Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Better Anchor Links


Creates anchor links to heading tags in the content and displays them automatically at the top of the content, or allows for custom placement with tags or sidebar widget.


  • Has option to auto display anchor links to Heading tags in content.
  • Allows control of which content to auto display links.
  • Can disable plugin css to allow custom styles to be applied.
  • Has widget available for display
  • Insert custom title to display above links
  • Clears all traces from any excerpts displayed
  • Selection between numerically ordered and bulleted list
  • Auto Links indentation
  • qTranslate/mqTranslate support
  • Show “back to content” link next to heading

Known issues


  • Admin options
  • Display in default wordpress template
  • Auto indent


  1. Upload to your WordPress plugins folder.
  2. Activate in WordPress admin area.
  3. Update options under “Settings->B. Anchor Links”


How Do I Place In Custom Locations?

In Content:

  1. Using the visual editor
    • Add the tag [mwm-aal-display] into your individual content using the visual editor.
  2. PHP Template Tag(must be below the_content())
    • <?php global $mwm_aal; echo $mwm_aal->output_content_links(); ?>

In Sidebar:

  1. Activate Widget
    • Go to Appearance -> Widgets in WordPress admin “Better Anchor Links”.
  2. PHP Template Tag
    • <?php global $mwm_aal; $mwm_aal->output_sidebar_links(); ?>
How Do I Add Custom Styles?

The content display and side bar are wrapped with a <div> with an assigned css class. You can put the classes into your own style sheet and use further declarations to target elements within the div.

For Content:(uses <ol>,Does not use an H tag for title)

For Sidebar: (uses <ul>, traditional h2 tag for title)
How To remove lines?

Free edit css/mwm-aal.css for any changes. You can remove all lines above and under the links by deteting section:
border-top:1px solid #ccc; border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc;

How To qTranslate/mqTranslate support?

Put qTranslate/mqTranslate string to List Output Title for example for EN and CZ language:


3 september 2016
Wish I'd heard of this plugin before. It creates a list of contents at the top of a page, with anchor links to headings within that page. Something I've had to do manually before.
3 september 2016
Wasted hours hand coding anchors until I found this! THANK YOU! works like magic!
3 september 2016
I used to spend close to half an hour to place anchor links in my lengthy blogger posts. But now, it only takes a minute to install this awesome plugin on wordpress. Thank you so much developer. Not to forget, the plugin works amazing. I hope I could change the text size of the links
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  • Fixed backlink off when Auto Display is on


  • Small fixes


  • Fixed sidebar register


  • Fixed adding backlink to PHP Template
  • Added option for backlink location


  • Added margin when navbar is used (height can be set in CSS)


  • Fixed stylesheet


  • WP 3.8.1 compatibility


  • Added “back to content” link next to heading (as asterisk by default)
  • Added option for change name of backlink
  • Added option for change char of backlink
  • Fixed sidebar deprecated registration


  • Headings now accept all html attributes (as id, class … etc)
  • Removed orphan tags
  • Fix comments


  • Fix short tags


  • Locale option for Nicer


  • Nicer looking anchor names


  • Add qTranslate support


  • Fix Piwik collision


  • Heading customization in options


  • Indentation options add


  • Links indentation
  • Default changed to H1-H6


  • List customization (numbered or bulleted list)


  • Fixed widget issue


  • Program rename
  • Fixed dysfunctional save options.
  • Default changed for H1 and H2 only


  • Fork of Auto Anchor List.