Arc – Een CDN om inkomsten te genereren, je site te cachen en te versnellen


Arc ( offers websites a new currency to make money: unused device bandwidth from users.

How? While users browse your site, Arc uses the latest HTML5 APIs to turn their browsers into little servers in a peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network (CDN). Your users, and users on other sites with Arc, cooperatively load content from each other instead of from slower servers. We rent this fast, people-powered CDN to you and other websites, and you get paid for the bandwidth your users share while they browse your site.

This plugin adds Arc to your website. Once installed, your users get a faster experience with Arc’s CDN and you start making money. Estimate how much money you could make here: See Arc’s CDN prices here:


  • See how much money you've earned.
  • Configuration is easy and just takes a few minutes.
  • This is what Arc's widget looks like on your website.


After installing this plugin, complete the installation on this plugin’s settings page (Plugins > Arc). Configuration is easy and just takes a few minutes.


How much money can I make with Arc?

Estimate how much money your website could make here:

Most websites can both pay less for Arc’s new, peer-to-peer CDN and simultaneously make money. Some websites, like content-heavy sites, buy more CDN than they earn in Arc revenue. Other sites, like those with many users, earn more in Arc revenue than they buy in CDN.

Hoe werkt de widget?

Arc creëert een gemeenschappelijk, gedistribueerd CDN met de nieuwste HTML5 API’s – WebRTC om browsers te verbinden, ServiceWorker om aan verzoeken te voldoen, IndexedDB om gegevens in de cache op te slaan, en WebCrypto om het allemaal veilig te doen. En het heeft nooit invloed op de gebruikerservaring. Ooit. Arc gebruikt slechts een klein deel van de reservebandbreedte, onmerkbare CPU, 100 MB browsercache en werkt alleen wanneer een apparaat zowel van stroom wordt voorzien als is verbonden met wifi.

Where does the money I get paid come from?

Arc is a two-sided market. On one side of the market, websites buy a fast, low-cost peer-to-peer CDN. On the other side, websites make money by contributing bandwidth to the the peer-to-peer CDN. Arc’s widget provides access to both sides.

How do I get paid?

You get paid via PayPal — daily, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly.

You can configure your PayPal payments on the payouts page, here:


13 juni 2021
I was using Arc and generated earnings. Once I have reached $5 and I was waiting for my payout, they claim that they gave me the money in their panel. But they did not, then I contacted them, no response from their only way of contacting them. And the other times I contacted them, there was a response. BUT ONCE I HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY MONEY AND I CONTACTED THEM ABOUT THIS, THERE IS NO RESPONSE! Do not use Arc, you are probably going to get scammed.
24 mei 2021
I`ve tried to use this plugin, on my own website,hosted on my own server( ubuntu20.04, PHP 7.4.3, Redis Server, WP Super Cache plugin installed, Nginx last version...) and after i entered my emails, and my website, the continue button does nothing. I used Chrome Browser for the operation.
25 maart 2021
Company emails back, but it can take a bit. Good staff.
28 april 2021
Acabei de receber meu primeiro pagamento (Obrigado Arc), assim que completei 5 dollars o dinheiro foi enviado para minha conta paypal, quase que imediatamente... O plugin precisa melhorar muito ainda (Está dando muito erro de detecção de site) mas dá pra ganhar uma grana, vale a pena!
18 september 2020
I've been running Arc on 5 sites for about 3 months now and every month it consistently pays out more revenue than banner ads (in my case it is currently paying out about 9x the ad revenue the same sites are making). In addition to helping improve site performance, Arc represents a great additional revenue stream for publishers. It's a brilliant idea and I really hope that it succeeds. The install process is very simple for both aspects of the plugin with account setup doable from within the plugin or via the Arc website. You can use the same Arc account with multiple WordPress sites to keep things simple as well. Great job!
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  • Added settings page to link an existing Arc account.


  • Initial release.