Crony Cronjob Manager


Requires PHP 5.6+ and WordPress 4.9+

Create and Manage Cronjobs in WP by loading Scripts via URLs, including Scripts, running Functions, and/or running PHP code. This plugin utilizes the wp_cron API.

All you do is install the plugin, schedule your Scripts / Functions / PHP code to run at a specific interval, and live your life — Cron it up!

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About the Plugin Author

Scott Kingsley Clark from SKC Development — Scott specializes in WordPress and Pods CMS Framework development using PHP, MySQL, and AJAX. Scott is also a developer on the Pods CMS Framework plugin



  • Create and Manage Custom Cronjobs
  • View Custom Cronjob Activity Log
  • View and Remove Existing Cronjobs
  • View Available Cronjob Schedules and Intervals
  • Reset Logs or all Crony settings
  • Admin.Class.php – A class for plugins to manage data using the WordPress UI appearance



  • Test a Job by running the script via iframe


  1. Unpack the entire contents of this plugin zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder locally
  2. Upload to your site
  3. Navigate to wp-admin/plugins.php on your site (your WP plugin page)
  4. Deze plugin activeren

OR you can just install it with WordPress by going to Plugins >> Add New >> and type this plugin’s name


What does wp_cron() do?

As you receive visitors on your site, WordPress checks your database to see if anything is scheduled to run. If you have a wp_cron() job scheduled every 12 hours, then the very first visitor 12+ hours from the last scheduled run of that function will trigger the function to run in the background. The Cronjob (or Cron Job) sends a request to run cron through HTTP request that doesn’t halt page loading for the visitor.

How is wp_cron() different from Server configured Cronjobs?

Cronjobs configured on a server run on their intervals automatically, while wp_cron() jobs run only after being triggered from a visitor to your site.


3 september 2016
Come farei senza questo plug in? Ottimo. Very userfull. I AM very happy with this plug in.
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  • Now requires PHP 5.6+ and WordPress 4.9+
  • Fixed some CSS targeting so it was more specific and not general to prevent conflicts with other admin CSS.
  • Bug fixes for WP Admin UI and support for date/datetime/time inputs in forms.
  • Updated compatibility with WP 5.7


  • Updated compatibility with WP 5.4


  • Additional escaping fixes for WP_Admin_UI (reported by Sathish Kumar from cybersecurity works)


  • Escaping fixes for WP_Admin_UI (reported by Sathish Kumar from cybersecurity works)


  • Security fix for orderby handling


  • Fixes for DB tables and reinstalling (when DB tables don’t exist but Crony was installed before)


  • Fixes for output e-mails


  • Fixes log saving / max log handling, keeps logs maximum of 2 weeks


  • Now clears logs when adding to the log, keeps max logs set to 80 of the latest run crons
  • Bug fixes for WP Admin UI


  • Added Settings area to reset Crony, or empty Crony Logs
  • Added URL to load a script / page from, uses wp_remote_post, where the script include only uses include_once
  • Bug fixes for WP Admin UI
  • Bug fix for schedule running, previously was assuming current timezone for everything but WP runs cron under GMT timestamps


  • Bug fix for dates in Log


  • Added Cronjob Activity Log
  • Added View / Remove Existing Cronjobs (external to Crony) and Available Cronjob Schedules
  • Various bug fixes
  • PHP must now be init with an opening PHP tag for Custom PHP (migrated existing Cronjob code for you)


  • Bug fix, the dates saved didn’t include times


  • Bug fix, the menu access was incorrect


  • Bug fix, the column width was off in Firefox in Manage screens


  • Bug fix, the SQL was not installed correctly in 0.1.2
  • Added option for E-mail Notifications
  • Added Last Run tracking and Ability to set Next Run date


  • Bug fix, the wp_cron jobs were not removed on save, scheduling over previous versions of the same job
  • Updated Admin.class.php with latest bug fixes / features


  • Bug fix, the db table was created without an essential field


  • First official release to the public as a plugin