Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

BLOGCHAT Chat System



Existing users, please update your host value to ‘’.

BLOGCHAT is a live comment and chat system that was created specifically for blogs. With BLOGCHAT, each article or page on your blog can have its own dedicated real time discussion area.

BLOGCHAT can be used for both comments and chat; however, it does not replace your existing comment system. It also comes with a whole host of bells and whistles: video conferencing, chat rooms, instant messaging, games, to name a few.

BLOGCHAT is a specialized version of the FCChat Chat Platform (See also: FCChat Widget Plugin-


(look for the chat box near the bottom of the page)

Up Next

We are currently working on WebRTC video chat, which does not require Flash, and which would run on a variety of mobile devices.
We are also working on a programmable interface so that you can add your own custom features to the chat.


Real time text chat

Video Chat: 1 on 1 video chat and video conferencing (6 Simulaneous Cams)

Full Page Mode: Launch Chat into a separate tab

Public rooms/Private Rooms

Instant messaging/Private Chat

Facebook Connect

Post Youtube videos (thumbnail with link) simply by entering the url of the video.

Afbeeldingen uploaden

User profiles

Country Flags

Coloaborative document


Language translation feature


Two player games

Customized buttons with content dialog boxes in the chat toolbar.

Split-screen Mode: Show the chat side by side with your site

Assign titles to users

Customizable smileys/avatars

Customizable sounds

Customizable language templates

Customizable style templates

Administration/moderation panel

Web based file editor


BLOGCHAT is a paid subscription service – we are not ad supported, so we thank you for your support.

In order to use this widget, you will need to sign up for a subscription to the chat service on Follow the “Installation” tab for more specific instructions. You will receive a free trial when you sign up. You may view all our subscription plans here:


When you install the BLOGCHAT Widget, you will only be installing the chat client on your site. Your chat server (meaning your chat data) will be hosted at, on our servers.


  • Here, in screenshot-1.png shows BLOGCHAT in action on your page.


  1. Old-school: upload the BLOGCHAT folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP. Hipster: Add the BLGOCHAT Widget via the WordPress Plugins menu.
  2. Activate the Plugin
  3. Visit to finish the installation.
  4. Visit to activate your chat account.
  5. Navigate the the BLOGCHAT configuration page: Settings -> BLOGCHAT Settings and fill out the Chat ID and Host values you received during activation.
  6. Rate the plugin and verify that it works at
  7. Leave a comment regarding bugs, feature request, cocktail recipes at

When you upgrade to a new version, any customizations you made to the chat will be erased. In order to save those changes, do the following:

  1. Make backup copies of any files that you have altered. You may wish to make backups of the following folders: (fcchat/config, fcchat/languages, fcchat/styles, fcchat/html/config). Place them in a safe place where they will not be deleted.
  2. Next uninstall the old version and install the current version.
  3. Finally, manually copy the changes you made to the old files into the current version’s files. Do not replace the new files with the old files, as the structure of the new files may have changed; but instead, use the wordpress file editor to make the changes line by line.

Also, when you upgrade to a new version, it is NOT required that you obtain a new chat ID.


Where is the demo?


How do I use/configure/administrate BLOGCHAT?

Here are some places to look for information:

How do I contact you if I have questions?

Our email address:


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Version of BLOGCHAT is the first version available as a wordpress plugin.

Updated the url to the shared document plugin.


Added an option to remove the Online Panel from the ChatCenter. Removed the send buttons.

Fixed an issue with the sidebar tabs when option show_online_panel is false. Corrected width of chatcenter panel in mobile.


Version 1.0.2 introduces a horizontal layout in addition to the vertical layout.


Made further updates to the layout, including the resizing feature. The software is now packaged with the plugin.


Fixed an issue with the improper display of links due to a faulty link discover regex.


Fixed an issue with the improper display of user list panel.


Added hide_chatroom_info and hide_eye to the chatbox options.


Added an option hide the eye in the ‘whos connected list’ and the chat room info in the bottom toolbar. Updated the image upload panel and added an image upload icon to the chatbox.


Updated the avatars panel. Created a html/blogchat.php page. Fixed a bug with the resizing of the send chat input. Fixed a bug with the display colors in the user list panel.


Added two tone styling.


Added a new embedding mechanism.


Added more mobile compatability. Bottom bar now switches to icon buttons in the small display mode. Touch and gesture events added to make user interface more fluid.


added -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0) support


Fixed a minor error with the display of the video icon


More improvements for mobile displays.


Fixed a bug in html/Avatars.php.


A few minor style updates.


Fixed a bug involving the location of the login box relative to the toolbar.


Added a default option for room alerts (on or off) to the configuration.