The purpose of this plugin is to allow users to create a schedule of upcoming events and display events for the next 7 days in an AJAX-driven box or displaying a full list of upcoming events.

You can try it out in a temporary copy of WordPress here.


  • 7-day Outlook Event Calendar
  • Full Listing Event Calendar
  • User event submission form


  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload the community-events folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your web site.
  3. Activate the plugin in the WordPress Admin.
  4. Using the Configuration Panel for the plugin, create events, venues and categories.
  5. To see the 7-day schedule box, in the WordPress Admin, create a new page containing the following code: [community-events-7day]
  6. To see the full schedule, in the WordPress Admin area, create a new page containing the following code: [community-events-full]
  7. To see a link for the full schedule in the 7-day box, set the address of the full schedule page in the Community Events settings.


There are no FAQs at this time.


23 februari 2023 1 reactie
The plugin was or is nice to use, due to its price of €112,75 a year our club unfortunately can’t afford it for now. Normally a plugin is then disconnected from getting any updates or reset to a “minimum usage” and you can continue to use it, NOT community events! They force you to pay in order to be able to continue use it …
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  • Fixed potential security issue


  • Fixed potential security issues


  • Fixes for potential security issues


  • Fixed potential security issues


  • Fix for default stylesheet
  • Fixed PHP notices


  • Updated for PHP 7.0 compatibility


  • Fixed problem with category type deletion


  • Changed date display functions to use date_i18n and show proper localized date text


  • Fixed issues with database table creation affecting new plugin users


  • Fix to RSS Feed generator


  • Removed all traces of wp-load.php
  • Changed RSS feed URL from wp-content/plugins/community-events/rssfeed.php to /feed/communityeventsfeed (need to save Permalinks to enable)


  • Add new feature to filter events by user name
  • Fix SQL injection vulnerabilities


  • Modified script loading code only to be process on events page under admin section


  • Corrected PHP warnings and problem with calendar in admin interface


  • Adds option order events by name or start time


  • Fixed issue with viewing event in next year in back-end
  • Fixed calendar widget not appearing in advanced search


  • Fixed problem with Add Event button never becoming enabled.


  • Added internationalization support


  • Updated version of datepicker script to fix javascript errors with current WordPress versions.


  • Fixed to query to display 7-day calendar to avoid events from following year to display


  • Removed debugging code


  • Fixes to query to display full calendar. Problems were showing up when approaching the end of the year


  • Correct problem with special characters with RSS feed


  • Fixed problem with hidden meta boxes with save controls with WordPress 3.3


  • Fixed security exploit in link tracking code


  • Changed name of CSS classes for item coloring from even and odd to community-events-even and community-events-off to avoid conflicts with other themes and templates


  • Fixed code for e-mail notification to display new venue names when user submitted


  • Added option to allow users to submit new venues by selecting last entry in venue list
  • Added option to display and accept event end time
  • Replaced calls to wp_specialchars with esc_html


  • Fixed problem where moderation setting could not be unchecked


  • Corrected problem with moderation mode not displaying links to be moderated in admin


  • Added edit capability for users to edit events that they submitted
  • Added counter for number of times an event link is clicked
  • Split Full Schedule event listing onto two rows
  • Other minor bug corrections


  • Fixed problems with events not showing up if they were assigned an end date that is the same as the start date


  • Added option to generate RSS feed for upcoming events. Outputs events for the day.
  • Fixed problems with display of multi-day events in 7-day Outlook View
  • Fixed problem with display of multi-day event in admin section
  • Fixed problem with events in next year showing up every day until day of event


  • Improvements to better handle single quote in event names, descriptions and venue names


  • Added option to specify if outlook view should be default when it’s displayed
  • Added option to determine if search box should be shown in 7-day outlook view


  • Added venue importer
  • Added Captcha option
  • Sends mail to administrator when new events are submitted


  • Enhanced layout of Full Schedule Event View
  • Added tooltips to events and venues in full schedule view
  • Added links to see more events for the day when viewing 7-day outlook or individual day in outlook box
  • Fixed Full Schedule View to show events that span multiple days
  • Added Stylesheet Editor
  • Adding pagination mechanism


  • Fixed: Time Display
  • Added: Events that span multiple days are now correctly displayed on all days
  • Enhanced Full schedule table styling


  • Fixed errors when clicking on dates in schedule
  • Changed calendar plugin to use jQuery date picker
  • Re-arranged back-end code to provide more structure and make admin sections hideable
  • Added search capability
  • Adding paging mechanism when viewing events in admin


  • Removed duration field on events
  • Change data entry for event time into hours and minutes
  • Added end date field (but not currently using it to display events)
  • Added option to put new events in moderation queue upon user submission
  • Added moderation mechanism on admin page to view only events awaiting moderation and approve them
  • Changed layout of full schedule and add event links


  • Fixed some image styling to avoid problems with plugins assigning border to images.
  • Fixed: unable to add events in version 0.2 through user form or back-end admin


  • Added missing icons and javascript plugin (TipTip)


  • Added calendar button next to date field in back-end to bring up calendar
  • Added paging buttons in event section of admin to navigate events
  • Limited calendar only to allow selections past current day
  • Added tooltips in calendar view when mouse hovers over events to display more venue information and event information
  • Made Day Links in 7-day view one link as opposed to two
  • Added new outlook section to 7-day view to show one item per day
  • Added calendar to upcoming events section to be able to choose other dates
  • Added button to buy tickets when link is available
  • Added shortcode to display form for visitors to submit events
  • Added options in admin page to control display of new event form
  • Plugin sends e-mail when new events are submitted
  • Added scheduled task to perform daily cleanup of expired events in the database


  • First checkin: Still a work-in-progress