Payment Gateway using Mollie for Easy Digital Downloads


Dit is een gateway uitbreiding voor de Easy Digital Downloads plugin om Mollie betalingen in je winkel te accepteren.
Betaalmethoden die zijn geactiveerd in je Mollie account worden automatisch beschikbaar in EDD en kunnen ofwel worden ingeschakeld in de checkout of alleen voor het verwerken van webhooks (om openstaande betalingen te ontvangen, zelfs als de gateway niet is ingeschakeld op je site voor nieuwe betalingen).
Betalingen worden offsite verwerkt op en de klant wordt na afronding van de betaling teruggestuurd naar je site.

The plugin requires API keys which can be acquired from the Mollie account settings at

Naast deze gratis plugin kan hier een uitbreiding voor integratie met Recurring Payments worden aangeschaft: Easy Digital Downloads – Mollie PRO. Deze extensie zal de abonnementsbetalingen via Mollie automatisch verwerken voor EDD-winkels met behulp van de officiële Recurring Payments uitbreiding.


  1. Upload de plugin bestanden naar de /wp-content/plugins/ directory, of installeer de plugin direct via het WordPress plugins scherm (aanbevolen).
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ scherm in WordPress
  3. Voer je API keys in en kies de testmodus voor het maken van testbetalingen
  4. Bezoek de Easy Digital Downloads betalingsgateway instellingen en selecteer de betalingsgateways die je wilt activeren op je afrekenpagina.
  5. Selecteer de betalingspictogrammen die je zichtbaar wilt maken op de afrekenpagina.


5 mei 2021
I’ve been using this plugin for a year now with EDD and although the updates aren’t that frequent, they aren’t necessary either. The plugin still works fine and I haven’t had any issues with it since I installed it. I use this plugin combined with EDD Moneybird, and I’ve developed a little plugin which acts as glue for all Mollie orders coming in, and marks the invoices as paid automatically in Moneybird. Works great! 🙂 Edit: After finding out that this plugin severely slowed down my checkout page (loading time 4+ seconds with only 2 payment methods enabled) I have to lower the score for this review. I still like the plugin, the way it is built and how easy it was to develop with it. But the official payment methods plugin are waaayy faster. Edit #2: Ewout contacted me, and offered a new version of this plugin, which is currently in testing stage. This version resolves the issues I was having. So, I’m reverting my scores to 5 stars! Hopefully this testing version will be released to the public soon!
14 januari 2020
The plugin did not work the first time, but after reaching out to Sander I got an update and it worked great. I love this plugin by the way.
30 april 2018
The plugin does what is supposed to do and integrates both services seamlessly. Also, when support is needed, the creator responds quickly and helps to solve any issues. Great plugin to use!
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3.2.9 (2024-03-20)

  • Translations: fixed translator comments and placeholder numbering
  • Translations: updated translation template (POT)
  • Tested up to WP 6.5

3.2.8 (2023-11-08)

  • Tested up to WP 6.4

3.2.7 (2023-08-16)

  • Tested up to WP 6.3

3.2.6 (2022-12-07)

  • Fix: bug on multisite when redirecting from Mollie on failed/cancelled payments
  • Tested up to WP 6.2

3.2.5 (2022-12-07)

  • New: adds refund in Mollie checkbox to EDD3 initialize refund modal
  • Fix: escape HTML properly before echoing
  • Tested up to WP 6.1

3.2.4 (2022-10-04)

  • Plugin name change to comply with trademark rules
  • New: adds new filter to payment total passed to Mollie: edd_mollie_payment_total
  • New: show direct debit chargeback reason
  • Tweak: die after payment failed
  • Tweak: update mollie dashboard URLs
  • Fix: escape HTML properly before echoing
  • Fix: undefined payment variable
  • Fix: escape query args for URLs


  • New: don’t show refund checkbox if there are chargebacks, to avoid overpaying
  • Tweak: Use autoloader exclusively & allow other plugins to load Mollie libraries
  • Updated bundled third party libraries
  • Bumped PHP requirement to 7.1+
  • Getest tot en met WP6.0


  • New: Allow individual chargeback notice dismissal
  • Fix: use “Site Address (URL)” as base for webhook (instead of “WordPress Address (URL)”)
  • Gemarkeerd als getest tot en met WP5.8


  • Fix: prevent notices from is_page check


  • Feature: Admin notices for chargebacks, linking to the transaction and the EDD order
  • Feature: Setting for SEPA Direct Debit offset for payments (SEPA transactions take a few days to process, this allows to initiate renewal payments a few days in advance)
  • Fix: reduce edd_get_cart_total calls to a minimum (temporary workaround for core EDD issue)
  • Fix: PHP 8.0 deprecation notices


  • Fix: Use alternate status update method (for third party plugins like All Access)
  • Updated bundled third party libraries


  • Updated bundled third party libraries


  • Functionaliteit: Optie toegevoegd om betalingen te controleren op de orderbevestigingspagina (naast webhooks)
  • Fix: increase priority of webhook checking to improve succesrate


  • Fix: Bank transfer gateway errors


  • Plugin helemaal opnieuw geschreven voor verbeterde functionaliteit:
  • Individual gateway settings allowing to change gateway names
  • Transaction links from EDD’s payment page
  • Payments made in test mode will be marked as such (keeping them separate from live payments)
  • Refunds can be processed either from your mollie dashboard (automatically updating the EDD payment) or from within EDD (triggering the refund on Mollie)
  • Specific payment method name (iDEAL, Credit Card, etc) shown for each order
  • Logging errors to EDD error log


  • Fix missing Mollie assets


  • Update error handling in new Mollie API


  • Stabiliteitstest voor WP 5.3.2
  • Update to Mollie API v2.12.1


  • Stabiliteitstest voor WP 5.2

  • Fix bug where Mollie webhook listener was triggered by WP comments approval

  • Fixed duplicate payments

  • Kleine foutoplossing


  • Fixed error in webhook handler.


  • Opmerking toegevoegd voor betaling bij een mislukte incasso of bankoverschrijving met de redencode.


  • Improved webhook status updates handler


  • fixed invalid payment ID in return URL


  • fixed missing payment ID that triggers an error on checkout


  • Updated Mollie API package to latest stable version
  • Improved webhook handling for updating payment statuses


  • Fixed error upon plugin activation when no API keys were present in the options


  • Taalbestanden en geüpdatet code toegevoegd voor naleving van WordPress vertalingen


  • First stable release with dynamic loading of all active payment gateways