Copy or Move Comments


  1. Using Copy/Move WordPress Plugin the admin can copy or move any comment from several types of pages to any other page.
  2. Admin can have select action for Copy or Move in Copy/Move Comments TAB.
  3. In TAB there is another drop down selection for several post types.
  4. After select post type next drop down selection will displaying all the post’s title.
  5. After select post title next drop down selection will displaying comment type thai is Single/With replies.
  6. Selected comment type option will displaying all its comments(Single or with replies).
  7. Admin can have select option for target post types.
  8. After select post type next drop down selection will displaying all the post’s title in which admin can copy comments or moving comments for that selected post.


  • screenshot-1.png
  • screenshot-2.png
  • screenshot-3.png


  1. Copy the entire /copy-move-comments/ directory into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activeer de plugin.
  3. New Tab “Copy/Move Comments” will generate.
  4. Perform Action.


Is this plugin prepared for multisites? Yes.


23 oktober 2023
Didn't work. Showed my posts - but didn't find any comments in them, even when they were there. I clicked the move button thinking it might move them all - but got a critical site error. So I uninstalled it.
27 augustus 2023
This is a really great plugin for most casual WordPress users, BUT unfortunately it only supports the standard WordPress posts or pages. It doesn't work for custom post types. I really need it to work for LearnDash lessons, but it isn't compatible :'(
15 augustus 2023
This plugin does not דSupport custom post types. Only Wordpress default posts and pages.
10 augustus 2023
This plugin was very helpful to move comments between posts and pages.
19 juli 2022
I try move all file from radio to Playlist and happen all file moved but not url stream from radio or cover from radio station
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  • Compatibility with word-press : 6.2
  • Bug and vulnerability fixing.


  • Compatibility with word-press : 6.1.1
  • PHP warnings and notices resolved and updated code to WP standard.


  • Compatibility with word-press : 5.8.
  • Solving Perform Action Button issue.


  • Compatibility with word-press : 4.7.


  • Solving comment count issue on moving comments.


  • Add setting page which allows admin to displaying private posts/ pages into Source as well as Target section.


  • Search filter in source and destination post selection


  • Release new feature that is copy/move comments whole replies history.


  • For Copy/Move comments, Added Target Post Type also.


  • Solve vulnerability


  • First release this pluign