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Easy Options Hide Shipping Method per product for WooCommerce


Allows you to hide a specific shipping method when a certain product is added to the WooCommerce shopping cart. This can be selected on a per product basis.


  • Settings page


Where are the settings for this plugin?

  • Options for this plugin are on each individual Edit Product page. You select this option on a per product basis.


2 januari 2024
Needed to hide a certain shipping method on our site. Tried so many other options and plug-ins. I posted on the Wordpress forums, consulted with Woo Pros, watched coding videos. This plug-in made the job so simple. Thank You!
2 augustus 2022
Great plugin, and will be happy to donate if the plugin makse allowance for hiding shipping methods when products are variations.
2 juni 2022
Please Write this plugin for multiple options if we can use comma, for Hide like PHL,Topex,Panther, Please Try to Understand :))
24 maart 2022
It works, but you only can hide 1 shipping option. It would be great if you can hide more shipping options. My store ships to 3 different countries, but I only can hide one shipping option. And it would be great when I can hide different shipping options per country. It means that I have to hide up to 5 or 6 shippings methods at a time. Hope this will be implemented in future updates of the plugin.
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