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WP Cost Calculator – If you’re searching for a smart, simple tool that allows you to easily create price estimation forms to give your clients the opportunity to get information about your services and product costs, you are in the right place.

WP Cost Calculator helpt je om elk type calculatieformulier in een paar eenvoudige stappen op te bouwen. Deze Calculator WordPress plugin biedt zijn eigen verslepen calculatie formulier bouwer. Bovendien kun je een onbeperkt aantal calculatieformulieren maken en deze op elke pagina of bericht invoegen.

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Our Calculator plugin for WordPress is intuitive and super easy for visitors to your WordPress website. Cost Calculator is especially suitable if your services or products have variable costs, and there are many options to estimate those costs.

If you need to make a price calculator to determine your project costs, this tool is for you. Need a loan calculator? Just install our plugin. Table order? Easy. The possibilities are unlimited. Let WP Cost Calculator become your virtual assistant and increase your website’s conversion rate.

10 diverse WordPress rekenmachine elementen:
○ Invoer box
○ Totaal/subtotaal
○ Hoeveelheid box
○ Dropdown box
○ Toggle knop
○ Radioknop
○ Selectievakje
○ Bereik slider
○ HTML code
○ Horizontale lijn

Another bunch of custom elements are available in Pro version:
○ Multi Range
○ File Upload
○ Image Dropdown
○ Image Checkbox
○ Image Radio
○ Date Picker
○ Time Picker

There are groups of elements that have different appearance styles both vertically and horizontally:

Radio Buttons:
○ Default
○ Boxed
○ Boxed with radio

○ Default
○ Boxed
○ Boxed with checkbox
○ Boxed with description
○ Boxed with checkbox and description

Toggle Buttons:
○ Default
○ Boxed with toggle and description

Cost Calculator Builder PRO – Cost Calculator Premium version includes the following features and functions:
○ WooCommerce Integration – Let your customers calculate the price of your WooCommerce products depending on cost calculator variables and custom formulas.
○ Stripe & PayPal Integration – After calculation you can accept payments immediately over Stipe and PayPal.
○ Condition system – It allows form fields to show, hide, or be disabled based on conditions logic being met.
○ Orders Dashboard – Track, operate and confirm your customers’ orders in Dashboard.
○ Contact Form 7 Integration – This Calculator integrates with Contact Form 7 for best customer experience.
○ Custom Webhooks – You can connect the calculator with millions of apps and services by using Zapier, Make, IFTTT, and so on to automate the business workflows after payments, form submissions, or email sending.
○ reCAPTCHA – Ensure the security and reject internet bots by enabling ReCaptcha.
○ Date Picker Calculator Element – Include a compact calendar with a range of days to the calculator.
○ Time Picker Element – Let users choose a specific time or a range of time for providing a service or making an appointment.
○ Multi Range Slider Calculator Element – Use this one for defining the chunk of values on the slider range.
○ File Upload Calculator Element – Set a module where the users may attach any type of file onto the calculator.
○ Image Dropdown Calculator Element – Engage the users placing the select form with a set of images.
○ PDF Entries – Your customers will be able to download, print, or send a PDF invoice via email.
○ Email Quotes – Save time and seamlessly send an automatically generated invoice/order (after calculations) to the recipient via email address with a click of a button.
○ Image Checkbox – Add colorful pictures to elements like Checkboxes. So, the variety of options will be accompanied by a visual appearance of the item.
○ Image Radio – Works exactly the same as the Image Checkbox, but with Radio Buttons.

Watch the Plugin Demo here


You can assign a value to any element of the form, and WP Cost Calculator will automatically calculate the total price. Additionally, you can assign your own calculation formula with the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide elements of the form. Integrate your forms into your pages using shortcodes.

Don’t worry about customization – you can freely customize colors, fonts, and background colors to match your website’s style.


The templates in the Cost Calculator WordPress plugin make it easy for businesses to quickly create, customize, and use any kind of interactive contact, booking, or pricing form without having to start from scratch.

With the templates feature, you can select from a range of pre-made forms sorted by category, or you can build and save your own template. This feature helps businesses save time and energy as they create forms that align with their needs.

There are over 100 ready-made templates sorted by types of forms that you can easily import and utilize. This calculator plugin is suitable for selling highly customizable products or services or providing mathematical help for your site visitors.
Printing Service
Graphic & Web Designers
Car & Vehicle Rental
Loan Calculator
Beauty Salon Service
Home Remodeling & Renovation
Car Wash Service
Delivery Service
Dental Services
Medical Services
Tuition Fees
Venue Rentals
Wedding Planners
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Fabric Services
Energy Consumption
Internet Marketing
Tax Calculator
Web Hosting Services
Electrician Services
– And much more.

To see all ready-made forms, visit our Templates page.

Cost Calculator community op Facebook

You can visit our Cost Calculator group on Facebook and get the news, updates, advices by sharing your thoughts or viewing the posts.

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Deze sectie beschrijft hoe je de plugin installeert en aan de praat krijgt.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ scherm in WordPress
  3. Meer details over de installatie van de plugin vind je in de documentatie
  4. Pagina instellen in Menu -> Calculatorbouwer.

Also, you can import the demo sample using Tools -> Import -> WordPress Import.
Demo sample XML file included in plugin archive.


15 september 2023 1 reactie
What a truly fantastic plugin! It offers a very comprehensive feature set, and the options to create complex forms are seemingly endless. All of this is backed up by industry-leading levels of support, which is never a bad thing, right? Highly recommended!
11 september 2023 1 reactie
Excellent support and excellent plugin, I had a problem that was quickly resolved. And the plugin works great. I recommend to everyone!
7 september 2023 1 reactie
So far I'm very impressed with the functionality, the number of available calculator templates to get you started quickly, and super impressed with the support. Creating a new Calculator from a blank template is quite intuitive.
6 september 2023 1 reactie
Nothing I can say more. The software and service are just great! just I purchased the software for 3 days till now. All the questions are fully solved by the support team! I will continually use software for other websites!
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  • Fixed: Small bug fixes.


  • Update: Made Value field for Radio, Image Radio, Dropdown, Image Dropdown optional.
  • Update: If you enable “multiply (cost per value)” and enter a decimal number into the calculator, decimal numbers are displayed as integers in “Grand total”.
  • Update: Made Value field for Radio, Image Radio, Dropdown, Image Dropdown optional.
  • Update: Made it possible to select formulas to be displayed on email after calculations and ordering.
  • Fixed: Datepicker does not work in the preview and appearance tab in the calculator builder.
  • Fixed: The browser hangs when switching to Appearance/Condition in the calculator builder after enabling the Payment in the Contact form.


  • Update: Added validation when adding a file that does not contain calculators or contains errors.
  • Update: Added validation for deleting items in the calculator.
  • Update: Added previews for some calculator element styles.
  • Update: Made fields fully draggable.
  • Fixed: There is a text cursor in the formula input field.
  • Fixed: When you click on import for the second time, the file of the previous import used to be uploaded.
  • Fixed: When Currency is turned off, it is displayed in Image Checkbox and Image Radio.
  • Fixed: Small bug fixes in Multi Range, Range, and Quantity elements.
  • Fixed: Conditions remain after deleting fields from the calculator.
  • Fixed: When deleting a field and saving the calculator, this field disappears from the formula at once.
  • Fixed: An unsaved element should not appear in the formula.
  • Fixed: The total field assigns itself the first ID, because of this the first element is not visible in the formula.
  • Fixed: If no multiplication sign “*” is placed before the operator, the formula will be saved without an alert.
  • Fixed: Field IDs are always shown in the calculator.
  • Fixed: In the new view of the Formula element, IDs are shown when hovering the cursor.


  • Update: Improved design and functionality of the Formula field.
  • Update: Generation of letters instead of words based on field ID for Formula field.
  • Update: Added validation on errors with IF, IF else and math operators for the Formula field.
  • Update: Typing of letters via keyboard is possible for the Formula field.
  • Update: New design and functionality of fields in the Create window.
  • Fixed: When pulling any element other than the Radio element in Quick Tour, the next step shows settings from Radio.


  • Fixed: The end default value ignores the preset settings in Multi Range.
  • Fixed: When adding options to elements, the Cancel button does not reset the added and unsaved options.


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


  • Fixed: Broken Access Control vulnerability report by PatchStack


  • Update: Added export/import button to show in an empty plugin without calculators.
  • Update: Added compatibility with Polylang.
  • Fixed: The time selected by a user is not displayed in Orders.
  • Fixed: Gif in the Styles section in Elements is not played in the Free version of the plugin.
  • Opgelost: kleine bugoplossingen


  • Update: Changed the logic of each element’s settings.
  • Update: opnieuw ontworpen elementinstellingen.
  • Fixed: The unit values can not be shown on the right.


  • Update: Redesigned unit view for quantity element in the free version and multi range element in the pro version.


  • Update: Revamped the view and display of Unit and Unit Symbol in Range element
  • Update: Updated preview screenshot for Show Composition in Grand Total setting.
  • Opgelost: alles vervangen


h2> tags met


div class> for better SEO optimization.
– Fixed: When enabling Zero Values in the Grand Total setting, time pickers didn’t show in total, order and email.


  • New: Added Time Picker element for Pro version of plugin


  • Update: Added support for HTML tags to describe items.
  • Fixed: After updating the plugin, the admin window is broken
  • Fixed: Incorrect time is displayed in orders.


  • Update: Quantity setting has Max and Min values and they can be validated and hinted
  • Update: Added default value for Checkbox and Toggle Fields
  • Update: Made it possible to hide and expand the sidebar with settings in Appearance section
  • Update: There is a separate Popular category for the style templates
  • Fixed: When the Grand Total Sticky setting is applied, Grand Total goes over the front of Submit form


  • Fixed: Additional classes are not added to the Total element.
  • Fixed: The redesigned display of Composition in Grand Total.


  • Updated: Added a Text Transform setting to control the shape of the text.
  • Fixed: Content of Text Field is displayed in Total Summary.
  • Fixed: Disabled settings of Grand Total after turning off.


  • Fixed: Clicking the Create New Calculator button does not respond immediately.


  • Update: Changed the appearance of Dropdown options in Safari to open as a Dropdown with an image.


  • Update: Max width of the selected Box style will be displayed in Calculator Customizer.
  • Update: Added an option to change decimals through arrows in option values of the elements and in the Quantity field.
  • Fixed: Wrong direction of Range element in RTL.
  • Fixed: Long values in the Unit column were broken off in the middle.
  • Fixed: There was a space on mobile view in the middle when Vertical Box-style was selected.
  • Opgelost: kleine bugoplossingen.


  • New: A welcome page has been added to the calculator to introduce the features when it was first activated.
  • New: Added an option to display calculated units in the Grand Total section.


  • Fixed: The calculator did not display for guest users when added to the page with the Elementor widget.
  • Fixed: minor bug fixes on Quick Tour.


  • New: Added a Popup in the WordPress admin toolbar for internal notifications.
  • Opgelost: kleine bugoplossingen.


  • Update: Compatibility update with the latest version of WPML.
  • Fixed: “Total” in Grand Total section did not translate with the Loco translate plugin.
  • Opgelost: kleine visuele problemen.


  • Fixed: The calculator did not load when embedded into an Elementor Popup.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs and visual issues have been fixed.


  • Update: The Cost Calculator plugin now includes a sample calculator to help new users get started.


  • Update: Revised some texts on the plugin dashboard to improve clarity and user experience.
  • Fixed: Changes on option values of duplicated elements affected to the original one.


  • New: Option to close Grand Total section by default.
  • Fixed: Users could not type “,” into the quantity field when comma was set as Decimal Separator in Currency Settings.
  • Fixed: The arrow of the Drop down field was not clickable.
  • Fixed: Styles of Cost Calculator were overwritten by WPML.


  • Update: Added an option to translate form ID with WPML.


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


  • New: A minimum number of allowed options is added for the checkbox field.
  • Update: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2.


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


  • Update: Option to export selected calculators.


  • Update: E-mail om gratis rekenmachine templates geüpdate te krijgen.
  • Update: Calculator fields are now available for translation in the WPML > Translations section.


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


Try out the new Calculator Templates!
– New: 100+ Premade Calculator Templates added for any kind of business.
– Fixed: Appearance settings did not save when Calculator was translated into French.
– Fixed: The overall total was wrong when several formula elements were used.
– Fixed: Arrows of the Quantity field stopped working when clicked more than twice.


  • New: Quick actions to embed Calculator to the page. Now you can add your calculators to the page with easy steps.


  • Nieuw: compatibiliteitsupdate met WPML.


  • Fixed: Incorrect display of decimal numbers in Quantity and Range fields in Grand total.
  • Fixed: The unit symbol of the Range slider did not display in Grand total.
  • Fixed: Incorrect order of Formula elements in the Total section.


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


  • Update: The core templates are optimized to increase loading speed.
  • Fixed: Deprecated functions of Elementor are replaced with actual ones.
  • Fixed: Minor visual issues in Cost Calculator Appearance settings.


  • New: Quick access to the Cost Calculator through the WordPress top bar admin panel.
  • New: Added a new option to show or hide Elements in Grand Total.
  • Fixed: Range Step did not work correctly in Multi Range Element.
  • Fixed: The Modal window of the Date Picker element did not display behind Grand total in Horizontal and Mobile views.


  • Nieuw: een toegestaan aantal te selecteren opties is toegevoegd voor toggle en checkbox velden.
  • New: Option to blur the background of the calculator container in the Calculator Customizer.
  • Update: PDF generatieproces geoptimaliseerd.
  • Fixed: File upload did not work with WooProducts.
  • Fixed: Responsive issues in iPad Air.


  • Fixed: Calculator styles did not load due to several custom totals.
  • Opgelost: kleine visuele bug oplossing.


  • New: Email Quote button added for orders on the backend.
  • Fixed: Global currency settings did not apply for the Currency symbol.
  • Fixed: Custom label for “Create new calculation” not applied.
  • Opgelost: PDF citaten werden langzaam verzonden op iOS apparaten.
  • Fixed: API key from Stripe displayed on the Page source code.
  • Verwijderd: RGB kleurkiezer uit calculator customizer.


  • Update: positie van opslaan knop in radio veld element.
  • Removed: “Not selected” option of reCaptcha was removed from global settings.
  • Fixed: Text field content did not display on WooCommerce Checkout.
  • Fixed: Orders are overwritten when a new payment is done after creating a new Calculator on the Front end.


  • New: Option to select the type of label for Radio, Dropdown fields in Total.


  • Nieuw: “Bereken je belastingen” en “Internet marketing” demo calculators zijn toegevoegd.
  • Fixed: Order details were not displayed when Contact 7 was used.
  • Fixed: Selected Options of the Elements were not displayed in generated PDF.
  • Opgelost: de standaardwaarde van het verborgen element werd overschreven bij het toepassen van voorwaarden.
  • Fixed: Selected payment methods were not displayed in Calculator Appearance settings.


  • Update: visuele verbeteringen.


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


  • Fixed: Alignment of action buttons in the Cost Calculator dashboard.


  • Verwijderd: Cost Calculator v2 is volledig verwijderd en wordt niet meer ondersteund.
  • Fixed: Select Date (Date select element), Submit, Choose File, Upload from URL – automatically capitalized.


  • Opgelost: kleine visuele problemen met quick tour


  • Update: Calculator icon on WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Fix: Conditions are not saved when linked Elements are edited in the builder.
  • Opgelost: kleine visuele problemen met quick tour


  • Opgelost: kleine bug oplossing.


  • New: Quick Tour – that helps discover how the plugin works.
  • Nieuw: range en multi-range elementen zijn geremasterd.
  • Fix: The contact form is submitted without selecting the values Drop Down and Image Dropdown elements when they were required.
  • Fix: Default name of Formula and Text elements are replaced by Placeholder.
  • Fix: The values Range and Multi-range elements are not displayed in order.
  • Opgelost: opgeloste grootte van totale samenvatting.
  • Opgelost: bestanden groter dan 4 MB worden niet geüpload.
  • Fix: Range slider is not displayed properly in Safari.
  • Opgelost: pictogrammen verdwenen in voorwaarden


  • Fix: Preview of the Cost Calculator Builder widget on Elementor.


  • Nieuw: max. breedte en box shadow configuraties voor containers in calculator weergave.
  • Removed: The version switch option is removed for new users who did not use previous versions.
  • Removed: Redirection to the Calculator dashboard after plugin activation.
  • Opgelost: kleine visuele bugs.


  • New: Select the Preloader icon through Calculator Appearance.
  • Update: Added feedback button to the calculator dashboard to leave reviews.
  • Opgelost: het totaaloverzicht werd uitgerekt bij gebruik van checkbox- en toggle-elementen.


Meet All-New Cost Calculator 3.0
* NEW: Cost Calculator Frontend UI was completely redesigned
* NEW: Redesigned and optimized Admin Dashboard
* NEW: Optimal navigation. Calculators’ list and settings will be displayed in a horizontal panel.
* NEW: New calculator builder focused on a better user experience.
* NEW: Manage all points of the Contact Form in one place.
* NEW: Customize the appearance of the Calculators with Presets for desktop and mobile separately.


  • geüpdatet: compatibiliteit met WordPress 6.0
  • geüpdatet: zip, rar, ai, cdr formaten voor het uploaden van bestanden
  • fixed: Value rounding didn’t work with Range and Multi Range
  • fixed: Quantity field accepted literal values
  • opgelost: hoeveelheid veld aanvaard nagatieve waarden
  • opgelost: probleem met uploaden van bestanden als de prijs 0 is


  • fixed: Bug with notification on dashboard after activation of plugin
  • fixed: System data (beneath the pricing plans) on Upgrade Page is static
  • fixed: Visual bug with value and price in Total Summary of calculator


  • new: MailChimp Integration. The notification with options to add the user’s data in our newsletters after activating the plugin


  • fixed: HTML and Line custom elements comes up on the body of message, when Contact Form 7 is enabled
  • fixed: Text content is not displaying on Checkout, when WooCheckout function is enabled
  • fixed: Hide Zero values function does not work in Total Summary field
  • opgelost: schuifbalk van calculator builder interfereert met schuifbalk van frontend calculator
  • opgelost: wijzigingen in de lettertype-instellingen werken niet in het gedeelte aanpassen voor totaaloverzicht
  • opgelost: bug met de totale waarde van de bestelling


  • update: compatibiliteit met WordPress 5.9


  • new: Added the extra new set of styles for Cost Calculator dashboard
  • nieuw: opties label op E-mail
  • fixed: Removed Freemius SDK from plugin’s core (see the previous update about Freemius SDK)
  • fixed: Edited ‘Dublicate’ to ‘Duplicate’ word on button in builder panel
  • fixed: Total Custom Element do not work with If-Else conditions. Fixed
  • fixed: Order is not commencing after submitting the button on Live or Demo Calcualtor
  • opgelost: correcte validatie voor het aanmaken van de bestelling
  • fixed: Counters do not work on Dropdown Slider Custom Element


  • new: Freemius SDK for better analytics (mostly for us the developers)
  • fixed: Visual overlapping bug with Edit and Duplicate buttons on deployed custom elements
  • fixed: Bug with id generation for custom calculator elements on builder
  • fixed: Bug with replacing element values in a formula
  • fixed: Bug with counting formula in Total custom element
  • fixed: Bug with default displaying the decimals on quantity field


  • new: Horizontal and vertical views for checkbox, radio buttons, and toggle fields.
  • new: ‘Enable Currency Settings’ option for quantity field.
  • opgelost: hoeveelheid veld kan decimaal zijn.
  • opgelost: voorwaarde behance in formule voor totale velden


  • nieuw: dupliceeroptie voor rekenelementen
  • nieuw: standaard verborgen optie voor calculator elementen
  • new: Add “(copy)” to the titles of duplicated calculators
  • opgelost: bugoplossingen in totalen logica
  • opgelost: submit knop aanpassing oplossingen


  • updated: Compatibility update with Cost Calculator Pro v2.2.0
  • opgelost: totale velden aangepaste bestelling
  • opgelost: totaal velden’ extra klassen
  • fixed: Symbols appearance in calculator title


  • geüpdatet: selectievakje en toggle elementen geüpdatet
  • updated: Refactoring and update of the Pro version code


  • toegevoegd: bulk verwijder actie en bulk dupliceren actie
  • updated: Flow chart changes, chart node input and output points set to 8 each
  • geüpdatet: toon richting door pijlen voor voorwaarde link
  • geüpdatet: wijzigingen in de coördinatenlogica
  • updated: Setting tab, general block style changes and minor style changes
  • geüpdatet: import/export functie
  • opgelost: correcte voorwaarden tonen voor oude versie gegevens
  • opgelost: datumverschil in WooCommerce afrekenen
  • opgelost: bug bij het verplaatsen van de knooppunt/link coördinaten
  • fixed: Custom range circle color for each calculator on one page


  • geüpdatet: vereiste optie voor datumkiezer veld
  • opgelost: elementen in de conditie tab overlappen
  • opgelost: probleem met verplichte velden
  • opgelost: bereik slider aangepaste kleur
  • opgelost: voorwaarde voor de HTML en tekst gebied elementen
  • toegevoegd: beheer meldingen


  • opgelost: rekenmachine verdwijnt na het updaten.


  • added: Ability to display tooltips in the frontend for Toggle Button and Checkbox elements.
  • added: Ability to display tooltips in the frontend for Toggle Button and Checkbox elements.
  • added: Ability changing input fields color in Customize menu.
  • toegevoegd: de veldtitels van alle elementen.
  • added: Description Position option to display the description before or after element.
  • toegevoegd: toon alternatief symbool optie in totaal element.
  • added: Hide Empty Options setting for Total Summary
  • improvement: Detailed calculations for Range Button element to be displayed in Contact Form messages
  • fixed: Cannot enter decimal numbers in Quantity fields at iPhone / iPad (Safari, Chrome), Mac(Safari).
  • fixed: Range Slider does not display thousands separator.
  • fixed: The number of days is not counted for Date Picker field. (*pro).
  • fixed: Calculator title is not displayed in WooCommerce cart(*pro).


  • added: ccb_custom_importer hook to run calculators import automatically during the demo content import of the theme layout.


  • opgelost: Woo Products bug.


  • fixed: Checkbox option label fixed on Vertical Total Summary.
  • opgelost: laadt scripts en stijlen bij alle pagina’s.
  • opgelost: big calculator gegevens worden niet opgeslagen.
  • opgelost: datum format op e-mail. (*pro)
  • opgelost: Captcha v2 werkt niet. (*pro)
  • opgelost: export/Import calculators condition bug. (*pro)
  • opgelost: multi-bereik wordt niet weergegeven voor tweede rekenmachine op dezelfde pagina. (*pro)


  • verbetering: WooCommerce Products functie geïntegreerd
  • update: instellingen patch toegevoegd


  • improvement: Show full Checkbox Description on Horizontal View
  • fixed: Range Button Default Value is not applying
  • opgelost: datepicker kalender probleem op safari
  • fixed: Customize > Quantity field width issue
  • fixed: Customize > Submit Button > Hover effects issues
  • fixed: Customize > Font settings > Text position problems
  • fixed: Customize tab is not opening for New Calculators
  • opgelost: lege rekenmachines importeren
  • opgelost: dashboard visuele bugs


  • update: compatibiliteit met WordPress 5.7
  • improvement: ‘My Calculators’ section added as plugins’ main page in dashboard
  • improvement: Customizer section moved to Calculator page tabs
  • improvement: Calculator changes saved without page reloading
  • verbetering: bevestiging toegevoegd voor ‘verwijderen’ actie


  • Beveiligingsupdate
  • opgelost: “Is anders dan” voorwaarde bug
  • opgelost: radio knop voorwaardelijke bugs


  • opgelost: bereik slider bug
  • opgelost: dashboard visuele bugs en responsive fouten


  • fixed: Range button toolbar sticky position on scroll
  • fixed: Additional classes are not applied to the elements
  • fixed: The style of the last calculator is applied to all calculators when 2 or more calculators are added to the single page
  • opgelost: selectievakje kleur instellingen
  • opgelost: exportknop werkt niet op lege lijst
  • opgelost: bereikveld max en min waarden bug
  • opgelost: lengte-instellingen voor regel element


  • update: conditiegegevens herstructureringing en herstructurering
  • opgelost: probleem met het opslaan van grote calculators opgelost
  • fixed: Conflict with themes’ jQuery scripts solved
  • opgelost: enqueue script volgorde veranderd


  • opgelost: range slider handvat positie opgelost op front-end en op dashboard preview
  • fixed: Issue with the same option values of one element (Dropdown, Radio, Checkbox, Toggle elements)
  • update: compatibiliteit met WordPress 5.6


  • fixed: Preview option for calculators with conditions (*pro)
  • fixed: Default value wasn’t applied when conditions added (*pro)
  • opgelost: kleine bug oplossing
  • improvement: Required fields feature added (*pro)
  • opgelost: kleine bug oplossing


  • fixed: Toggle and Checkbox values appearance in Total summary
  • opgelost: datumkiezer weergave


  • Afrond waarde bug opgelost.
  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • Toegevoegd: Google reCAPTCHA v3 (*pro).
  • Toegevoegd: wisselaar voor Google reCAPTCHA (*pro).
  • Toegevoegd: customizer voor header titels.
  • Lodash versie conflicten bug opgelost.
  • Verbeterde respons van de calculator.
  • Conflict met lazy-loading plugins opgelost.
  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • CF7 message body conflict with symbols fixed. (*pro)
  • Save custom styles bug fixed.
  • Range field conflict with id fixed.
  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • Toegevoegd: Stripe valutaformat. (*pro).
  • Can’t translate text ‘Submit’ fixed *(pro).
  • Html veld bug opgelost.
  • Bug in dubbele rekenmachine opgelost.
  • Bug in selectievakje kleur hersteld.
  • PHP 7.4 fouten opgelost.


  • Update Freemius SDK (*pro)
  • Bug met optie naam opgelost.
  • Redeclare functie bug opgelost.
  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • Instellingen opslaan bug opgelost.
  • Conflict met bewerken met Elementor plugin opgelost.
  • Checkbox view fixed.
  • Bug with unit row fixed.
  • Bug met Stripe betaling opgelost. (*pro)
  • Bereik slider werkt niet op mobiel opgelost.
  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • Render widgets VC & Elementor
  • Radioveld bug opgelost
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Nieuw multifunctioneel veld toegevoegd
  • New Toggle button field added
  • Frontend opnieuw ontworpen
  • Beheerderspagina opnieuw ontworpen
  • Conditiesysteem – nieuwe unset-actie toegevoegd
  • Customize bugs fixed


  • Tekstsymbolen probleem opgelost


  • Checkboxes with the same value calculation bug fixed
  • Horizontale rekenmachine weergaveprobleem opgelost


  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Valutaprobleem opgelost
  • Bug in de berekening van selectievakjes hersteld
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Formulier gegevens valutafout opgelost
  • Fout in de labels van selectievakjes voor formuliergegevens hersteld
  • Fout in dubbele rekenmachine opgelost
  • Rekenmachines importeren/exporteren bug opgelost
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Ongedefinieerde kleur fout opgelost
  • Fout in tekstgebied nieuwe regel hersteld
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Customize Calculator front bugs fixed
  • Instellingen knop
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Bugs in rekenmachine aanpassen opgelost
  • Formuleproblemen opgelost
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Tekstveld voor indieningsknop toegevoegd
  • Bereik knop cirkelkleur bug opgelost
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Een klik demo importeren/exporteren
  • Valuta instellingen bug opgelost
  • Radioknop niet klikbaar bug opgelost
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Veld verwijderen probleem opgelost
  • Duplicate Calc issue fixed
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Verwijder !important uit inline stijlen
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Real-time Customizer feature added – lets you edit your calculator style in real time.
  • Probleem met decimalen opgelost
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Html veld bug opgelost
  • Bug met valuta opgelost
  • Bug totaalveld met spatie opgelost
  • Bewerken/Opslaan herladen van dezelfde pagina
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Beschrijving veld
  • Rekenmachine kopiëren
  • Stuur subtotalen een e-mail
  • Kalenderweergave bug opgelost
  • Preloader op omleiding/laden rekenmachine
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Probleem met selectievakjes opgelost
  • Beschrijvingen tonen/verbergen
  • Kleine bugfixes


  • Voorbeeldprobleem opgelost


  • Probleem met de labels opgelost


  • Verticale & Horizontale ID’s conflict opgelost.
  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • Standaard waarde veld voor alle elementen.


  • Probleem met subdomein/submap sites opgelost.


  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • Refactoring.


  • Kleine bugfixes.


  • Eerste versie van de plugin.