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Easily create a comprehensive business directory and local listings based on categories

Business Directory Plugin Description

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** With this WordPress plugin, you will be able to create a comprehensive business directory and local listings based on categories. Build an easy to search or browse data base with local businesses with the help of our Directory plugin to help your visitors find what they need. Updated and tested 2023 Version!. **

The business directory plugin allows you to include images, descriptions, contact information, hyperlinks and various other customization options to each business directory listing.

Business Directory Plugin Basic Features

  • Maak gids categorieën
  • Toon alle bedrijven in een catalogus directory lijst format
  • Maak een zakelijke pagina voor elk bedrijf
  • Voeg een bedrijfsbeschrijving en pitch toe
  • Inclusief bedrijfslogo
  • Search business directory

Business Directory Plugin Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Features List | Demo Site

  • Voeg extra bedrijfsinformatie en links naar sociale media toe
  • Allow business owners to post and manage information about their business page
  • Sta gebruiker toe om bestaande zaken te claimen
  • Admin can moderate newly posted businesses via Business Directory plugin settings
  • Ask users to pay for submitting, claiming and editing their business listing
  • Ondersteuning advertenties (AdSense, enz.)
  • Exporteer / importeer bedrijven
  • Ability to create additional custom fields within the Business Directory plugin
  • Additional taxonomies
  • Ability to add Google maps to a business page within directory plugin
  • Zoek ondersteuning
  • Option to search the business web directory by zip and location
  • Filter results by business category
  • Tags Support
  • Meer ontwerpmogelijkheden voor de zakelijke pagina en index pagina
  • Adverteer in zoekresultaten
  • Promote businesses from the directory listing
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Permalink Settings
  • Editable Labels
  • Support Booking Calendar Integration
  • Gerelateerde zakelijke widget
  • Include a form builder
  • Include a levels builder
  • Shortcodes ondersteuning voor categorie, tag en enkelvoudig zakelijke weergave

Addons and Extensions

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  • An index page created with Business Directory plugin
  • Example of a business page in the directory listing plugin
  • Directory plugin grid in admin panel
  • CM Business Directory back-end bewerken
  • Business web directory index page in the plugin settings


  1. Upload de plugin map naar de /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. De plugin activeren via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Define your business directory settings – for example how many buisnesses will show in the index page
  4. Create your first business page

Note: You must have a call to wp_head() in your template in order for the footnote js and css to work properly. If your theme does not support this you will need to link to these files manually in your theme (not recommended).


14 februari 2023
I don’t like to leave a negative review but in this case I feel a warning is required. I think there's a reason the last review is 4 years ago... The plugin features drew me in, and with the community plugin addon this did all I needed, but features aren’t the full story. The plugin looks very old, circa 2010 or older. The all the display templates look drab and unimaginative, but I am sure some template work would fix this, however it’s sold as an out of the box solution. In our case we wasted many hours trying to fit this into a modern looking site and gave up. It was also a few days past the 30 day trial period so on top of that we lost our money, a lesson learnt. The business directory index was not correctly responsive, in fact is was a mess. Again I am sure this was fixable, but out of the box? There were 2 show stoppers even before we’d completed the integration: The category filters did not use Ajax. You actually had to select a category, e.g. Food and Drink, and click on a button called FILTER. Really, in 2023, just rubbish. MK in support came back and said the plugin did not support this, WHAT! The image gallery looked like a cheap plugin from 2005, really ugly, and we were promoting businesses in the directory so that was 100% unacceptable. Again MK replied to my question saying this was the only option. For the business details there were 3 main text areas, Business pitch, Additional info 1 and Additional info 2. This was a bit over the top but OK, until it transpired there was no formatting menu. All you could do was add plain text in an input box, no bullets, bold, or anything. We didn’t try html as by this time we’d decided it was a waste of effort. There were a massive number of backend fields and as our client was going to manage this themselves going forward it was a very confusing admin panel, and there was no way to remove the fields that you didn’t require. In fairness, MK in support listened to my comments and I hope they are acted on, but if you’re looking for a modern clean directory plugin I’m afraid this isn’t it. We have moved onto Geodirectory which is looking promising.
21 mei 2018
I tried several free plug-ins to accomplish what I needed and nothing was doing the trick. I got tired of wrestling with the content and decided my time was worth a whole lot more than the $$$ for the pro version of this one. Money well spent ... you should do the same. I had a couple of minor hiccups in the formatting of my directory and a couple of minor requests and they were very quick to respond and very thorough in meeting all of my requests. Data import was very easy to accomplish -- extremely important if you have more than a handful of listings. Very solid product.
7 maart 2018 2 reacties
The plugin is inflexible. Support is horrific. I do not recommend this plugin. I was reassured that if the upgrade didn't work, they would either try to help me resolve issues OR refund. A week after requesting a refund on the day of purchase, we are still going back and forth. They are requiring "proof" of deactivation although it was deleted on my site AND on their server. These guys are scam artists. Buyer beware!
3 september 2016
Very Professionnal plugin and very easy to use We have baught the pro version and we are very satisfied The support team is great Hakim Bel
3 september 2016
I want to give kudos to their tech support... I had multiple questions before and after I bought a 5 site license! Their response time was very acceptable and they helped me meet my client's needs! It's a very usable plug-in. I have used other business directory plug in's but this one is a bit more flexible. Since the client needed multiple directories, I was able to use subdomains to make it work for them. Happy Client and happy programmer!
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Release Date: 17 Mar 2023
* Update package info


Release Date: 23 Feb 2023
* Added a code that fixes 404 problems after permalink change automatically


Release Date: 9th Nov 2022
* Replace Internal support links

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