Dashboard Widgets for LearnDash


Dashboard Widgets for LearnDash adds 4 widgets to the Dashboard page in your WordPress admin area — Overview, Courses, Links & Recently Modified.

  • The LearnDash Overview widget shows you the total number of courses, lessons, topics, certificates, quizzes, questions, assignments, essays & groups.
  • The LearnDash Courses widget displays a list of up to 10 courses, with handy stats & quick links to edit content that belongs to that course.
  • The Links widget exposes most internal LearnDash pages for quick navigation.
  • The Recently Modified widget displays the 3 most recently modified courses, lessons & topics. Links are available to edit content, open the course builder or access the individual course settings page.

NOTE: By default, only Administrators will see the widgets. See the FAQ below about “user/role permissions” to learn how to enable them for additional users.

LearnDash Overview Widget

The Overview widget provides the following information:

  • Total Courses
  • Total Lessons
  • Total Topics
  • Total Certificates
  • Total Quizzes
  • Total Questions
  • Total Assignments
  • Total Essays
  • Total Groups
  • Total Group Leaders

Als je op elk totaal klikt, ga je naar de beheerderspagina met de respectieve inhoud.

LearnDash Courses Widget

The Courses widget provides a scrollable list of up to 10 courses. The information displayed depends on the user’s capabilities & access to certain admin pages. I’ll explain each piece of information below.

Visible to all:

  • Course Title
  • Course Status (draft, scheduled, pending review, etc.)
  • Type cursusprijs
  • Cursus geplande datum (als de cursus is gepland voor een toekomstige datum)
  • “View” link

Visible if user has BOTH edit_courses AND edit_published_courses capabilities:

  • “Edit” link (to edit the course)

Visible if user has edit_courses capability:

  • Links to Lesson/Topic/Quiz list pages, along with the total number associated with the course
  • Certificaattitel, met een link om deze te bewerken (als er een certificaat aan de cursus is gekoppeld)

Visible if user has list_users capability:

  • “Students” link that displays the list of users who are enrolled in that course

LearnDash Links Widget

The Links widget contains the following sections, each with their own set of links to different admin pages.

LearnDash Settings
General | Registration | Payments | Emails | Custom Labels | Support

View All | Add New | Settings | Categories | Tags

View All | Add New | Settings | Categories | Tags

View All | Add New | Settings | Categories | Tags

View All | Add New | Settings | Essays: Graded | Not Graded

View All | Approved | Not Approved | Settings

View All | Add New | Settings | Administration | Group Leaders

Visibility & Permissions

Who sees each section, as well as the links within each section, will depend on a few things. Here are the important things to know:

  • LearnDash Settings: Only visible to users with the manage_options capability, which by default, is only Administrators.
  • Courses & Lessons: Only visible to users with the edit_courses capability.
  • Topics & Quizzes: First, you must have at least one published Topic or Quiz for each section to be displayed. Then, they’re only visible to users with the edit_courses capability.
  • Course/Lesson/Topic/Quiz/Assignment Settings: Only visible to users with the manage_options capability.
  • Categories & Tags: Only visible to users with the manage_categories capability.
  • Essays: At least one essay must exist. Then, only visible to users with the edit_essays capability.
  • Assignments: At least one assignment must exist. Then, only visible to users with the edit_assignments capability.
  • Groups: At least one group must exist. Then, only visible to users with the edit_groups capability.
  • Group Administration: Only visible to Group Leaders.
  • Group Leaders: Only visible to users with the list_users capability.

LearnDash Recently Modified Widget

This widget displays the 3 most recently modified courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.

For Courses, you can navigate directly to “Edit,” “Builder” or “Settings.”

For Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes, each title links directly to the edit page for that piece of content.

It also includes the last modified date/time (i.e. 3 days ago, 5 months ago, etc.).

Other Features

  • Just like all Dashboard widgets, they can be hidden by unchecking their respective boxes under “Screen Options”

Tested with LearnDash


There is no scheduled roadmap, but if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the support forum.

From within WordPress

  1. Visit “Plugins > Add New”
  2. Search for “Dashboard Widgets for LearnDash”
  3. Klik op de knop “Installeren”
  4. Klik op de knop “Activeren”


  • The LearnDash Overview widget
  • The LearnDash Courses widget
  • The LearnDash Links widget
  • The LearnDash Recently Modified widget
  • Show/Hide the widgets using "Screen Options"


Who can see the widgets? (user/role permissions)

We decided to show the widgets to users with the “edit_dashboard” capability. By default, this only includes the “Administrator” role.

Any other role, by default, does not have access to edit courses, lessons, topics or quizzes, thus rendering most of the quick links useless. If you want another user role to see the widgets, we suggest using the User Role Editor plugin to add the “edit_dashboard” capability to that user role.

Additionally, the links in the Overview & Links widget only work if the user has access to the corresponding page. For example:

  • edit_courses – Can access list pages for Courses, Lessons, Topics, Certificates, Questions & Quizzes
  • edit_assignments – Can access the list page for Assignments
  • edit_essays – Can access the list page for Essays
  • edit_groups – Can access the list page for Groups
  • list_users – Can access the “Users > All Users” page
  • group_leader – Can access the “Group Administration” page
  • manage_options – Can access most settings pages
  • manage_categories – Can access & manage all Category & Tag pages

For the Courses widget:

  • The “Edit” link will appear if the user has BOTH the edit_courses & edit_published_courses capabilities
  • The lesson/topic/quiz links & counts just need the edit_courses capability
  • The “Students” link will appear if the user has the list_users capability

For the Recently Modified widget:

  • The edit_courses capability is required to use this widget

How many courses are displayed in the LearnDash Courses widget?

We have chosen to display up to 10 courses. This cannot be customized.

In what order are the courses displayed in the LearnDash Courses widget?

First, the courses are sorted by their Menu Order, which can be manually chosen/updated by anyone with access to edit a course. If two courses share the same Menu Order, they are then sorted by their course title. This cannot be customized.

Kan ik wijzigen hoeveel items er worden weergegeven in de Recent gewijzigd widget?

No. The 3 most recently modified will always be displayed.

My numbers are incorrect. What’s going on?

In the Overview widget, the numbers reflect published content.

In the Courses widget:

  • For courses, we display all courses except those in the trash, and revisions
  • For lessons, topics & quizzes, we only count the published content that is associated with the course. Drafts, revisions & trashed content do not affect counts.

If you still think your numbers are off, it might be a bug. Please let us know in the support forum so we can try to fix it.


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1.3 – Jan 24, 2022

  • Added: LearnDash Links: Settings: Links to Registration, Payment, and Email settings (added in LearnDash 3.6)
  • Added: Recently Modified: Added 3 most recently modified quizzes
  • Fixed: LearnDash Links: Link to Custom Labels page
  • Fixed: LearnDash Links: Assignments: Approved & Unapproved assignment links

1.2.2 – Dec 8, 2020

  • Added: LearnDash Links: Link to the Group Settings page (added in LearnDash 3.2)
  • Added: LearnDash Overview: Number of Group Leaders

1.2.1 – Dec 25, 2019

  • Gewijzigd: cursussen Widget: Extra ruimte verwijderd na Lessen, Onderwerpen & Quizzen links
  • Gewijzigd: recent gewijzigde Widget: geüpdatet linkstijl voor Lessen & Onderwerpen

1.2 – Dec 20, 2019

  • New: LearnDash Recently Modified: Courses now include Edit, Builder & Settings links
  • Added: LearnDash Links: Assignments now has a “View All” link
  • Gewijzigd: “Data-upgrades” verwijderd uit de widget LearnDash Links

1.1 – Dec 20, 2019

  • New: LearnDash Links widget displays links to many internal LearnDash pages for quick navigation.
  • New: LearnDash Recently Modified widget shows the 3 most recently modified courses, lessons & topics, with links to go directly to their edit pages.
  • New: Total Essays was added to the Overview widget
  • New: “Students” links were added to each course in the Courses widget
  • Gewijzigd: kleine CSS-verbeteringen, waaronder een paar stijlen om RTL-talen beter te ondersteunen

1.0 – Jan 15, 2019

  • Initial release