Coinsnap Bitcoin + Lightning payment plug-in for WooCommerce


Coinsnap is a Lightning payment provider that allows to process Bitcoin and Lightning payments over Lightning network. A merchant only needs a Lightning wallet with a Lightning address to accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments on their website.

Bitcoin and Lightning payments in your WooCommerce store with Coinsnap

With Coinsnap payment processing, you can accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments on your website or online store. You don’t need your own Lightning Node or other technical requirements.

Bitcoin and Lightning payments from your customers will be credited directly to your own Lightning address.

With Coinsnap Payment Plugin you can integrate Bitcoin and Lightning payments into your website or online store without any technical effort.

Simply register in Coinsnap, enter your own Lightning address and your customers can pay you with Bitcoin and Lightning.


  • Only 1 % fees!:
    • No basic fee, no transaction fee, only 1% on the invoice amount with referrer code.
    • Without referrer code the fee is 1.25%.
    • Get a referrer code from our partners and customers and save 0.25% fee.
  • All you need is a Lightning Wallet with a Lightning address. Here you can find an overview of the matching Lightning Wallets
  • Accept Bitcoin and Lightning payments in your online store without running your own technical infrastructure. You do not need your own server, nor do you need to run your own Lightning Node.
  • Quick and easy registration: you enter your email address and your Lightning address.
  • Absolutely protected privacy:
    • We do not collect personal data.
    • For the registration you only need an e-mail address, which we will also use to inform you when we have received a payment.
    • No other personal information is required as long as you request a withdrawal to a Lightning address or Bitcoin address.
  • No KYC needed:
    • Direct, P2P payments (instantly to your Lightning wallet)
    • No intermediaries and paperwork
    • Transaction information is only shared between you and your customer
  • A Bitcoin payment via Lightning offers significant advantages:
    • Lightning payments are executed immediately.
    • Lightning payments are credited directly to the recipient.
    • Lightning payments are inexpensive.
    • Lightning payments are guaranteed. No chargeback risk for the merchant.
    • Lightning payments can be used worldwide.
    • Lightning payments are perfect for micropayments.
  • Multilingual interface and support: We speak your language



1. Install the Coinsnap WooCommerce plugin from the WordPress directory.

The Coinsnap WooCommerce plugin can be searched and installed in the WordPress plugin directory.

In your WordPress instance, go to the Plugins > Add New section.
In the search you enter Coinsnap and get as a result the Coinsnap WooCommerce plugin displayed.

Then click Install.

After successful installation, click Activate and then you can start setting up the plugin.

1.1. Add plugin

If you don’t want to install Coinsnap WooCommerce plugin directly via plugin, you can download Coinsnap WooCommerce plugin from Coinsnap Github page or from WordPress directory and install it via “Upload Plugin” function.

Click “Install now” and Coinsnap WooCommerce plugin will be installed in WordPress.

After you have successfully installed the plugin, you can proceed with the connection to Coinsnap payment gateway.

1.2. Configure Coinsnap WooCommerce Plugin

After the Coinsnap WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated, a notice appears that the plugin still needs to be configured.

1.3. Deposit Coinsnap data

After clicking on the displayed link or via the Coinsnap Settings tab, you will get to an input mask where you have to enter the Coinsnap Store ID and the Coinsnap API Key. You will receive these two data via your Coinsnap account.

If you don’t have a Coinsnap account yet, you can do so via the link shown: Coinsnap Registration

2. Create Coinsnap account

2.1. Create a Coinsnap Account

Now go to the Coinsnap website at: and open an account by entering your email address and a password of your choice.

If you are using a Lightning Wallet with Lightning Login, then you can also open a Coinsnap account with it.

2.2. Confirm email address

You will receive an email to the given email address with a confirmation link, which you have to confirm. If you do not find the email, please check your spam folder.

Then please log in to the Coinsnap backend with the appropriate credentials.

2.3. Set up website at Coinsnap

After you sign up, you will be asked to provide two pieces of information.

In the Website Name field, enter the name of your online store that you want customers to see when they check out.

In the Lightning Address field, enter the Lightning address to which the Bitcoin and Lightning transactions should be forwarded.

A Lightning address is similar to an e-mail address. Lightning payments are forwarded to this Lightning address and paid out. If you don’t have a Lightning address yet, set up a Lightning wallet that will provide you with a Lightning address.

For more information on Lightning addresses and the corresponding Lightning wallet providers, click here:

2.4. Coinsnap settings

In the Settings section there is the Website Settings section. Here you will find the details for the Coinsnap Website ID and the Coinsnap API Key.

3. Connect Coinsnap account with WooCommerce plugin

3.1. WooCommerce Coinsnap Settings

Within WooCommerce there is the Coinsnap Settings section. In the Coinsnap Settings section, the information from the Coinsnap backend for the Coinsnap Website ID and the Coinsnap API Key can be stored accordingly.

Don’t forget to click “Save changes” at the bottom of the page to save the settings.
Coinsnap Website ID und den Coinsnap API Key.

3.2. WooCommerce Payment Settings

In the WooCommerce settings in the tab Payment you get an overview of all payment methods stored in WooCommerce. At the very bottom is Coinsnap.

Here Coinsnap must be activated as a payment method and further settings can be made via the Finish set up or Manage button.

3.3. Payment settings

After clicking the Finish set up or Manage button, you will get to the detail settings.

Changes can be made here, which will be displayed to the payer during the payment process.

The Title field contains the entry for the payment methods. Here, for example, the settings for “Bitcoin and Lightning” can be made.

A note can be entered in the Customer Message field for the payer to know what to do next.

4. Test payment

4.1. Test payment in WooCommerce store

After all the settings have been made, a test payment should be made.

We make a real order in our WooCommerce webshop and find Bitcoin and Lightning Payments as additional payment methods.

Select this payment method and click Pay with Bitcoin.

4.2. Bitcoin payment page

The Bitcoin payment page is now displayed, offering the payer the option to pay with Bitcoin or also with Lightning. Both methods are integrated in the displayed QR code.


Plugin’s page on Coinsnap website:


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1.0.0 :: 2023-08-03

  • First public release for testing.

1.0.5 :: 2023-12-12

  • Payment button text setting is added.

1.1.0 :: 2024-02-28

  • Basic WordPress Blocks support is added.

1.1.1 :: 2024-03-22

  • Restructured loader.

1.1.2 :: 2024-05-08

  • Payment status display update.
  • Fix: Payment status changing.