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Axeptio – Cookie Banner – GDPR Consent & Compliance with a friendly touch

Axeptio – Cookie Banner – GDPR Consent & Compliance with a friendly touch


Transform your WordPress site’s privacy management into a smooth and compliant experience with Axeptio. Our plugin, crafted for seamless integration with WordPress, offers a turnkey solution for adhering to privacy standards without compromising user experience.
With a unique and many times copied cookie consent widget, Axeptio will ensure you gather your users consent while properly informing them about their rights.
Very easy to install and configure, Axeptio will be deployed on your site in just a few minutes.
Once the plugin is installed, you will need to configure it in the admin part of WordPress. More customization and consent log are available on our dashboard.
With a large customization palette, you can chose what colors, logos and texts you want to display on your widget. Axeptio also supports several languages.

★ Visit Axeptio ★

Key Features

The plugin will download our SDK to display Axeptio on your website

  • Quick and Easy Installation: Integrate Axeptio into your WordPress site in just a few clicks with our streamlined setup. Simply enter your client ID, and you’re all set – the Axeptio code is automatically integrated.
  • Multilingual Compatibility: Axeptio works seamlessly with WPML and PolyLang, ensuring privacy management is tailored to all your users, no matter their language.
  • Smart Extension Blocking: Our advanced system of filters and hooks allows you to block extensions by default, ensuring full compliance and enhanced security.
  • Connection to Vendor Database: Simplify extension blocking with direct access to our comprehensive database.
  • Automatic Updates: Stay always up-to-date with the latest features and improvements effortlessly.
  • Advanced Customization: Tailor the plugin’s appearance to match your brand with customization options for colors, logo, and text directly from your Axeptio backoffice.
  • Dedicated Axeptio Support: Access expert assistance for any questions or support needs.
  • Google Tag Manager Integration: Easily integrate Axeptio with Google Tag Manager for optimized tag management.

Configuration happens in the WordPress admin part where you can input your client ID and link your website to your Axeptio account
User consent and customization happens on our website directly
Available in several languages

Please follow our documentation to configure and test your settings for Axeptio and WordPress.


Read all our documentation

Why Choose Axeptio for WordPress?

Axeptio is not just a plugin, it’s a complete solution that respects and strengthens your users’ trust. Whether you’re a blogger, an e-commerce site, or a business, Axeptio is the ideal choice for privacy management that’s simple, effective, and compliant with current standards.


  • Axeptio widget Presentation
  • Integration sample on your website
  • Setup your project ID
  • Select your plugin connected with the vendorDB
  • Axeptio Back Office for color customization


  1. Upload the entire Axeptio Plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Look at your admin bar and enjoy using the new links there… (Axeptio SDK)
  4. Go and manage your widget by adding your project ID…


Is Axeptio completely free ?

Axeptio is free to use and always will be up to 200 visitors/month. If your website receives more visits, you will need to select a paid plan on our website.

How to add a new Cookie in my tags list ?

  1. Log into your account and select your project
  2. Select the “Here are our cookies” screen or create it if needed by clicking “New.”
  3. Click on “Add a new cookie” > our cookie library appears
  4. Search for your cookie by entering its name
    Add New tag

Customize my widget’s aspect

The idea is to customize the appearance of your widget so that it matches the design of your site perfectly.
All informations here : Axeptio customization


30 november 2023 2 reacties
(Edit message au bas.) [La mise en place a l’air simple et pratique, mais l’extension a fait planter mon site… J’ai désactivé l’extension pour que mon site internet puisse fonctionner à nouveau.] L’équipe a été très rapide pour me contacter suite à mon problème et a réussi à le résoudre. Je vais corriger ma note dans ce sens.
10 juli 2023
En tant qu’agence experte sur le CMS WordPress, nous utilisons l’extension de cookies Axeptio depuis quelques mois maintenant et nous ne pouvons plus nous en passer. Elle est non seulement facile à installer et à utiliser, mais aussi très efficace. Elle assure une gestion optimale des cookies, ce qui me permet de naviguer en toute sérénité, sachant que ma confidentialité est respectée. Ce que nous aimons particulièrement avec Axeptio, c’est sa transparence. L’extension me donne un contrôle total sur les cookies que je souhaite accepter ou refuser. De plus, son interface est très intuitive, ce qui rend son utilisation agréable et simple. Nous sommes également impressionnés par le service client d’Axeptio. Ils sont toujours prêts à aider et à répondre à toutes mes questions concernant la protection de ma vie privée en ligne. En somme, nous recommandons vivement l’extension de cookies Axeptio à tous ceux qui sont soucieux de leur confidentialité en ligne. C’est un petit pas pour l’utilisateur, mais un grand pas pour le respect de notre vie privée sur Internet.
8 december 2022
J’adore ! On peut personnaliser le widget aux couleurs du site avec beaucoup d’options. Les textes sont aussi modifiables. Je recommande !
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📃 2.4.5 📃

Removed internal log

🐞 2.4.4 🐞

Bugfix for PHP 7.4

🛠️ 2.4.3 🛠️

Temporary Removal of Caching Feature 🔄
We’ve identified an issue with our new caching system that might have affected performance for some users. As we work on a more robust solution, we have temporarily removed this feature to ensure the best experience for all our users.

  • Apologies for Any Inconvenience 🙏
    We’re sorry for any trouble this might have caused. We’re dedicated to getting it right, and appreciate your understanding as we make these adjustments.

🌟 2.4.2 🌟

Enhanced Plugin Hook Detection 🕵️‍♂️
Discover the source of plugin hooks with our improved detection system. Faster, smarter, and quieter than ever—enjoy streamlined debugging without the noise!

  • Quick and Quiet Error Handling 🔇
    We’ve made error handling whisper-quiet. Bugs are logged without interrupting your workflow, keeping things smooth and serene.

  • Efficient Search with Smart Caching 🚀
    Our new caching system speeds up the search process, so you spend less time waiting and more time creating.

🐞 2.4.1 🐞

  • Fixed a bug related to Axeptio cookie preferences
    Oops! One of our new features was a bit too eager to launch and introduced a bug in the Axeptio cookie preferences. We’ve now fixed this issue so everything works perfectly. 🚀🔧

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Enjoy an even smoother experience with this update! 🎉

🎨 2.4 🎨

Reorganized Settings Management Space 🎨
We did some spring cleaning! The settings management space has been redesigned and reorganized for a more intuitive and pleasant navigation experience. 🧹✨

Project Version History 🕰️
Keep track of all your project versions with history based on the project ID. You can now restore your settings with ease whenever necessary. 🔄🗂️

Link to Documentation 📚
No more searching around! A direct link to the plugin documentation is now available. Head over to Axeptio.io for all the info you need. 🔗📖

Set a Cookie Domain for the Axeptio SDK 🍪
For those who like to share, you can now set a cookie domain for the Axeptio SDK. Perfect for WordPress multisite configurations. 🌐🤝

Use a Proxy for the Axeptio SDK 🕵️‍♂️
Load the Axeptio SDK from your WordPress site domain using a proxy. 🛡️🔍

🙏 2.3.32 🙏

🐛 PHP Dependency Bug

  • We tracked and fixed a tricky bug, born from a dependency less reliable than expected. It was an epic battle between humans and code. The error reminds us that even in the age of AI, humans still make a difference.

🚀 2.3.31 🚀

🔧 Improvements:
New Parameter for Google Consent Mode: Integration of a new parameter in the declaration of Google Consent Mode.
Harmony with Composer: Resolved conflicts caused by extensions using divergent versions of Composer. Peaceful coexistence is our new creed. The Axeptio ecosystem adapts and ensures compatibility across versions.
Database Query Optimization: We fine-tuned our query handling to avoid redundant calls to the database. Efficiency and performance are our guiding principles, ensuring an even smoother user experience.

🌈 2.3.3 🌈

🔍 Google Consent Mode V2:
Welcome, Google Consent Mode V2! : At the forefront of GDPR compliance! Get ready to surf the GDPR wave with style and confidence. Axeptio and Google Consent Mode V2: the dynamic duo for flawless compliance. Before March 6, 2024, we’re already prepared. Who does it better?

2.3.2 && 2.3.21

  • Fix error when remote networking issue


  • Fix error on primary key

🌟 2.3 🌟

🔧 Fixes :
Dynamic Mode Sorted : The SDK’s dynamic mode is now smoother than ever. No more hiccups!
Configuration Listing on Hold : If WPML or Polylang are napping, we pause the language-based SDK config listings.
Hook Manager on Break : No active Axeptio SDK? The Hook Manager is taking a well-deserved break.

🚀 Improvements :
Farewell, Indecisive Algorithm : We’re waving goodbye to the cookie extension suggestion algorithm. Hello clarity with the vendor db integration!
BFFs with WP Rocket : We’re now besties with WP Rocket’s page cache. Talk about speed and efficiency!
DB Retrieval Optimized : Fetching plugin configurations is now as fast as a cheetah!


Added multilingual support


Fix when hook or shortcode is set to “none” inb the extension manager.


  1. Added a new section in the settings for customize the text of the Axeptio widget.
  2. Fix some bug related to hook that doesn’t have to be overridden.

2.0.5 ~ 2.0.9

Fix for bug report


Fixed default step for vendors


  1. Added error reporting
  2. Fix bugs on migration script


Fix default Axeptio step for WordPress plugin library


Updated the way of loading the sdk in order to be compatible with WordPress.com


The 2.0 version of the Axeptio WordPress Plugin brings significant improvements and new features to help you manage cookies on your website more effectively. Here is a detailed list of changes in this new version:

  1. New Interface for Extension Management: The plugin now comes with a new interface that allows you to manage installed extensions and precisely define the blocking of certain functionalities that might use cookies. This can be done through WordPress hooks and shortcodes.
  2. Introduction of Cookie Analysis Algorithm: The plugin now provides an algorithm that analyses the likelihood of an extension having third-party cookies. This gives you a better understanding of potential privacy issues related to each extension.
  3. Access to Axeptio Recommended Configurations: The plugin now allows you to access configurations recommended by Axeptio. Currently, there are about 15, but this will be expanded in the future.
  4. Shortcode Placeholder for Blocked Content: We’ve added a placeholder for shortcodes to indicate when content is blocked. Users can unblock the content by accepting the cookie through a button, which opens the Axeptio widget to permit or deny the display of content.
  5. Refactoring of Main Extension Configuration Management: We’ve refactored the way we handle the main configuration of the extension, making it more robust and easier to manage.
  6. Additional Language Support: The plugin is now available in four more languages: German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. This will help in reaching a wider audience and serving users in their native languages.

In addition to these features, we have also fixed an issue related to the management of the Axeptio configuration version. Now, the plugin correctly manages different versions of the Axeptio configuration.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and appreciate your continued support for the Axeptio WordPress Plugin.


  • New UI
  • Code refactoring
  • New SDK loading method without additional http call (inline code)


First release