Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

BSK Forms Validation


This plugin helps you to validate user input and let users submit correct data on Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms. You can apply the defined users to your orders, registration forms, quotations, etc. So you can restrict users to enter correct phone numbers, license numbers, postcodes and VAT numbers for specific regions…

You can also use checkbox rules to require users to read and agree to your terms, privacy policy, etc.

Please review the rules below, we would like to hear your rules request.

  1. Age must between given years old

  2. Must be numeric value and between given values

  3. Must be given value

  4. Length must same as given number

  5. The character at the position X must be

  6. The character at the revise position X must be

  7. Latitude must be numeric and between given values

  8. Longitude must be numeric and between given values

  9. Checkbox options must all be checked

We’d like to receive your custom validation request.

*** Please Note that here is the free version, it only has some basic rules, but it can meet the needs of some customers and help them well.

Enjory it!


  • Menu item in Dashboard
  • Add rule to list
  • Apply validation list to Gravity Forms form field


It’s a standard WordPress plugin and you may install it from WordPress’ plugin Dashboard. After activate the plugin then you can create blacklist or whitelist or ip address list or email list.


Please visit for documents or support.


29 september 2022 1 reactie
I was just trying this plugin and now it cannot be deleted from my site and show the error message below! Deletion failed: There has been a critical error on this website.Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.
29 januari 2021
Your plugin worked perfectly and what great customer service!! Your custom updating the plugin for specific needs is just amazing. My Clients were very happy.
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  • Fixed: vulnerability in SQL on lists page

  • Fixed: PHP warning message on Formidable Forms form setting page

  • Compatible with Gravity Forms 2.7.4

  • Compatible with Formidable Forms 6.2.3

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.2


  • Fixed: the bug of skipping validation when html / hidden field exist in form in Formidable

  • Fixed: PHP warning on the list page in Dashboard

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.1.1


  • New menu item of Dashboard –> BSK Forms VAL

  • Support Formidable Forms

  • Fixed the trouble of notify message mail body cannot be saved with editor style.

  • Compatible with WordPress 6.0


  • Fixed: the bug of wrong position for revise Must Be / Must Not Be rule

  • Compatible with Gravity Forms’ 2.6.x

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.9.3


  • Compatible with Gravity Forms’ 2.5.x

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.8


  • Support validation for Gravity Forms’ conditional logic

  • Support PHP Regular Expression for “Must be given value” rule

  • Support must be consisted of give characters for “Must be given value” rule

  • Add must not be rules

  • Improve admin interface

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.6.2


  • Fixed the bug of invalid message on save rule

  • Fixed the bug of form setting for “save blocked form data” not working


  • Fixed the error when delete Gravity Forms form

  • Fixed the issue of validation message cannot be render correctly on blocked form data list

  • Reading old plugins’ custom validation data to this plugin


  • The new user friendly interface let you do settings easily.

  • New form settings to enable / disable for individual form.

  • Compatible with Gravity Forms new coming 2.5 version.

  • Compatible with WordPress 5.5

  • Separated the custom validation feature from our old plugin Gravity Forms Blacklist & Custom Validation, because we received many users request that they just want to use custom validation to avoid wrong information from their orders. The old plugin includes blacklist, whitelist, email list and ip list feature and not so simple to these users.