Download plugins en thema’s vanuit het dashboard


De Download plugins en thema’s vanuit het dashboard plugin laat je geïnstalleerde plugins en thema’s direct als ZIP-besstand downloaden vanuit het dashboard, zonder gebruik van FTP.

Er zijn vereiste instellingen in deze plugin – na installatie verschijnen de “ZIP downloaden” links automatisch bij alle:

  • plugins in het Plugins > Geïnstalleerde plugins menu, en
  • thema’s in het Weergave > Thema’s menu.

Additionally in “Settings > Download Plugins and Themes” you can set if you want to append version number to ZIP filename, and/or if you want main plugin’s or theme’s directory to be included in ZIP.

Also there are “Download all” plugins and/or themes tools in “Settings > Download Plugins and Themes”.

Pro version has option to set periodical plugins and/or themes downloads.


  • We staan open voor suggesties en feedback. Bedankt voor het gebruik of uitproberen van een van onze plugins!
  • Visit plugin site.


  • Plugin "Download ZIP" links in "Plugins > Installed Plugins".
  • Theme "Download ZIP" links in "Appearance > Themes".
  • Instellingen.


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. “Download ZIP” links will be automatically added to all plugins to your “Plugins > Installed Plugins” menu and to all themes to your “Appearance > Themes” menu.


4 november 2019
Being a WordPress developer I often need to download the themes and plugins from the sites. When I do not have any other details except the site URL and login, then comes the role of this well functional and greatly usable plugin.
11 augustus 2019
I am giving you a high review for developing this plugin. I had contracted a web programmer who was a novice to say the least and they were supposed to fix and update one of my themes and plugins. Well they fixed it alright but introduced a php bug before going on vacation. They basically had gotten out of sync in their updates to the theme and was using a local version instead of the live one. When I found out what the error was I had to go into my site debugger and try to diagnose the problem. I had access to the remote test server that the programmer was running it on and was able to use this plugin to log into the remote server to download the update (no thanks to the programmer) but when they got back was able to let the programmer know they messed up. This plugin allowed me to get the themes and plugin without having to try to go into their hosting site and grab the files. Thanks for developing this plugin.
9 juli 2019
Thank you very much to the plugin author. This is really a time saver plugin.
23 augustus 2018
Just found this plugin, used it to download a theme where I didn’t have FTP access and removed it again. Worked like expected.
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1.7.0 – 20/03/2020

  • Dev – Better system temp directory retrieving algorithm: checking upload_tmp_dir, wp_upload_dir() and open_basedir now (if the default sys_get_temp_dir() is not writable).
  • Dev – Admin settings descriptions updated.
  • Dev – Code refactoring.
  • Tested up to: 5.3.

1.6.0 – 30/09/2019

  • Fix – Settings – Security – Checking for user capability and nonce. Sanitizing and escaping data.
  • Dev – Settings – “increase your WP memory limits” link updated.

1.5.0 – 23/07/2019

  • Fix – “Single File” plugins download fixed (except in “Periodical” downloads).
  • Fix – “Must-Use” and “Drop-in” plugins support added (except in “Periodical” and “All” downloads).

1.4.3 – 08/07/2019

  • Dev – Advanced Settings – “Temporary directory” option added.
  • Tested up to: 5.2.

1.4.2 – 19/04/2019

  • Dev – “Tested up to” updated.

1.4.1 – 09/12/2018

  • Dev – Advanced Settings – “ZIP library” option added.
  • Dev – More info added in create_zip() error message.

1.4.0 – 27/09/2018

  • Dev – “Download all” plugins/themes tools added.
  • Dev – Checking for zlib extension availability.
  • Dev – Checking system requirements only when download link is clicked.
  • Dev – Deleting zip file (if exists) before creating new one.
  • Dev – Pro version link (and “Periodical Downloads” section) added.
  • Dev – Code refactoring.

1.3.0 – 18/03/2018

  • Dev – PclZip fallback zip archivation library added.
  • Dev – “Settings” action link added.
  • Dev – Code refactoring.
  • Dev – “Requires PHP” added to readme.txt.

1.2.0 – 11/06/2017

  • Dev – “Hoofdmap toevoegen aan ZIP-bestand” optie toegevoegd.
  • Dev – “Append version number to ZIP filename” options added.
  • Dev – Code refactoring.

1.1.3 – 09/06/2017

  • Dev – Zip files deletion from temporary folder after successful download added.

1.1.2 – 25/03/2017

  • Fix – load_plugin_textdomain moved from init hook to constructor.
  • Dev – System requirements error message updated.
  • Dev – Language (POT) file updated.
  • Dev – Plugin header info (“Text Domain” etc.) updated.
  • Dev – Donate link updated.

1.1.1 – 10/11/2016

  • Fix – For portability now only forward slashes (/) are used as directory separator in ZIP filenames.

1.1.0 – 05/10/2016

  • Dev – Themes download functionality added (and plugin renamed).
  • Dev – Plugins download action moved to from plugins_loaded to admin_init hook.
  • Dev – More validation added to plugins download action.
  • Dev – Using single plugin_action_links hook to add download action links, instead of using separate hook for each plugin.
  • Dev – Checking for ZipArchive and RecursiveIteratorIterator classes to exist.
  • Dev – Language (POT) file added.
  • Dev – Screenshots added.
  • Dev – Icons and banners added.

1.0.0 – 28/09/2016

  • Eerste release.