Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

BuddyPress Profile Completion


BuddyPress Profile Completion Plugin allows site admin to force site members to fill all required profile fields, avatar and profile cover.


  1. Site admin can force members to fill all required BuddyPress profile fields before using other features.
  2. Site admin can force members to upload an avatar(profile photo).
  3. Site admin can force members to upload a cover photo for their profile.
  4. Plugin allows site admin to restrict users to their own profile unless they complete their profile.
  5. Plugin allows site admin to customize message for required fields, profile photo and cover.

Please see our release post for more details and understanding how this plugin works.

Important links:-
1. Blog Post
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3. More BuddyPress Plugin

Looking to extend BuddyPress more, Please have a look at our
1. Free BuddyPress Plugin
2. Premium BuddyPress plugins

Thank you for using this plugin.


  • Admin settings screenshot-1.png
  • Error message for required profile fields screenshot-2.png
  • Error message for required profile photo screenshot-3.png
  • Error message for required profile cover screenshot-4.png


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

1. Download the zip file and extract
1. Upload bp-profile-completion directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu.
1. Visit Settings->BuddyPress Profile Completion and update the option.
1. Enjoy


Does This plugin work without BuddyPress

No, It needs you to have BuddyPress installed and activated. Please make sure that you have BuddyPress enabled to use this plugin.

Where do I get Support?

We provide support via BuddyDev forums. For a better support response and assistance, Please use BuddyDev Forums.

I need more features, will you help?

If you need customization or extending the plugin, please use our WordPress/BuddyPress plugin customization Service.


4 februari 2021
Does not work with Buddypress. For example it overrides the buddypresss error framework for your edit profile. if you have put an incorrect username or a username that is already taken, buddypress will warn you that 'that username is already taken' However with this plugin switched on, that buddypress error is overriden with you must complete profile fields. the user is not aware of the buddypress error, keeps pressing save, does not see the username error as it is overriden by the plugin error forcing you to complete profile fields. For this plugin to work it has to be fully integrated with buddypress and buddypress errors at the moment it is not and hence unusable noticed support hardly responds to support queries, so looks like the support is poor on this plugin that is why i only use plugins that are well established
2 juli 2020 1 reactie
The plugin is so good and it naturally helps to prevents spammers - I bought BP Auto Active Auto Login too - and of course, a few more plugins today hehe A, not bad, 1 free plugin netted you nearly $90 today LOL but your forum help, and your plugins are so worth their price! Thank you!
7 juni 2020 1 reactie
Thanks for the plugin Brajesh! I replaced the old Force Profile Photo plugin with this one and it works great so far! One thing though I noticed in the old plugin - and here, you still see the message after photo upload. I customized the message that people need to refresh page after upload of photo which should make it clear that it was successful. I like that it has additional option with profile fields ( and cover ). I am not using it as I have all my required fields specified during sign up with PMPro but I would have used it otherwise.
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  • Fix PMPro skip case


  • Enable settings menu in My Account menu in admin bar


  • Added support of BuddyPress Avatar Moderator avatar restored case.
  • Fix error notification even after completion of profile(was shown on 1 more load) .


  • Force recheck on profile update, cover upload and avatar upload.


  • Do not redirect if PMPro is active and the user is on one of the pages from PMPro.


  • Fix compatibility issue with field availability due to member types settings(if member type is enabled).


  • Avoid testing on activation. Helps with redirection.


  • Introduce new filters to the plugin for developers end.


  • Initial release