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WordPress Booking Calendar Plugin

At Start Booking, we believe that a simple online booking experience is critical to any highly converting website. Start Booking is a WordPress booking calendar plugin that is focused on helping individuals and businesses manage customers, book more appointments, and sell their services.

The booking calendar plugin seamlessly connects with the Start Booking platform which powers a optimized booking calendar to display anywhere on your WordPress site and drive your users to book appointments directly from your own domain. The plugin has been developed to adopt and inherit your WordPress theme styles, so minimal (if any) updates are needed to give your website a performant and professional looking booking calendar.

With appointment booking from Start Booking, you will find a nice balance between the booking tools available to you straight from the WordPress admin and that which is available from within the Start Booking platform itself. From our experience, most businesses don’t want to run the day-day of their business directly within their WordPress admin. Because of this, we developed the Start Booking online scheduling software to help you manage your services, appointments, classes and business better while leveraging your WordPress website as a tool and integral part of the experience.

Embedding the booking system

Once the plugin is installed, there are a few options for displaying your booking calendar. If you are using the Gutenberg editor (WordPress 5.0+), you will have the option to use our blocks to embed your booking form. If you are not using Gutenber, we still support shortcodes for the legacy booking experience.

Gutenberg Blocks

To use the Gutenberg blocks, navigate to any page or post that you want to display your booking form.

Services Block

The first and most popular option is the services block. This block will display a booking flow (which is configurable) for a user to select a service and date they want to book and the plugin will return available openings based on your Start Booking settings.

Single Service Availability

The second appointment booking option is a lot like the services block except with the single service availability shortcode, you predefine what service you want selected so that the user skips selecting a service and only selects a date & time.

Example usage for this would be if you have single pages on your website for each of your services. You could embed the single service availability shortcode directly into each page so your user could book that service in context. This really helps your user by not having to search for the service in the general service availability booking experience.

To use this shortcode, place [startbooking_cta services="YOUR SERVICE ID" ]Book Now[/startbooking_cta] shortcode in your post, page, widget etc. Be sure to replace “YOUR SERVICE ID” with your actual service ID. You can view your service ID’s directly from the plugin wp-admin settings page. Lastly, you can add multiple service ID’s (comma separated) to have a bundle of services preselected for booking appointments.

Class & Group Booking Block

The third booking calendar option is to display a list of your classes that your users can join. Classes can be anything from yoga classes to group meetups. The main difference between the service and class booking experiences is that services will display to your customers available openings (times that you have open) where as the classes experience displays times that were predefined and can support multiple users joining a class.

To use the the classes block, add the block in any of your posts or pages that you want.

For each of these options, there are additional settings such as the ability to change the booking button colors so they better match the look of your online calendar, changing the text in the flow, etc. To learn more about the available options of the WordPress booking plugin please visit the Start Booking WordPress plugin knowledge base.

Booking Calendar Integrations

Google Analytics

With the Google Analytics integration, you’ll be able to understand how and when customers are booking appointments with you.

Google Calendar (Two-way Sync)

The Google Calendar integration takes all your appointments and pushes them (including a brief description) directly into your Google Calendar.

Stripe Payments

Accepting payments from your customers has never been easier with the Start Booking Stripe integration.

The Stripe integration enables you to accept payments from customers directly from your website and gives you the flexibility to require payment to book appointments if you want. In addition, the Stripe Booking integration gives you the ability to review customer payments, storing customer credit cards all from your own Stripe account.

Learn more about how to setup Stripe payments for online booking.


With the Mailchimp integration, all your customers will be automatically added to the Mailchimp list of your choosing.


Automatically create Zoom meetings with the Start Booking Zoom integration. Stay connected with Zoom meetings and start offering virtual appointments. Learn more about the Zoom and Start Booking integration.

Full Booking Feature List

  • Lightning Fast Search – quickly find your customers, appointments, services or classes
  • Customer Management
    • Customer profiles with basic tools to manage marketing preferences
    • Comprehensive customer appointment history
    • Create and view notes and logs for better record keeping
    • Customer payment settings
  • Services
    • Comprehensive index with individual service details
    • Offer free and paid services for calendar booking
    • View and assign individual staff members that can perform each service
    • Add detailed notes for additional meta per service
    • Group services by types for better categorization
    • Define service duration with the ability to add wind-down time so you can properly prepare for the next appointment
    • Want to keep it personal? Easily set services that cannot be booked online by customers so you and your staff have full control
  • Appointments
    • Book single and multi-appointments in single checkout flow
    • View and manage grouped appointments
    • Check-in and checkout-out customers
    • Appointment overview with customer details, service, notes and assigned staff and rooms
    • Manually book times as an employee or leverage our powerful appointment search api and create appointments based on search criteria
    • Accept payment directly from your website or on the Start Booking platform
  • Calendar
    • Personal daily digest dashboard
    • Multi-view options
    • Single day by staff
    • Weekly by staff
    • 3-Day by staff
    • Month
    • Create service appointment for your customers by selecting time on the calendar
    • Easily change time by dragging appointments to a new time slot and between different staff members
    • Click to view appointment details and leverage quick actions such as checking-in/out, adding notes and cancelling
    • Easily view whether a appointment has been paid or checked in
  • Staff Management
    • Invite users to your account and assign specific services to them or just invite them as a user to help manage the calendar
  • User settings
    • Assign services
    • Set working hours and lunch breaks
    • Personal notification settings
  • Office and Location Management
    • Set office address and office hours
  • Classes and group booking
    • Setup one-time and recurring classes that customers can join
    • Create multiple class schedules for each class that can be configured for different rooms, users and prices
    • Color coordinate your classes to easily identify your class on the calendar
  • Custom Form Fields
    • Extend and personlize your booking form with custom fields

What’s Next

The team at Start Booking have assembled an aggressive roadmap and look to provide you and your customers the best WordPress booking plugin on the market.

While we strive to provide the best calendar booking plugin, we know sometimes issues happen. During those times we will do everything we can to resolve your issues and problems as quick as possible. You can find us at the Start Booking help center.


  • Start Booking Dashboard
  • Start Booking Service Management
  • Start Booking Form Editor
  • Start Booking Gutenberg Blocks
  • Start Booking Services Example
  • Start Booking Date Example
  • Start Booking Details and Payment Example
  • Start Booking Thank You Example


Deze plugin heeft 4 blokken.

  • Services
  • Classes
  • Call to Action Button
  • Single Service


  1. Install the Start Booking Calendar Booking plugin either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to setup booking for WordPress)
  2. Activate the Start Booking plugin from the plugins page.
  3. Navigate to the Booking tab in your admin menu and you should see the Start Booking connection screen.
  4. If you already have an account, click the connect my account button and input your Start Booking credentials. If you don’t have an account, click the Get Started button to get an account started.
  5. After you have connected your Start Booking account, the connection screen will go away and we will create a page on your domain at /book-now where you can see your default calendar booking flow.
  6. Feel free to make changes to the settings and configuration for your calendar booking experience from wp-admin and the Start Booking platform.


14 oktober 2021
My designer told me about this plugin and I was very pleased with how quickly I could set it up. The calendar looks modern and professional and now my clients can book with me directly online. I’m on the free version now and loving it. Going to test the premium features since I have a free trial and may upgrade at a later date if needed. I’ll be sure to update my review accordingly.
14 oktober 2021
After testing a few different scheduling plugins I finally found the best! StartBooking was the easiest to integrate and very intuitive. I had a couple of questions about the upgraded plan and their support team was very fast and helpful both times I reached out. The calendar looks great and didn't require any heavy customization which I loved. The backend is also very easy to use (even for a novice like myself). I can't recommend this plugin highly enough - it's been a lifesaver for my business!
3 september 2021
Once you have installed it, you’ll get the info that this is only a 14 days trail. Nothing else… min 25 usd per month afterward. You should communicate it directly.
31 augustus 2020
To safely reopen our offices to the public (COVID-19) we utilized startbooking as a wordpress plugin. The scheduling feature worked well and was a strong piece of our reopening plans. The features kept growing and now we utilize this to also host virtual workshops. The Customer Service is TOP NOTCH. Every issue we've encountered is resolved quickly. Our website benefits greatly from this plugin. Do yourself a favor and try it out!
23 maart 2020
I am a new user and had a few issues customizing our integration. Brady, a StartBooking service rep was absolutely fantastic in helping me work through everything from start to finish. He was patient and took the time to make sure things were done right. I can't say enough about how much I appreciated the help. The entire process was really fast and easy. So far, I love the service. There are a lot of options out there for booking appointments, but I would stop the search here.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“Booking Calendar – Appointment booking for WordPress” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.



3.2.13 October 27th 2021

  • Fixed register process to more accurately set account country

3.2.12 October 2nd 2021

  • Fix date format issue causing some opening timeslots from not being available
  • Fix date that does not handle timezone properly causing some opening timeslots from not being available
  • Booking window improvements

3.2.11 August 16th 2021

  • Fix issue when datalayer is not defined or enabled in class upsells

3.2.10 August 13th 2021

  • Fix single class shortcode and add additional params

3.2.9 August 11th 2021

  • Update property name to event from type on dataLayer push

3.2.8 August 8th 2021

  • Resolved automated build issue

3.2.7 August 8th 2021

  • Add DataLayer support for GA integration
  • Fixed Booking window with Visitor Timezone issues

3.2.6 July 27th 2021

  • Fix loading issues with custom fields

3.2.5 July 12th 2021

  • Added support for a checkbox custom field
  • Added missing icon font
  • Fixed loading and validation states

3.2.4 July 5th 2021

  • Fixed sporadic issue of the booking flow skipping the services step

3.2.3 July 2nd 2021

  • Added PHP 8 linter to the build tests
  • Fixed availability blur issue saving
  • Fixed service for limited plan

3.2.2 June 28th 2021

  • Fixed issue with attaching room to appointments when required

3.2.1 June 17th 2021

  • Leverage editor setting on Class Calendar to determine initial loading behavior

3.2.0 June 11th 2021

  • Loads month availability in booking flow
  • New Availability options
  • Fixes links to settings pages

3.1.14 May 12th 2021

  • Extend the default max range from 1 year to 3 years for classes on calendar

3.1.13 May 3rd 2021

  • Fix service type logic loading

3.1.12 April 21st 2021

  • Fix endless loading on single shortcode
  • Fixed book and pay later
  • Fixed customer spam setting

3.1.11 April 20th 2021

  • Fix endless loading on single shortcode

3.1.10 April 13th 2021

  • Version Bump issue via GH action

3.1.9 April 13th 2021

  • Fixed tagged version issue

3.1.8 April 9th 2021

  • Fixed issue with booking navigation

3.1.7 April 7th 2021

  • Fix issue displaying service type all

3.1.6 Mar 25th 2021

  • Fix issue with booking multiple services

3.1.5 Mar 19th 2021

  • Fix issue with calendar step being skipped

3.1.4 Mar 16th 2021

  • Class booking flow needs to honor editor scroll setting

3.1.3 Mar 4th 2021

  • Onboarding timezone bug fixes
  • Channel/WordPress isset check to avoid notice

3.1.2 Mar 2nd 2021

  • Fixes race condition that loads the channel settings before they are populated during register

3.1.1 Mar 1st 2021

  • Fix style enqueue hook so that default styles load first, resolves hidden elements in admin
  • Adds a more prominent button to connect an existing account
  • Populates customer details based on existing channel setting

3.1.0 Feb 24th 2021

  • Updated Onboarding
  • New dashboard in wp-admin
  • Removed the depricated legacy class flow (originally depricated in v2.0)
  • Single Sign On to application

3.0.5 Jan 20th 2021

  • Update the hash_group logic to include more ingredients to avoid duplicate bookings

3.0.4 Jan 13th 2021

  • Do not display no available slots message when a single slot is available
  • Update hash_group logic to avoid linking appointments on a public computer
  • Better feedback on failed payments

3.0.3 Jan 10th 2021

  • Displays fields that have been assigned to classes
  • Improves Payment logic to accomidate more use cases

3.0.2 Jan 8th 2021

  • Allow appointment to be created when payment is required but service is free

3.0.1 Jan 7th 2021

  • Address CSS dependency issue on Single Service CSS file
  • Adds an early process fork when the payment form is not visible

3.0.0 Jan 5th 2021

  • Dependency updates
  • Performance improvements
  • SCA & 3DS Payment compatibility

2.9.5 Dec 16th 2020

  • Adds check for editor setting related to scrolling
  • Adds another check to ensure the scrollto position is a number

2.9.4 Dec 14th 2020

  • Fixes scroll issue when offset is undefined or non-numeric
  • Removes console log from reducer

2.9.3 Dec 10th 2020

  • Single Service button style
  • Single Service scrollto fix
  • Single Service calendar border radius fixed

2.9.2 Nov 20th 2020

  • Implement disable_multiple_service setting
  • Reimplements scrollto between steps with multiple embeds per page solution
  • Fixes form paint issue when custom fields load

2.9.1 Nov 5th, 2020

  • Move booking window to reference redux instead of window variable
  • Avoid error and provide debug when service_url_string is invalid in single shortcode
  • Remove trailing slashes from axios calls because the application 301s the options request and makes it look like a cors issue.
  • Remove locale setting from form editor
  • Fixes Upsell tab destination

2.9.0 Nov 4th, 2020

  • Release Upsells Feature

2.8.3 October 29th 2020

  • Fix bad URL linking to application settings

2.8.2 October 23rd 2020

  • Fix invalid date issue in 2021
  • Fix off by one date in class flow

2.8.1 October 10th 2020

  • Fixes duration floats
  • Fixes service type race condition
  • Fixes 100% off coupons
  • Adds missing setting to skip_provider in the Form Editor

2.8.0 August 31st 2020

  • Add updated Addons & Integrations pages
  • Fixes JS math rounding issue
  • Fix phone numbers
  • Update dependency libraries
  • Define user agent for direct connection
  • Allow basic markup in service description
  • Pass additional timezone information when a class is joined
  • Update skip provider logic to resolve race condition
  • Improve logic around banner

2.7.9 August 5th 2020

  • Fix reducer that overwrote skip value when using Book and Pay later feature

2.7.8 July 24th 2020

  • Flip booleon condition preventing price from showing on single service shortcode

2.7.7 July 15th 2020

  • Update connection endpoint

2.7.6 July 9th 2020

  • Fix hourly window
  • Remove orphaned code
  • Add messaging about free onboarding when account is paid

2.7.5 July 6th 2020

  • Fix bug in single short code payment

2.7.4 June 26th 2020

  • Update timezone utility to use the correct display time for preventing appointments today on times that have already past
  • Update the service edit slidouts to support rooms

2.7.3 June 24th 2020

  • More details payment error messages
  • Updated logic inside the navigation for skipped steps
  • Cleaned up CSS in block editor
  • Update single shortcode when no service is selected
  • Fix success screen button default
  • Add missing checkboxes to editor -> types screen
  • Add provider options for disabling multiple providers to editor
  • Add provider bio option to editor

2.7.2 June 16th 2020

  • Multiple CSS fixes
  • Convert more function to new API
  • Cache tuning

2.7.1 June 15th 2020

  • Convert some default api calls from the service api to the rest proxy.
  • Add more checks to logic to avoid notices
  • Update logic in rest proxy to always leverage runtime cache to avoid multiple api calls

2.7.0 June 11th 2020

  • Added global API CDN to improve performance

2.6.9 June 10th 2020

  • Fix type juggling issue with disable booking channel setting

2.6.8 June 1st 2020

  • Fix duplicate success button

2.6.7 May 31st 2020

  • Added IE poly for better support
  • Added Russian translations
  • Integrated editor setting for thank you button

2.6.6 May 20th 2020

  • Add CSS class to legacy class instance
  • Make Single Service honor provider settings

2.6.5 May 19th 2020

  • Fix bug with skipped provider step
  • Allow new class shortcode to have a default filter
  • Navigation Cleanup

2.6.4 May 18th 2020

  • Fix editor skip setting for types & services

2.6.3 May 13th 2020

  • Fix CSS on signup page
  • Fix Single Use Token during signup for smoother connection
  • Update non-connected onboarding redirect to go to connect page not signup
  • Update double negative that caused single service shortcode to not display the service description

2.6.2 May 12th 2020

  • Update translations for (pt_PT, pt_BR, nl_NL, fr_FR, es_ES, de_DE, it_IT)

2.6.1 May 11th 2020

  • Fix class availability when customer added manually via app
  • Class occurrence button style
  • Use multiple single service shortcodes on same page
  • Wrap all strings with translation functions
  • Preload account details for store
  • Remove fallback values in js since API now contains defaults for all keys

2.6.0 May 4th 2020

  • Classes v2 flow
  • Move previous class flow to a legacy block
  • Updated Editor & Class Editor
  • Add Zoom to interations page

2.5.7 April 22nd 2020

  • Fix selected checkmark as Object bug

2.5.6 April 16th 2020

  • Remove duration in class list that rounded times
  • Expose provider bio if enabled

2.5.5 April 7th 2020

  • Fix bug with success button when customized

2.5.4 March 25th 2020

  • Fix bug in util/redux store related to timezones
  • Fix classses link / plan lookup
  • Fix button styles on slideouts
  • Fix missing checkboxes

2.5.3 March 21st 2020

  • Fix noOpenings logic
  • Fix classes image paths
  • Onboarding updates

2.5.2 March 18th 2020

  • Update calendar locale path for props
  • Remove placeholder text

2.5.1 March 7th 2020

  • Add InspectorControl to blocks
  • Resolve “this.activateMode is not a function” conflict between lodash and underscores
  • Add additional links to platform for features that do not exist in the plugin
  • Fixes onboarding duplicate hours

2.5.0 Febuary 25 2020

  • Updated Onboarding
  • Connect to the WordPress Channel on the app
  • Integration page improvements
  • Fix window date calculation

2.4.5 January 31 2020

  • Only show Service Types when they have services

2.4.4 January 2 2020

  • Change how appointments are processed to avoid accidental duplicate creations
  • Normalize the booking window options
  • Add translation to moment text
  • Free services no longer attempt optional payment

2.4.3 December 8 2019

  • Unwind promotion
  • Utilize formatMoney in pricing.js

2.4.2 December 6 2019

  • Update integrations content
  • Disable floating nav continue if time has not been selected
  • Allow contextual nav be placed above or below the form
  • Disable days on calendar if no one is working that day

2.4.1 December 1 2019

  • Add filter for default class range
  • Force startbooking global to load on class form
  • Update promotional message

2.4.0 November 29 2019

  • Coupon Support
  • Google Analytics Support

2.3.0 November 4 2019

  • Account wide 24 hour clock
  • Spam Prevention

2.2.12 Novemeber 1 2019

  • Update payment logic for require payment scenario
  • Update dependencies

2.2.11 October 25 2019

  • Fix display and overbooking of classes under situation where attendees were added manually

2.2.10 October 23 2019

  • Fix stripe error on class form when stripe not connected

2.2.9: October 18 2019

  • Add check that variable is array before mapping over it

2.2.8: October 18 2019

  • Trim whitespace from shortcode atts
  • Remove phone from registration form

2.2.7: October 12 2019

  • Update dependency libraries
  • Fix bug causing plugin to not understand which plan the customer is on
  • Fix bug preventing class block from displaying in block editor
  • Update content that referenced legacy shortcode
  • Fix responsive nav issues
  • Add feedback for form validation
  • Reset visual errors on update of field
  • Fix error preventing service create slideout from showing when there was no rooms

2.2.6: September 18 2019

  • Fix required phone validation

2.2.5: September 13 2019

  • Fix form validation for customer.url_string
  • Pass additional timezone details with appointment create

2.2.4: September 12 2019

  • Fix scrolltop top margin
  • Fix inaccurate timezone on customer details screen
  • Fix customer validation
  • Update markup for consistency

2.2.3: September 9 2019

  • Fix default class range
  • Fix edit service resources

2.2.2: September 6 2019

  • Fix scrollto positioning issue
  • Fix logic issue for confetti & legal settings

2.2.1: September 5 2019

  • Fix scrolltop error on single service block

2.2.0: September 1 2019

  • Flows as widgets
  • Anchor to top on view change
  • Hash change in url on view change
  • Editor API performance improvements
  • Fix CTA invalid markup on shortcode
  • Default page uses shortcode or block depending on active editor
  • New hooks on proxy endpoints
  • Optional direct api communication

2.1.0: August 25 2019

  • Introduction of custom form fields
  • Payment and SSL improvements
  • Improved API error handling
  • Improved timezone support

2.0.5: July 27 2019

  • Fix bug with Start Booking Rest API & page cache

2.0.4: July 25 2019

  • Allow new booking form to be used with shortcode
  • Dashboard graph is now a rolling 30 days
  • Single service block is exposed
  • CTA shortcode markup syntax fixed
  • Fix bug with bottom nav when processing appointment

2.0.3: July 16 2019

  • Fix linked appointments
  • Minor calendar CSS improvements

2.0.2: July 15 2019

  • Fix telephone flags on signup
  • Suppress notices on Booking specific admin pages
  • Allow menu strings to be translated

2.0.1: July 12 2019

  • Minor bug fixes

2.0.0: July 12 2019

  • Updated design and booking experience
  • Implemented Gutenberg blocks for booking

1.7.2: April 22 2019

  • Fix bug with second appointment after reset
  • Add support for 24 hour display time

1.7.1: April 19 2019

  • Payment improvements
  • Better error communications

1.7.0: March 20 2019

  • Service Type Descriptions
  • Service Cache
  • Added strings for translation/customization
  • Add Calendar Locale
  • Fixed: notice on booking window setting being a non-integer

1.6.3: March 12, 2019

  • Fixed: Add additional checks for customer details and solve race condition for appoitment submitting before customer info assigned to a variable.

1.6.2: March 10, 2019

  • Fixed: Prevent duplicate appointment creation

1.6.1: March 10, 2019

  • Fixed: Fix bug with optional payments

1.6.0: March 8, 2019

  • Release payments for classes
  • Release booking window
  • Add targetable classes
  • Add optional payments

1.5.6: February 12, 2019

  • Fixed: Fix bug with payment required and zero dollar carts

1.5.5: February 11, 2019

  • Fixed: Typo & payment bug

1.5.4: February 11, 2019

  • Fixed: Payment bug caused by falsy response

1.5.3: February 11, 2019

  • Fixed: Missing variable on initialState

1.5.2: January 16, 2019

  • Fixed: Conflict between mixpanel and stripe

1.5.0: January 4, 2019

  • Released: Payments via Stripe

1.4.0: November 24, 2018

  • Release: Allow provider to be selected during booking flow

1.3.0: November 11, 2018

  • Release: Group / Class booking for one to many booking

1.2.0: August 11, 2018

  • Release: Progress bar to indicate where you are in the booking flow