ELEX WooCommerce Name Your Price


ELEX WooCommerce Name Your Price (Flexible Pricing) plugin enables the Customer to set a custom price and proceed with checkout. The seller will be able to define the minimum price which the Customer can proceed with payment. This option can be set both globally and for individual products (simple and variable).


  • Allows your customers to set a custom price ( name your price ) & proceed with checkout.
  • Define a minimum price in which the product can be purchased successfully.
  • Configure the prices both globally and for the individual products.
  • Supports WooCommerce simple products and variable products.

Few of the Use Cases

  • Apply minimum price to accept donation using the WooCommerce virtual product set up.
  • Raise money for a charity by allowing customers to decide a price for the product you have showcased. For example, the amount paid additional to the minimum price should be going to charity.

Premium Version Features

For complete list of features and details, Please visit ELEX WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin.
👉 Premium Plugin Live Demo: Exclusive Live Demo Site

  • Set Price List to Choose from.
  • Per Product Level Application of Name Your Price.
  • Per Product Categroy Level Application of Name Your Price.
  • Role-Based Pricing.
  • Filter & Manage Products Efficiently.
  • Customizable Add to Cart Button.
  • More Customization Options.

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About ELEXtensions

We, Team ELEXtensions are a group of WordPress and WooCommerce enthusiasts with a vision to solve genuine problems related to WordPress & WooCommerce stores.


  • WooCommerce Product Price Custom Text & Discount Plugin Features.
  • Individual product page.
  • WooCommerce settings page.


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it – you can now configure the plugin.


1.What if I face issues with the plugin? Do you provide support for free products?
If you are facing any issues, please create a topic at the plugin support section on wordpress org. Our team will respond back soon.


6 maart 2024
I never leave reviews but here goes. I had an issue with being unable to hide the price from the shop display. I contacted the support through the wp support forum. I’m super impressed in less than a week they created a new version of the plugin with the changes needed. As well as helped me a css code to make a sentence appear on a new line. Another reason I gravitated towards this plugin was the fact that they seem to recently update it (unlike other versions). Keep it up
3 juli 2023
This plugin is fairly easy to set up and get running. When I had a query, the support team answered me within 24 hours and were able to help straight away. Much appreciated. I use this to share downloadable resources on my campaign site in exchange for donations and it seamlessly works with WooCommerce for my regularly priced items.
26 mei 2023 1 reactie
On the Single Product page, it works just fine. However, when when trying to add the same product from the Shop page or category page, it says “Custom Price is a required field.” Therefore, the product can not be added. Using Wordpress 6.2.2, Twenty-Twenty-One theme, no other plugins enabled.
14 september 2022
My client wanted to use WooCommerce to allow customers to pay an invoice online. Using this plugin allowed us to use WooCommerce and have the user change the price (to their invoice amount). We are using the Divi Theme modules. At first the ‘name your price’ price was not showing up. I contacted the plugin author and they worked on the problem until they found a working solution and send it to me. Very impressed with the support!
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“ELEX WooCommerce Name Your Price” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.




  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.5
  • Made compatible with WooCommerce 8.8
  • UI/UX Updates
  • Added premium tags for the premium features


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.4
  • Made compatible with WooCommerce 8.3
  • Fixed an issue with Variable Products


  • Made compatible with WordPress 6.3
  • Made compatible with WooCommerce 8.2
  • Made compatible with HPOS
  • Made compatible with PHP 8.2


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.8


  • Tested OK with WordPress 6.2
  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.5


  • Tested OK with WordPress 6.1
  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.1
  • Fixed an issue with Global settings


  • Fixed an issue when the minimum price is zero


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 7.0
  • An option to name the price based on product categories


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.7
  • Tested OK with WordPress 6.0


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.5


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.4


  • Made compatible with Woocommerce 6.3
  • Fixed installation error


  • Made compatible with WordPress 5.9
  • Fixed an issue with the custom field validation.


  • Made compatible with WooCommerce 6.1
  • Fixed an issue with the custom field validation.
  • Fixed hide price issue with variable price range.


  • Fixed an issue with the display of fields even when the settings are not enabled


  • Made compatible with WooCommerce 6.0
  • Added hide price feature and custom fields on the shop page


  • Fixed Minicart issue


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 5.9


  • Fixed decimal value issue.


  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 5.8


  • Make compatible with code sniffer
  • Added languages file and make wpml compatible
  • Tested with WooCommerce 5.7


  • Tested with woocommerce 5.6


  • Resolve php error for woocommerce version.
  • Tested with wordpress 5.8


  • Tested with woocommerce 5.5


  • Tested with woocommerce 5.4


  • Tested with woocommerce 5.3.0


  • Tested with woocommerce 5.2
  • Resolved 404 not found js bug


  • Tested with woocommerce 4.9
  • Resolved Variation bug


  • Updated Rules for hiding Custom Price field.


  • Tested with woocommerce version 4.8
  • Tested with wordpress version 5.6


  • Tested with woocommerce version 4.7


  • Tested with Woocommerce 4.6 version.
  • Added Premium section plugins in plugin setting.


  • Name change


  • Updated content


  • Initial Push