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Backup with the most reliable backup, staging and restore plugin, BlogVault WordPress Backups. Trusted by 500,000 sites and counting, it ensures a stress- free WordPress backup and security solution in a single dashboard.

BlogVault takes smart incremental database and file backups. Backups are stored on cloud – BlogVault servers and on Amazon S3. BlogVault provides real- time backups for WooCommerce sites. It also facilitates backup validation, restore, migration, dedicated staging, site copying, website management with zero downtime and upload to Dropbox. It makes use of FTP, SFTP or FTPS for migrate/restore feature.

BlogVault WordPress backup plugin also has a best-in-class malware scanning and one-click malware removal functionality.
If the current backup plugins like UpdraftPlus, Backup Buddy, CodeGuard, and VaultPress have left you wanting for more, backup with BlogVault and see the difference.


Backup and Restore

  • Automatic Daily and Real Time Backups
  • One-click Site Restoration
  • Efficient, Incremental backup
  • 365-day Backup history
  • Backup to Cloud & Dropbox

Manage WordPress

  • Perform theme and plugin updates directly
  • Manage clients, team members, and websites directly


  • Dedicated One-Click Staging setup
  • Only WordPress backup plugin with free staging


  • One-Click Migrations to 5,000+ web hosts
  • Copy or clone sites with our backups

Test Restore

  • Backup Restore Test from 365 days backup archive
  • Organized backup history
  • Safe inbuilt backup and recovery testing

Security powered by MalCare Pro

  • Automatic Daily and Real Time Scans
  • One-click Malware Removal
  • Hardening Site Security
  • Encrypted, secure backups

One-Click Auto-Restore even when your site is down

Official Migration partners with WPEngine, Pantheon, FlyWheel, Cloudways and many more

Awesome World-class Lifetime Support which people swear by

Sign up for our fully functional, 7-day trial now! We guarantee that you will want to subscribe at the end of your trial period. You do not need to provide your card details to sign up for the free trial.


  • The powerful BlogVault dashboard lets you manage backups of multiple sites.
  • BlogVault Backup History: Bird's eye view of backups made of your site in 365 days. Contains details about date, time of backup version as well as changes made to the site recorded with every backup version.
  • The BlogVault Backup Module.
  • Accessing BlogVault's Auto Restore feature.
  • To Auto Restore a site, first enter its FTP, SFTP or SSH details.
  • Next step to Auto Restore a site: select the directory in which you've installed WordPress.
  • Last step to Auto Restore site: Check its details. You're done!


How do I access my backups?

Access them by logging in to the BlogVault Dashboard.

How often does BlogVault backup a WordPress site?

One-click, daily, scheduled and real-time backups.

Where are my backups stored?

We store encrypted backup copies of each backup of your WordPress site on our own data centers as well as on Amazon S3 servers. You can access the backups of the ‘Last 365 days’ at anytime from your BlogVault dashboard.

Does BlogVault do migrations or restores?

Yes. You can restore or migrate your WordPress site with a single click!

What if my entire site is down, including WordPress core?

BlogVault WordPress backup is accessible even when your entire site is down. Our dashboard is completely independent of your WordPress site.

Does BlogVault work with all hosting providers?

BlogVault works with all web hosts like GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, 1 & 1, DreamHost, WPEngine, etc.

What files does BlogVault backup?

We backup all the files related to a WordPress installation, which includes the folders ‘wp-content’, ‘wp-admin’, and ‘wp-includes’. We also backup the files in the base directory, such as ‘wp-config.php’, ‘index.php’, ‘wp-settings.php’, etc. These folders cover every aspect of a WordPress installation including plugins, themes, uploads, images, videos, etc.

Is there a limit to the size of the site which BlogVault can backup?

No. BlogVault can easily handle more than 20GB of data.

Do I need to pay for support and help?

Never! We will be with you for any queries at any time. Click here to get in touch with us!


Awesome Plugin – Staging Site Amazing !

Part of the Blogvault package is a staging site. It is great for piece of mind. You can try out new themes, troubleshoot plugins, test importing products. It makes you fearless because you know you can just delete that staging site and try again. It makes updating and testing plugins so easy, because you know in advance if anything will go wrong. I have quite a few plugins, but this one I couldn't live without, just for the staging site portion alone, it is worth the pro version. Any support question I have had, has been answered very quickly.

Guard Your WP Site with BlogVault!

At first, I must admit I was skeptical about BlogVault. It only took about five minutes for any and all skepticism to disappear. BlogVault fully protects your site with a tiny, light weight plug-in packed with the literal power of an unbreakable vault (with laser beam sensors and all). But the protection is done through the plug-in using BlogVault’s servers, reducing resource drain on your host server and thus increasing SEO in a roundabout way. But it gets better, BlogVault is super affordable while providing comprehensive protection and backup. Remotely administer BlogVault and your WP site, yes your actual site, from the BlogVault dashboard. Update themes, update plug-ins, download a full backup of your site, upload a backup of your site easily to Dropbox, and so much more! But I’m still not done, the BlogVault support is spectacular! They care about every customer and respond quickly if you need help. Yes, BlogVault is new to the WP protection and backup scene, but definitely worth checking out. I’ve used iThemes and Wordfence; don’t waste your time and money. Set any skepticism aside and check out BlogVault now - you won’t regret it!

Great software; even better service

Today we joined BlogVault. We've added 150+ websites with the help of these professionals. Done in under 10 minutes... The service itself is stunning. All we were looking for and more. Remote backups, staging, whitelabel, update and removal of plugins/themes, and so on. Really endorsed by us. Life- and timesaver. Try this and see for yourselve.

Fantastic Plugin and Service

I rarely give a review, I am a paying customer for several years, the team is excellent and resolved all my issues, incl. site restore (multiple times!). Highly recommend and thank you for your service.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“Backup & Staging – BlogVault Backups” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.



  • Disable form on submit


  • Setting blocked page to be non-cacheable


  • Improving ip extraction and updating tested upto 5.0


  • Adding Geoblocking functionality


  • Adding support for hourly backup


  • Adding function_exists for getmyuid and get_current_user functions


  • Removing create_funtion for PHP 7.2 compatibility


  • Adding check for multisite.


  • DynSync Bug Fix for multisite.


  • Ability to show captcha for all login blocked


  • Adding Misc Callback


  • Adding logout functionality in the plugin


  • Adding support for chunked base64 encoding


  • Updating upload rows


  • Latest WooCommerce plugin compatibility


  • Updating TOS and privacy policies


  • Bug fix for dynsync


  • Bug fixes for lp and fw


  • SSL support in plugin for API calls
  • Adding support for plugin branding


  • Better handling for request IP


  • Restructuring plugin completely
  • Better security


  • Updated WooCommerce Dynamic Sync


  • Separating the functions into clear modules.
  • Re-enabling dbsig, but only for identity.
  • Making comparisons stricter.
  • Changing asym key.


  • Disabled dbsig.
  • Updated asym_key.


  • Using custom skin to track site management.
  • Clearing actions during callback.


  • Better integrity checking.
  • Woo Commerce Dynamic sync support.


  • Manage sites straight from BlogVault dashboard.


  • Changing dynamic backups to be pull-based.


  • Using dbsig based authenticatation.


  • Adding support for GLOB based directory listings.


  • Adding support for PHP 5 style constructors.


  • Adding DB Signature and Server Signature to uniquely identify a site.
  • Adding the stats api to the WordPress Backup plugin.
  • Sending tablename/rcount as part of the callback.


  • Add support for repair table so that the backup plugin itself can be used to repair tables without needing PHPMyAdmin access.
  • Making the plugin to be available network wide.


  • Improving the Base64 Decode functionality so that it is extensible for any parameter in the future and backups can be completed for any site.
  • Separating out callbacks gettablecreate and getrowscount to make the backups more modular.
  • The plugin will now automatically ping the server once a day. This will ensure that we know if we are not doing the backup of a site where the plugin is activated.
  • Use SHA1 for authentication instead of MD5.


  • Separating to multiple files.
  • Adding BVSecurity with limit logins.


  • Better handling for real-time backup events for WooCommerce.
  • Support real-time backups for WooCommerce version 2.1.12.
  • Improving the is_admin check with current_user_can(‘activate_plugins’).
  • Removing the option to manually add the BlogVault badge for the free backup plan.


  • Adding events for the dynamic backup of the usermeta table.


  • Introducing the free weekly backup plan.
  • Show the ad for the free backup plan in the sidebar.
  • Changing default backup plans to pay for year in advance.


  • Making the backup plugin compatible with older versions of WordPress. network_site_url was not available in WP versions older than 3.0. For older versions we use get_bloginfo(“wpurl”).
  • The randomly generated secret key is sent to the server during login or signup. This will let us configure the keys easily on the plugin for backups to take place.
  • Adding the screenshot to show all backups being managed from one dashboard.


  • Ability to not do dynamic backups for updates to certain changes to the options table.
  • Additional options which need to be blocked for dynamic backups can be sent from the server.
  • Ability to not do dynamic backups for updates to certain changes to the postmeta table.
  • Additional postmeta keys which need to be blocked for dynamic backups can be sent from the server.
  • Do not dynamically backup comments which have been marked as spam.
  • Do not dynamically backup commentmeta for comments which have been marked as spam.
  • Improve the look and feel of the admin page.
  • Include link to the review of the BlogVault Backup plugin by MIGHTYminnow.


  • When the plugin is activated but an BlogVault Account is not created then the secret key is left empty. This is a security issue. Hence we will set a random value for the secret key when the plugin is installed.


  • Changing the name to Backup Plugin by BlogVault.
  • Updating the tested WordPress version to 3.9.


  • Setting BlogVault key now validates the nonce to prevent XSRF.
  • Updating the plugin description with video introducing BlogVault.


  • Real-time backup for WooCommerce.


  • Separating the different BlogVault functions into classes.
  • Ability to update the BlogVault Key.
  • Retrieving/Updating option only on the main site of a Network install.


  • Releasing the BlogVault plugin into the WordPress repository.