eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin voor WordPress


eCommerce Product Catalog is a beautiful, easy-to-use, 100% responsive, and free product catalog plugin for WordPress eCommerce or a simple product catalog website with a request for a quote functionality.

With eCommerce Product Catalog plugin, you can:

  • Toon producten overal op je WordPress-website met of zonder prijs en aangepaste parameters
  • Fully customize product display with WordPress Customizer, template files or CSS
  • Organize products into multi-level categories, tags, and multiple product catalogs
  • Filter the products in many different ways to give your customers what they are looking for
  • Add product search and get your products found easily
  • Import & Export your products with a CSV spreadsheet
  • Let your visitors request a quote for all or selected products from the product catalog
  • Enable full WordPress eCommerce functionality at any time to create a shop or online store with or without payments
  • Many, many more features with dozens of compatible free and premium plugins

All with beautiful design and user-friendly functionality for all WordPress eCommerce needs.

Product Catalog Demo

Great product catalog plugin for full eCommerce or simple request a quote WordPress website

eCommerce Product Catalog plugin is a powerful, highly customizable, and simple solution that works with any theme and most of WordPress plugins. It will make your web development even more effective.

Eenvoudig te gebruiken voor beginners & Volledig aanpasbaar voor gevorderden

Expect high-quality code, beautiful design, and detailed documentation, which is an excellent value for skilled professionals and for newbies less experienced in web development.

Productcatalogus documentatie

eCommerce Product Catalog is built from the ground at impleCode. The plugin, documentation, and the extensions are in constant development. New features, tweaks, and fixes come regularly.

This e-commerce WordPress plugin is an excellent solution for those who look for an easy way to implement product management to the WordPress website.

Productcatalogus ondersteuning

eCommerce Product Catalog is supported on WordPress forums, Premium Support, and has documentation publicly available.

Productcatalogus compatibiliteit

Deze e-commerce winkel oplossing werkt met elk thema en de meeste van WordPress plugins. Het is gebaseerd op aangepaste posttypes.

Make sure to try our responsive product catalog WordPress theme. The Catalog Me! theme will let you create a great website with simple customizer features.

Product Catalogus FUNCTIES

Read all about eCommerce Product Catalog features on the impleCode website.

Onbeperkt aantal producten

Voeg zo veel mogelijk producten toe aan de catalogus. Je catalogus kan 10, 100, 1000, 10 000, 100 000 of meer producten weergeven. Het product scherm wordt verdeeld in pagina’s.

There are eCommerce Catalog users with hundreds of thousands of products displayed without any issues on the performance.

SEO vriendelijke eCommerce plugin

Give the site a nice boost in search engines with SEO optimized product pages. There are all meta tags and rich snippets included. Also, a product feed is generated by default.

You can also modify them with your custom template or use a third-party SEO plugin for more titles and meta tags optimization.

eCommerce Product Catalog is compatible with all major SEO plugins out of the box! You can create a sitemap and manage meta tags for all WordPress eCommerce pages.

Gebruiksvriendelijke productcategorieën

Organiseer je product catalogus met behulp van categorieën gemakkelijk met bekende WordPress categorieën scherm.

If you know how to use WordPress post categories, there will be no learning curve to use them in the product catalog.

You can display as many multi-level product categories as you need! All of them can have an image and a description. You can list Product Categories on the main product listing or with [show_categories] shortcode.

Intuïtieve Catalogusinstellingen

eCommerce Product Catalog works well out of the box in most cases. However, if you need some adjustments, you can fully customize the product catalog display in settings.

Je zal in staat zijn:

  • Instellen kleuren van verschillende product catalogus elementen op een productpagina of product weergave
  • define custom labels, headers, and all product catalog text output
  • Kies product weergave ontwerp
  • De prijs inschakelen of inschakelen en de valuta en het formaat instellen

And much, much more… out of the box!

eCommerce Product Catalog Shortcodes

eCommerce Product Catalog bevat een verscheidenheid aan shortcodes, zodat je producten en verwante gegevens overal op de website kunt weergeven.

Twee hoofd shortcodes:

  • [show_products] – Om catalogus producten te tonen
  • [show_categories] – to display the product categories on the home page or any other WordPress page

See catalog docs to see more shortcodes.

Lightbox Gallery op product afbeeldingen

Yes, we all like the fancy effects! You can display a product image in a lovely lightbox gallery. It comes with the eCommerce Product Catalog plugin out of the box.

However, we realize that this is not a requirement for all the projects, so you can easily disable it in the settings. You can also use any third-party lightbox with some templates adjustment.

Productkenmerken & Aangepaste velden

Veel productcatalogi vereisen een aantal parameters tabel voor snelle vergelijkingen. Met eCommerce Product Catalogus kun je zo veel attributen of aangepaste velden opgeven voor elk product die je nodig hebt.

Je kunt deze functie ook gemakkelijk uitschakelen in instellingen of tijdens de eerste configuratie.

Product verzending

Do you need a simple shipping management option? Now you have it! You can specify shipping options for each product, which can have a custom label and price.

If you are setting up a catalog for digital products or handling shipping differently, you can also disable this feature in settings or during the initial configuration.

Kleur & Grote veranderen

Het tabblad Catalogusontwerp in catalogusinstellingen laat je snel de kleurenschema veranderen.

No more hassle when you switch your theme, and the styling does not match anymore!

3 product weergave templates

Choose from 3 completely different product listing templates to match your blog, store, portfolio, restaurant menu, or company website needs. You can select one product display template globally and use a different template for each product list or inventory generated with a shortcode.

2 productpagina templates

eCommerce Product Catalog plugin comes with two completely different product page templates:

  • Eenvoudig thema – met bijna geen styling! Geweldig als je het met je eigen handen wilt ontwerpen.
  • Tabulaire thema – Uitstekende sjabloon met volledig responsive product tabbladen

168 beschikbare valuta’s

Choose from 168 different currencies defined out of the box or insert a custom currency.

Aanpasbare prijsformaten

Kies uit 4 verschillende prijsformaten om aan te passen aan eventuele valutabehoeften. Je kunt ook tekst toevoegen na de prijs.


Zeer intuïtieve interface om producteigenschappen en verzendopties te beheren.

eCommerce Product Catalog Widgets

eCommerce Product Catalog plugin comes with various WordPress widgets, which you can place in your theme widget areas

  • Product Category Widget – show all product categories in CSS customizable list. The widget also has several customization settings;
  • Product Search Widget – give the users a useful product search function;
  • Product Sort Widget – Change the product listing order;
  • Categories Filter Widget – Filter products display by category;
  • Product Price Filter Widget – Filter product list by price;

Volledig aanpasbaar ontwerp

You can use the Customizer CSS feature to modify the catalog styling. We also create a unique docs page when we place useful CSS snippets.

You can also create custom templates for all product catalog output on your blog, portfolio, simple company website, or full-featured eCommerce site. It’s as easy as adding a folder in your theme directory.

Please see the custom templates docs for details.

Vermogen om de e-commerce functionaliteit uit te schakelen

You can easily disable price, shipping, or any other product element. It’s convenient to show the products without a price.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Wij verzorgen de compatibiliteit in alle belangrijke browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera

eCommerce Product Catalog looks excellent on all screen sizes and operating systems.

Product weergave pagina

You don’t even have to place any shortcode to start using eCommerce Product Catalog. Just choose a page to display the products, and all of them will appear there with superior styling out of the box.

Product Broodkruimels

We all know that navigation is critical for complex product catalogs. Now you can use SEO friendly product breadcrumbs.

You can also disable them if it is not useful for your project.

Product Import & export

Met eCommerce Product Catalogus kun je eenvoudig een onbeperkt aantal producten importeren en exporteren naar een CSV-bestand.

Responsive Layout

Productlijsten en productpagina’s zijn volledig responsive, tenzij je thema het niet verhindert. Indien het geval neem direct contact met ons op, helpen wij u zeker!

Toon producten met een Shortcode

Gebruik de shortcode om producten te tonen wanneer dat nodig is op de website. Plak gewoon op elke pagina: [show_products] en bekijk alle producten in plaats van de shortcode.

To show products from just one category, use: [show_products category=”2″] where 2 is category ID (it’s possible to display several categories by inserting comma-separated IDs).

To list products by IDs, use: [show_products product=”5″], where 5 is the product ID.

Product Catalogus zonder Prijs

Schakel de prijs uit zowel front-end als back-end gemakkelijk door met één instelling te schakelen.

eCommerce Product Catalog uitbreidingen

This WordPress e-commerce plugin is extensible. The feature-packed extensions are that what makes the eCommerce Product Catalog plugin a more specialized solution. Browse the extensions.

Enkele extensies voorbeelden:

Product beoordelingen – activeer rijke beoordelingen voor je catalogusproducten.

Product Gallery Advanced – Customize multiple image product gallery and use the product slider. Show product slider anywhere on the website with a slider shortcode.

Quote Form – Add ‘request a quote’ feature to your product pages with a quote button and fully customizable quote form. Perfect for product catalogs or particular products without a price.

Order Form – Get ‘buy now’ orders for your priced products. Boost your eCommerce Product Catalog conversion rate with an innovative, fully customizable order form. This powerful extension allows you to sell individual products by adding an order button to each product page. Best when you need to offer one product at a time.

Shopping Cart – full-featured shopping cart with advanced customization options. Transform your product catalog to a Web Store! High usability measures, product variations, smooth experience, and more!

Upload PDF – Quickly attach multiple PDF files to products and make them available to download on product pages

Product Manufacturers – Manage product manufacturers & brands on a separate screen and easily assign them to products. Show manufacturers or brands catalog on your website.

And many more extensions already available and in constant development. You will never be limited!

WooCommerce Catalog Integratie

Now you can also display your WooCommerce store with an excellent eCommerce Product Catalog plugin layout. Use WooCommmerce Catalog Booster to achieve that!

With Quote Form or Quote Cart extension, you will enable a tremendous WooCommerce request for a quote functionality. A WooCommerce quote button was never easier to achieve!

Betrokken raken

Ontwikkelaars kunnen bijdragen aan de broncode op de eCommerce Product Catalog GitHub Repository.


  • English – default, always included.
  • Bosnisch – dankzij Faruk
  • Bulgaars – Dankzij Valentina & Koceto
  • Kroatisch – Dankzij Vedran
  • Nederlands – Dankzij Pieter & Chippie & Maas & Tim
  • Fins – Dankzij Hannu
  • Frans – Dankzij Denis & James & Antoine
  • Duits – Dankzij Peter & Toby
  • Grieks – Dankzij Giorgos
  • Hebreeuws – Dankzij Ahrale
  • Hongaars – Dankzij Orsolya
  • Italiaans – Dankzij Fabio & Pietro
  • Japans – Dankzij Diginatu
  • Noors – Dankzij Oyvind
  • Pools – Dankzij Norbert
  • Roemeens – dankzij Alex
  • Servisch – Dankzij Ogi
  • Spanish – Thanks to Andrew, Norbert, and Josu
  • Turks – Dankzij Tahir
  • Your translation? – Send it in

Internationale trefwoorden

catalogo de productos, katalog produktów, wtyczka eCommerce, plugin eCommerce, plugin de comercio electrónico, le catalogue des produits, productcatalogus, produktkatalog, каталог продукции, sklep, boutique, tienda, winkel, Geschäft, магазин

Note: All our plugins are localized/translatable by default, which is very important for all users worldwide. So please contribute your language to the plugin to make it even more useful. For translating, we invite you to join this essential impleCode translation project.

Plugin gebruiksvoorbeelden

De volgende lijst toont enkele voorbeelden van succesvolle implementatie van eCommerce Product Catalogue:

  • Bloemen catalogus
  • Elektronische apparaten catalogus
  • Dieren, huisdieren catalogus
  • Kleding catalogus
  • Schoenen catalogus
  • Golf accessoires catalogus
  • Elektronische dienst winkel
  • Industriële apparaten catalogus
  • Brillen catalogus
  • Biljarttafels catalogus
  • Brood, bakkerij catalogus
  • Mensen, beroepen, fotografen catalogus
  • Stoelen catalogus

Privacy & GDPR

eCommerce Product Catalog doesn’t use cookies or local storage in the default configuration. A PHPSESSID or _wp_session cookie is only used if you enable Quote Cart or Shopping Cart. This cookie will store the session id (a random string) to make the cart functionality work correctly.


  • Standaard product catalogus archief
  • Standaard product pagina
  • Eenvoudige productpagina
  • Klassiek raster product catalogus archief.
  • Klassiek lijst product catalogus archief.
  • Product bewerken/toevoegen scherm.
  • Product catalogus instellingen


Deze plugin heeft 16 blokken.

  • Product Name
  • Related Products
  • Catalog Search
  • Catalog Category Links
  • Show Products
  • Active Filters
  • Catalog Sort
  • Short Description
  • Show Catalog
  • Catalog Category Filter
  • Product Image
  • Show Categories
  • Catalog Size Filter
  • Catalog Price Filter
  • Price Table
  • Catalog Icons


Minimale vereisten

  • WordPress 3.5 of nieuwer (De nieuwste versie is altijd aanbevolen)
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater (PHP 8.2 or greater is recommended)

Automatische installatie

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of impleCode eCommerce Product Catalog, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “impleCode” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our product catalog plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking Install Now. After clicking that link you will be asked if you’re sure you want to install the plugin. Click yes and WordPress will automatically complete the installation.

Handmatige installatie

De handmatige installatie methode houdt in dat je onze beoordelings plugin download en upload naar je web-server via je favoriete FTP programma.

  1. Download het plugin bestand naar je computer en unzip het
  2. Using an FTP program, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activeer de plugin via het Plugins menu in je WordPress dashboard.


Automatische updates moeten zonder problemen werken; maar zoals altijd, backup je website voor het geval dat.

Als je bij toeval problemen ondervindt met de Product catalogus pagina’s na een update, moet je de permalinks gewoon resetten door naar WordPress & gt; Instellingen & gt; Permalinks en slaan ‘opslaan’. Dat zou weer moeten werken.


Is it possible to use eCommerce product catalog without eCommerce functionality?

Yes, just leave the product price empty and you will disable eCommerce functionality.

Zijn er betalingsgateways?

Standaard werkt eCommerce Product Catalogus zonder online betalingen.

There are payment gateways available on the extensions page.

Will eCommerce Product Catalog work with my theme?

Ja. ECommerce Product Catalog zal werken met elk thema, maar in sommige gevallen kan het nodig zijn om een aantal aanpassingen te maken om het goed te laten aansluiten. Zie alstublieft Thema Integratie Gids voor hulp.

Waarom werkt de productafbeelding niet?

If you cannot add product image it means that your theme is not supporting featured image feature. Please see WordPress Codex.

Hoe kun je de categorie standaard “Alles” wijzigen?

Als je een categorievoorvoegsel of een andere front-end tekst wilt wijzigen, ga naar productinstellingen > Front-end labels en veranderen naar leeg of een waarde.

Where can I request new features, themes and extensions?

We zijn beschikbaar op het support forum en via de website ImpleCode.

Where can I report bugs and contribute to the project?

Bugs kunnen worden gemeld op het support forum.

How to disable AJAX on filter widgets and pagination?

If you prefer page reload instead of AJAX functionality place the following code in your child theme functions.php file:

add_action(‘ic_epc_loaded’, ‘my_epc_mods’);

function my_epc_mods() {
remove_action( ‘enqueue_main_catalog_scripts’, array( ‘ic_catalog_ajax’, ‘enqueue_styles’ ) );

Where can I find impleCode documentation and user guides?

Documentatie is hier beschikbaar.

Is this an eCommerce plugin?

Yes, you can select from 4 available modes: web store, inquiry catalog, affiliate catalog or simple catalog to show products.

What’s the difference between eCommerce Product Catalog and classic eCommerce plugin (e.g. store)?

This can be a store but it is not limited to it. It’s main purpose is to present products or services on the website in a convenient and easy to manage way. It’s more lightweight than most of eCommerce Plugins. It’s commonly used for company pages or blogs with product catalogue. It’s easily CSS customizable and has 3 themes for product listings in the default version. It can be configured to work with product quotes (for products without price), order forms (for product with price), payment gateways, PDF specifications and even separate catalogues with separate menus in admin.


22 maart 2024
I’m thrilled with the eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress by Imple Code! The plugin offers an incredibly user-friendly interface that allows me to easily add, edit, and manage my products. It allows for full integration with native WooCommerce. The product catalog feature is highly flexible and configurable, allowing me to customize the appearance and layout of my catalog to suit my business needs. Furthermore, the plugin offers a wide range of features essential for any online store, including product galleries, filters, sorting options, and integration with online payments (paid plugins that can be bought in bundles for a reasonable price). I’m also impressed with the excellent technical support, which is fast, professional, and helpful whenever needed. In summary, the eCommerce Product Catalog Plugin for WordPress is an indispensable tool for anyone running an online store on the WordPress platform. I wholeheartedly recommend it! Piotr
19 maart 2024 1 reactie
I have a problem with your plugin. I have added a .csv file in which the products receive an image via the correct URL. Each image URL has been tested and works. Yet for about 50% of the products I get an image. I don’t see the reason why he doesn’t add the other images. Is there a debug mode somewhere where I can find an error?
18 februari 2024 1 reactie
Like this program. Had some issues initially, but tech support was pretty responsive and helpful. I really like the various plugins and they seem to be working famously. I would recommend this program to anyone just starting out in the online store business. Thanks ImpleCode!
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Bekijk de code, haal de SVN repository op, of abonneer je op het ontwikkellog via RSS.


Use EPC Translate Project to add new or fix the existing translations in eCommerce Product Catalog. Use Premium EPC Translation Project for all the extensions.

3.3.36 – 27/06/2024

  • New user role to manage orders/inquiries and products

3.3.35 – 10/05/2024

  • Avoid PHP errors within the category filter under certain exceptional circumstances

3.3.34 – 09/04/2024

  • Fix classic editor in WordPress 6.5

3.3.33 – 03/04/2024

  • WordPress 6.5 compatibility update
  • Security – escape form fields on order edit screen

3.3.32 – 23/02/2024

  • Fix category select dropdown on filtered pages

3.3.31 – 16/02/2024

  • Ability to add catalog icons to the site editor navigation
  • Fix the modern grid color picker
  • Fix the category page product count for some themes

3.3.30 – 24/01/2024

  • Added WooCommerce menu in settings for additional integration options
  • Security – added nonce check to admin notifications hiding feature

3.3.29 – 12/01/2024

  • Tweak – configuration wizard styling improvements
  • Security – added nonce checks in the configuration wizard

3.3.28 – 09/01/2024

  • Category filter styling improved when used outside of the catalog context
  • Added container for the featured products

3.3.27 – 14/11/2023

  • Fix categories metabox to show the correct hierarchy
  • Security fix – ic_container shortcode parameters sanitization

3.3.26 – 08/11/2023

  • Security fix
  • WordPress 6.4 compatibility update

3.3.25 – 06/11/2023

  • Display the correct message when an empty category page is viewed

3.3.24 – 23/10/2023

  • Fix the product display when only categories should be displayed

3.3.23 – 25/09/2023

  • Better compatibility with the classic editor plugin

3.3.22 – 07/09/2023

  • PHP 8.2 compatibility update

3.3.21 – 21/08/2023

  • Fix the product category dropdown

3.3.20 – 14/08/2023

  • Theme integration colorpicker fixed
  • Category dropdown selector improved
  • PHP 8.2 compatibility update

3.3.19 – 09/08/2023

  • WordPress compatibility update

3.3.18 – 28/07/2023

  • WPML compatibility update

3.3.17 – 19/07/2023

  • Added product variations shortcode to display the variaiton selectors

3.3.16 – 11/07/2023

  • Polylang compatibility update

3.3.15 – 22/06/2023

  • Mobile product page tabs improved
  • Settings reset button added to the general settings screen

3.3.14 – 13/06/2023

  • Inquiry Mode labels updated in admin

3.3.13 – 30/05/2023

  • Fixed order/quote custom lines

3.3.12 – 02/05/2023

  • Improved shortcode filtering
  • Russian translation updated

3.3.11 – 31/03/2023

  • Fixed checkbox on the order edit screen
  • Remove unnecessary pagination with only main categories visible
  • WordPress compatibility update

3.3.10 – 22/03/2023

  • Extensions compatibility update

3.3.9 – 17/03/2023

  • Translations fix
  • Security fix

3.3.8 – 13/03/2023

  • New line character changed in files

3.3.7 – 20/02/2023

  • Privacy checkbox in the Quote Cart mode

3.3.6 – 15/02/2023

  • Checkout form validation improved

3.3.5 – 03/02/2023

  • Security fix

3.3.4 – 02/02/2023

  • New active filters block and widget
  • Now the plain template is the default one if blocks editor is enabled for products
  • Fixed the CSS for the grid on some server configurations
  • Latvian language introduced for some strings thanks to @davidprais

3.3.3 – 02/12/2022

  • Fix tooltip JavaScript error in admin

3.3.2 – 25/11/2022

  • New block hooks for additional settings in future upgrades

3.3.1 – 15/11/2022

  • Fix the new blocks on the widgets screen

3.3.0 – 14/11/2022

  • New product gallery block to display a product image
  • New short description block
  • New product name block
  • New block styling options

Zie changelog voor alle versies.