CH Easy Word Count


CH Word Count will show you the total word count for all your posts and pages in the admin dashboard as well as in the overview tables of the posts and pages lists.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ch-wordcount directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Find your posts and pages word count in the overview tables as well as the admin dashboard


25 april 2020
I was not lucky, I installed it with a wordpress with +4000 active posts and just crashed complete the server. I arrive to deinstalled it but still was on other small wordpress (10 pages). The server was complete instable. after remove it, normal. I decided to reactive it and server crash... Debian server with Plesk installed PHP 7.2.x WP 5.4 ... Sorry but really bad experience for me Frank
22 april 2019
All minor problems previously listed and new features requested (in old reviews) have been implemented by the developer. This plugin does perfectly what it says it would do. I recommend it vividly to all users seeking to have a column "Words" in the overview table of all articles (the column is sortable). And draft articles show word count as well.


11 mei 2018
This plugin can't sort posts by word count. Rather than sort numerically, it sorts alphabetically. That's just nuts.
8 april 2018
I installed this plugin to add word count to the admin lists of posts and plugins. I am using Yoast SEO, which adds columns for some SEO features (links, SEO score, readability score). Normally I configure the admin list by clicking Screen Options on the admin list. However, when I installed this plugin I was no longer able to open the Screen Options, that link was disabled. The plugin had added a column for Word Count but apparently blocked further choice of Screen Options. This may be a glitch in the plugin. However, it's more likely a problem caused because Yoast is already trying to add columns to Screen Options, therefore this plugin collides with it. In any case, you're advised to set up your desired Screen Options before you activate this plugin, because otherwise you may not be able to choose them any more. I also agree with the other reviewer who advised adding Word Count to Drafts as well.
6 april 2018
Great, just works, but doesn't show word count for drafts. I will keep watch and update my review if this gets fixed. Currently using "Admin Columns" plugin to achieve this instead, but would prefer this simple, awesome plugin.
2 oktober 2017
Nice little plugin for seeing how long your articles are at a glance. Very helpful to pick out which articles are short and need beefing up for seo purposes. FEATURE REQUEST: Consider making the "Words" column sortable with a click on the "Words" column header. That way it's easy to see your shorter and longer articles in order. Thanks!
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Added settings page
Column title now using user language

Tested with latest WP version.

Sorry, Typo ….

Added admin section.

More bugfixing. Sorry. 🙂

Bugfixing 🙂 Thanks David (@fouriemc) for bringing it up.

Minor code review.

Added displaying word count for drafts and unpublished posts and pages.
Also, I finally (sorry!) made the wordcount column sortable.

Added table sorting for word count

Edited plugin file for translations, again…

Messed up the versioning. Sorry…

Updated the code to allow translations