DT World Clock


A Plugin with easy customization to display date and time of multiple timezones. All settings are available from Admin panel.You can show up to 4 different clocks using this plugin.
You can also use as a shortcode in posts and pages. It’s shortcode format is [DT_World_Clock ‘title:timeZone,title:timeZone,timeZone’].

Let suppose if you want to display a world clock within a page and post then you have to use the shortcode. In [DT_World_Clock ‘title:timeZone,title:timeZone,timeZone’], DT_World_Clock is the name of shortcode and ‘title:timeZone,title:timeZone,timeZone’ is the parameter of shortcode. Here title is the title of clock and timeZone is used to show the date and time of this timeZone. if you want to show title of clock then you have to provide the title otherwise it is not required.

In order to use shortcode, you have to edit the post and page and put the shortcode in content of this post and page.

For example

if you want to show one clock then use [DT_World_Clock ‘clock1:Indian/Cocos’]

if you want to show two clocks then use [DT_World_Clock ‘clock1:America/Creston,clock2:Europe/Moscow’]

if you want to show two clocks but you do not need the title of first clock then use [DT_World_Clock ‘America/Creston,clock2:Europe/Moscow’]

if you want to show three clocks then use [DT_World_Clock ‘clock1:America/Creston,clock2:Europe/Moscow,clock3:America/Aruba’]

If you want to display more clocks – you can go for our pro version. You’ll be able to add up to 200 clocks. At the cost of $14 – you’ll get this plugin (source code) which you’ll be able to add at any number of websites and will also get support for one domain for 6 months. Here is the link to purchase the pro version –


  • screenshot-1.png (Clock on front)
  • screenshot-2.png (General settings for clock)
  • screenshot-3.png (Advanced settings for clock)
  • screenshot-4.png (Place it on any widget of your theme)
  • screenshot-5.png (Clock on front, apperance will depends on theme style)


  1. Download the [dt-world-clock] plugin
  2. Click the plugins menu from admin panel
  3. Click Add new
  4. Click upload plugin
  5. Browse the downloaded zip file
  6. After installation process click on activate plugin
  7. It will create menu DTW Clock at admin menu
  8. Click and manage settings as per requirements(As shown in setting-1.png,setting-2.png)
  9. Now to show the DTW Clock go to Appearance then choose Widgets from admin menu
  10. Find the DT Wold Clock widget and place it any where in your theme widget area to show clock (As shown in setting-3.png).
  11. You can also use as a shortcode in posts and pages and show multiple clocks. Its shortcode name is DT_World_Clock and its format is [DT_World_Clock ‘title:timeZone,title:timeZone,timeZone’]


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5 december 2019
Wasted a hour. Locks up my site, could not save the page. Had to call my hosts support line. They said "It definitely appears to be the plugin, as there weren't any new cases where the PHP limits have been reached." I wanted this functionality, then I started seeing typos and features that didn't work (the day of the week), now a server error. Don't waste your time on this one. Uninstalled!
30 augustus 2018
Awesome plugin. Pleas add Date separator "." (In Russian tradition)
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= V1.8 – 5.9.2018

update: Added . (dot) as date separator

= V1.7 – 2.2.2018

update: Fix some issue

= V1.6.2 – 21.11.2017

update: Make compatible with wordpress 4.9

= V1.6.1 – 24.07.2017

update: Make compatible with wordpress 4.8

= V1.6 – 20.02.2017

update: Add feature of shortcode

= V1.5.1 – 25.02.2016

update: Changes in css file

= V1.5.0 – 04.11.2015

update: Added remove leading zero featrue for dates

V1.4.0 – 27.08.2015

Bugfix : console error removed

V1.3.0 – 27.08.2015

update : Added day of the week feature

Bugfix : removed whitespace before first php tag

V1.2.0 – 28.07.2015

update : Added date formats

update : Added date separator feature

V1.1.0 – 26.06.2015

update : Added a new feature to display text on front with clock


Bugfix : In advanced settings timezones were not getting saved.

Bugfix : Clock was not daylight saving, showing time 1 hour late