gallery media_category="california+flowers" genre="landscape"]

— Displays images having both categories “california” AND “flowers” AND also from the genre “landscape”

[gallery media_category="flowers,mosses" genre="garden"]

— Displays imager either from “flowers” OR “mosses” category AND also from the genre “garden”

Note: For performance it’s better to use IDs instead of slugs in the gallery shortcodes.


  • Layout issues fixed for the media popup with the Infinite scrolling option enabled
  • Fatal Error – Too Few Arguments to function fixed for two plugins: “cred-frontend-editor” and AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild
  • Minor CSS fixes


Release Date – April 30, 2024


  • Divi Builder compatibility ensured on uploading font files
    Note: Font files are allowed for upload with Divi Builder even if you haven’t added them with the EML settings because Divi adds its own allowed file types.


Release Date – April 26, 2024


  • A bug since v2.8.10 with the right sidebar covering media library files when Infinite scrolling option is enabled fixed


Release Date – April 23, 2024


  • A critical error bug of v2.8.11 with filtering by media taxonomies in the media library List View fixed


Release Date – April 19, 2024


  • Database queries for taxonomies improved
  • A mechanism for vetting allowed mime types added


  • Deprecated notices for author filter fixed
  • Issue with uploading font mime types fixed (Report other mime types you experience issues uploading, please)
  • PRO only: Search issue fixed and the mechanism improved to ensure compatibility with other plugins


Release Date – April 11, 2024


  • Plugin admin menu items order and compatibility improved
  • Right sidebar width and Ideal column width options added
  • Caption (grid mode) is no longer cropped when it is a filename
  • Caption lenght before crop depends on the thumbnail side – added
  • PRO only: Enhanced search mechanism in media library improved + filenames option added
  • Minor improvements to desltop/mobile layout made
  • PHP 8 compatibility ensured (no deprecated notices anymore)
  • Latest jQuery standards compatibility ensured (no deprecated notices anymore)


  • Duplicate listings when editing a single image edit in the list mode fixed
  • WP excess utility taxonomies hidden in the settings


Release datum – 9 januari 2022


  • Infinite scroll and manageable loads per page options added
  • SVG full support ensured
  • Taxonomy archive pages improved – are now fully disabled and not indexed if chosen
  • Compatibility with SimpLy Gallery Blocks plugin added


Release datum – Augustus 26, 2021


  • Media Library Grid Mode: “More Details” / “Less Details” button improved to remember the latest choice after page reload
  • Better third-party admin menu compatibility
  • Compatibility for Impreza theme categories added


Verschijningsdatum – 8 augustus 2021


  • Enfold theme masonry gallery (latest version) compatibility ensured


  • Edit image wrong link fixed for the Grid mode


Release datum – 5 augustus 2021


  • WordPress 5.8 compatibiliteit verzekerd


  • A minor ACF-related bug fixed


Release datum – April 10, 2021


  • A critical bug of v2.8.4 fixed (FooGallery related)
  • Een paar kleine bugs opgelost


Release datum – April 9, 2021


  • A bug with a category checkbox not showing unchecked after deselecting a category fixed
  • A bug with taxonomy archive pages are being actually empty instead of 404 fixed



Release datum – 9 maart, 2021


  • Taxonomy archive pages mechanism improved. When the pages are disabled (404) they are no more accessible by friendly URLs


  • WordPress 5.7 compatibiliteit verzekerd


Release datum – December 9, 2020


  • WordPress 5.0 – 5.6 minor compatibility issues resolved


Release datum – Oktober 29, 2020


  • Enfold theme compatibility error fixed
  • The bug with ACF’s panel expand fixed
  • Kleine bugs opgelost


  • Allowed MIME Types upload improved
  • Scroll to a selected media item improved (Media Library Grid Mode)
  • PRO only: Faster Select All


Release datum – Oktober 11, 2020


  • Kritische WP core compatibiliteit problemen opgelost
  • Galerij en afspeellijst bewerken bug opgelost
  • Afbeelding upload probleem opgelost


  • ACF bijlage aangepaste velden – betere compatibiliteit
  • Enfold thema: toegevoegd [av_masonry_gallery] shortcode compatibiliteit met media categorie parameters zoals media_category='10', tag='21'
  • Alleen PRO: de bulk Opslaan wijzigingen knop is standaard uitgeschakeld sinds v2.8 voor nieuwe plugin installaties. Alle wijzigingen worden direct doorgevoerd. Als je de voorkeur geef aan de knop, kan je deze inschakelen via Instellingen > Media taxonomieën > Bulk bewerken > Wijzigingen opslaan knop.

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