Titan Anti-spam & Security


Titan includes anti-spam, firewall, malware scanner, site accessibility checking, security and threats audits for WordPress websites. Our security functions provide Titan with the latest firewall rules, malware signatures, and database of malicious IP addresses – all you need to ensure the security of your website.

Titan is a comprehensive WordPress security solution, completed by a set of additional features as add-ons, which was placed into a simple and intuitive interface.

Why did we update Anti-Spam and what is Titan?

Let me tell you before we start: your favorite Anti-Spam had not disappeared! Instead of that it revived and became stronger to stand guard over the secure of your site!
The latest update of Anti-Spam is called Titan Anti-spam & Security and represents the brand new version of a plugin.


We aim to create a plugin as reliable as this metal – and easy-to-use at the same time. The new name of our plugin sets the pace with newest and highest standards of quality.

What has been changed except the name?
Whilst the process of modernization we had to take some complicated decisions. One of them was:
What should we do: keep Anti-Spam like a simple plugin with the only one function or complicate it with a huge complex of tools made for the security of your site?
Constant feedback from users and versatile development experience lets us claim that the situation when there is too many tools couldn’t exist!
We considered all possibilities thoroughly to secure the best future for the plugin.
Let me introduce new secure functionality that was developed with spending a lot of time, effort and consideration:




  • No captcha.
  • We hebben algoritmen gecreëerd om betrouwbaarheid en nauwkeurigheid tegen spambots te garanderen. Het bespaart je tijd en middelen, zodat je jezelf kunt concentreren op het ontwikkelen en verbeteren van je site en bedrijf. Antispam biedt logboeken van alle verwerkte aanvragen waarmee je de resultaten van spamfilters kunt controleren. Door een regelmatige analyse van parameters kun je nieuwe gedragspatronen van spam vinden.
  • Een opmerking van een gebruiker verschijnt meteen op de site. De achtergrondcontrole markeert spamreacties als spam en geeft deze niet weer op een site. Dit helpt gebruikersverstoring te voorkomen en de betrokkenheid te vergroten.
  • [PRO] Checking the already existing comments and users for spam.
  • [PRO] We provide 24/7 technical support.
  • [PRO] To identify and block spam bots AntiSpamPro uses a series of tests running in the background, totally transparent to the website User. It allows 100% protection from spam bots No extra protection needed.
  • [PRO] Anti-spam is a comprehensive and transparent anti-spam protection. We provide detailed statistics of all logged comments and logins. You can always be sure that there are no errors.
  • [PRO] Protect Register Form.
  • [PRO] Advanced protection of comment forms.
  • We regularly release updates to the anti-spam module. Our modules always meet new versions of CMS and we are constantly expanding supported CMS.


The web application firewall detects and blocks malicious traffic. It protects your website at the endpoint by providing deep integration with WordPress. In contrast to cloud alternatives, it does not violate encryption, cannot be bypassed and does not contribute to data leakage.

  • Protection brute force attacks by restricting login attempts.
  • [PRO] Update real-time firewall rules and malware signatures through the threat protection channel.
  • [PRO] Real-time IP Block List blocks all requests from malicious IP addresses, protecting your site and reducing load.
  • [PRO] An integrated malware scanner blocks requests containing malicious code or content.
  • [PRO] Using the Attack Log you can track visits and hacking attempts that are not shown in other analytic packages in real time; including origin, IP address, current time, and time spent on your site.
  • [PRO] Block intruders by IP address or create advanced rules based on a range of IP addresses, hostname, user agent, and referrer.


  • The malware scanner checks the system files, themes and plugins for malware, invalid URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.
  • Basic scanning using more than 1000 signatures.
  • [PRO] Advanced scanning with more than 6000 signatures.
  • [PRO] Configure three scan speeds to make sure the performance is not affected.
  • [PRO] Set scan schedules – daily, monthly, and manually.
  • [PRO] Update malware signatures in real time through a threat protection channel.
  • Compares your system, themes and plugins with those which are in the WordPress.org repository, checking their integrity and informing you of all changes.
  • Recover modified files by overwriting them with the original version.
  • Delete unknown and unwanted files easily via the Titan interface.
  • Checks your site for vulnerabilities and notifies in case of any problems or discrepancies. It also provides a notification of potential security issues when the plugin has been closed or inactivated.
  • Checks the content security by scanning the contents of files, messages and comments for dangerous URLs and suspicious content.


  • Check the availability of any URL
  • Push notifications in the browser to show URLs access issues in real time.
    Your browser will receive push notifications if one of the URLS is unavailable.


  • Strong Password Requirement
  • Hide author login
  • Hide WordPress versions. WordPress itself and many plugins show their version at the visible areas of your site. An attacker who received this information may be aware of the vulnerabilities found in the version of the WordPress core or plugins.


  • English (default), always included
  • Korean — big thanks to @cansmile
  • Spanish (Venezuela) — big thanks to @yordansoares, @nobnob, @bragnieljimenez
  • Spanish (Spain) — big thanks to @garridinsi, @nobnob, @nobnob, @nilovelez, @fernandot
  • Italian — big thanks to @deadpool76
  • Persian — big thanks to @1farakav
  • Arabic — big thanks to @alzintani
  • Swedish — big thanks to @elbogen
  • Tibetan — big thanks to @bumpagyal
  • Albanian — big thanks to @besnik
  • Dutch — big thanks to @robelia

We are very need for your help with translating the
Titan Anti-spam & Security plugin
into your native language. We want to make it international and understandable for everyone. Please contact us via email inside the plugin, or create a topic on our support forum if you can help with the translations. In exchange for your help, we will give you better support and our premium plugins absolutely free!


  • Dashboard
  • General Settings
  • Anti-spam Settings
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)


  1. Installeer en activeer de plugin op de pagina Plugins
  2. Geniet van het leven zonder spam in reacties

For more info visit titansitescanner.com


Hoe testen we welke spam reacties werden geblokkeerd?

Je kunt de pagina Anti-spaminstellingen bezoeken en het opslaan van geblokkeerde opmerkingen als spam inschakelen in de spamsectie.
Om dit in te schakelen moet je naar: WordPress admin dashboard Instellingen sectie Anti-spam
Het opslaan van geblokkeerde opmerkingen in de spamsectie is standaard uitgeschakeld.
Het opslaan van spamreacties kan je helpen om alle reacties opgeslagen te houden en deze in de toekomst te herzien indien nodig. Je kunt reacties eenvoudig markeren als ‘geen spam’ als sommige reacties per ongeluk zijn geblokkeerd.

Welk percentage van de spam wordt geblokkeerd?

Anti-spam plugin blokkeert 100% van automatische spam-berichten (verzonden door spam-bots via post-aanvragen).
De Plugin blokkeert geen handmatige spam (handmatig ingediend door spammers via browser).

Niet compatibel met:

  • Discus
  • Jetpack-reacties
  • AJAX reactie formulier
  • bbPress

Hoe werkt de Anti-spam plugin?

Het blokkeeralgoritme is gebaseerd op 2 methoden: ‘onzichtbare js-captcha’ en ‘de onzichtbare invoer-val’ (alis honeypot-techniek).

Hoe werkt de ‘onzichtbare js-captcha’-methode (alias honeypot)?

De ‘onzichtbare js-captcha’-methode is gebaseerd op het feit dat bots geen javascript op hun user-agents hebben.Het extra verborgen veld is toegevoegd aan het opmerkingenformulier.Het is de vraag over het lopende jaar.Als de gebruiker de site bezoekt, wordt dit veld automatisch beantwoord met javascript, verborgen door javascript en css en onzichtbaar voor de gebruiker. Als de spammer het jaarveld niet correct invult, wordt de reactie geblokkeerd omdat deze spam is.

Hoe werkt de methode ‘onzichtbare invoer-val’ (alias honeypot-techniek)?

De ‘onzichtbare invoerval’-methode is gebaseerd op het feit dat bijna alle bots invoer zullen vullen met de naam’ e-mail ‘of’ url ‘.
Extra verborgen veld is toegevoegd aan het opmerkingenformulier.
Dit veld is verborgen voor de gebruiker en de gebruiker zal het niet invullen.
Maar dit veld is zichtbaar voor de spammer.
Als de spammer dit val-veld met iets vult, wordt de reactie geblokkeerd omdat het spam is.

Hoe weet je telling van je geblokkeerde spam-reacties ?

Je vindt het informatieblok met teller voor totaal geblokkeerde spam in het gedeelte met opmerkingen van beheerders.
Je kunt dit informatieblok verbergen of weergeven in het gedeelte “Schermopties”.
De zichtbaarheidsoptie voor dit informatieblok wordt per gebruiker opgeslagen.

Blokkeert deze plugin spam van Contact of andere formulieren?

Plugin blokkeert spam alleen in het opmerkingenformulier en blokkeert geen spam van andere formulieren op de site.
Als je de plugin hebt geïnstalleerd en geactiveerd en je nog steeds spam ontvangt, kan dit komen door andere formulieren op je site (bijvoorbeeld een feedbackformulier).

Wat over trackback spam?

Gebruikers gebruiken zelden trackbacks omdat dit handmatig is en extra invoer vereist. Spammers gebruiken trackbacks omdat het hier gemakkelijk is om vals te spelen.
Gebruikers gebruiken heel vaak pingbacks omdat ze automatisch werken. Spammers maken geen gebruik van pingbacks omdat backlinks zijn aangevinkt.
Dus trackbacks zijn geblokkeerd maar pingbacks zijn ingeschakeld.

Welke browsers worden ondersteund?

Alle moderne browsers en IE8+ worden ondersteund

Niet opdringerig JavaScript

Anti-spam plugin werkt met uitgeschakeld JavaScript. JavaScript is uitgeschakeld op minder dan 1% van de apparaten.
Gebruikers met uitgeschakeld JavaScript moeten handmatig captcha-achtige invoer invullen voordat ze de reactie verzenden.

En nog een extra opmerking ..

Als de site de caching-plugin heeft ingeschakeld en de cache niet is gewist of als het thema geen ‘comment_form’-actie gebruikt
en er is geen invoegtoepassing voor plugins in het opmerkingenformulier – de plugin probeert automatisch verborgen velden toe te voegen met behulp van JavaScript.

Niet genoeg informatie over de plugin?

Je kunt de broncode van de plugin bekijken .
De plugin is vrij klein en gemakkelijk te lezen.


9 mei 2023
I hate to leave negative comments but hopefully, the creators of this one can find their flaws and correct them. This plugin has been silently living on my blog for years. I forgot it was even there. I’m no web developer or anything so I neglected to test the comments feature occasionally and simply thought I was just an unknown blog. Today I found that my link was shared on a forum and comments were left on there saying they tried commenting in 2019 but their comment never posted. So, I tested it today and sure enough, it didn’t work.I’ve gone through my plugins and it never started working until I deleted Titan. I will now go and find an alternative security method for my website.
30 augustus 2022
Estamos contentos con este plugin gratuito y que nos evita los mensajes de spam en nuestro pequeño blog. Gracias!
10 augustus 2021
I was annoyed when the little Anti-spam plugin became a giant security behemoth. But on an uncomplicated site, the anti-spam function still works invisibly, and I don’t notice change in the way it works or the speed of the site. For my purpose, which is purely filtering spam, the free version continues to work flawlessly; I ignore the rest of the functions. If it does what I want and causes no trouble, it deserves five stars—even though I grumbled at the apparent bloat.
24 februari 2021 2 reacties
Titan scanned every line of code of every file which to my knwoledge isn’t something that Wordfence or Sucuri does. And Titan did it for free. How entitled do you have to be to complain about a plugin adding useful features better than its competitors’? No, I’m not affiliated with Titan in any way. But I do run a business that has done just that: add new products. Unbelievable how closed-minded and resistant to change people can be. @Titan: Ignore the haters and keep up the good work. Please manually remove known false positives from your scans e.g. eVal from Wordfence files which I also have installed.
14 januari 2021
I liked anti-spam a lot as an anti-spam plugin… But sadly now it has too many things, and I don’t like it. With the free option it doesn’t offer a complete security system, there are a lot of firewall options that can’t be used, so it is too much for only an anti-spam plugin and quite complicated. So I changed to another one, because I also don’t want it to collide with the other security plugin I use.
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7.3.6 (17.07.2024)

  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.6
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

7.3.5 (22.03.2024)

  • Added: Compatibility with php 8.3
  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.5

7.3.4 (22.03.2023)

  • Fixed: Freemius framework conflict
  • Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2

7.3.3 – 17.10.2022
* Fixed: Critical error with premium component
* Fixed: Minor bugs

7.3.2 – 10.09.2022
* Added: Compatibility with the new version of the premium plugin
* Fixed: Minor bugs

7.3.1 – 02.08.2022
Added: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
Fixed: Minor bugs

7.3.0 – 07.04.2022
Added: Compatibility with WordPress 5.9
Fixed: Minor bugs

* Fixed: API errors

* Compatibility WP 5.8
* Update components

7.2.7 – 12.03.2021
* Added: Backup system (PRO)

7.2.6 – 12.03.2021
* Fixed: Minor bugs

7.2.5 – 13.01.2021
* Fixed: Minor bugs

7.2.4 – 12.01.2021
* Fixed: Fatal error after activate/update

7.2.3 – 12.01.2021
* Added: Support php 8
* Fixed: Minor bugs


  • Added: Subscribe form
  • Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed: Minor bugs


  • Added: Setup wizard
  • Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 5.5


  • Fixed: jQuery.fn.load() and other bugs after update to WordPress 5.5


  • Added: Two-Factor authentication [PRO]

7.1.4 – 22.06.2020

  • Updated: translations

7.1.3 – 19.06.2020

  • Added notice in the plugin interface
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

7.1.2 – 16.06.2020

  • Added: options search in the plugin interface. You can enter the option name, the plugin will automatically redirect you to the desired page where the option is located.
  • Removed: trial for the premium plugin
  • Updated: main navigation menu.
  • Added: compatibiliy with a new premium addons.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

7.0.3 – 20.05.2020

  • Added an option to send a weekly security digest to admin email.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

7.0.2 – 30.04.2020

  • Add COMPONENTS tab
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

7.0.1 – 17.04.2020

  • The Htts warning notice has been hidden

7.0.0 – 17.04.2020

  • Add wordpress firewall [PRO]
  • Add malware scanner
  • Add security audit
  • Add security tweaks
  • Add site checker [PRO]

6.5.4 – 24.01.2020

  • Opgelost: kleine bugs.
  • Fixed: Compatibility Anti-spam Pro.

6.5.3 – 08.01.2020

  • Verwijderd: beheerders omleiden naar de premium-pagina.
  • Bijgewerkt: Premium-pagina.
  • Toegevoegd: Activeer proefsuggestie.
  • Opgelost: kleine bugs.

6.5.1 – 16.12.2019

  • Toegevoegd:Multisite ondersteuning
  • Opgelost: bug met omleidingslus in multisite-modus.
  • Opgelost: Leesmij. GDPR-compatibiliteit is gereed. Plugin verzendt geen gegevens naar de externe server.
  • Verwijderd: Dashboard-widget met irritante advertenties.

6.5 – 12.12.2019

  • Bijgewerkt: interface voor plugins.
  • Toegevoegd: Compatibiliteit met WordPress 5.3
  • Toegevoegd: Compatibiliteit Anti-spam Pro.


  • Code opgeschoond
  • Removed dismissible notice


  • Updated dismissible notice


  • De typefout in het leesmij-probleem opgelost
  • Lees me opschonen
  • Code opgeschoond
  • Added dismissible notice


  • Uitschakelen trackbacks


  • Schakel controle op reacties van ingelogde gebruikers uit


  • Veel van de code herschrijven / herschikken
  • Pagina Instellingen toevoegen
  • Storing blocked comments into the Spam section
  • Werken aan GDPR-compliance

4.4 – 2017-08-30

  • Probleem opgelost met het weergeven van reacties op elke pagina. Met dank aan johnh10

4.3 – 2016-11-22

  • fixed notices

4.2 – 2016-01-30

  • XSS-kwetsbaarheid verwijderd – dankzij Kenan uit tbmnull.com

4.1 – 2015-10-25

  • added log spam to file feature – huge thanks to Guti
  • prevent full path disclosure
  • Toegevoegd: lege index.php bestand
  • plugin publiceren op GitHub
  • Tekstdomein toegevoegd voor translation.wordpress.org

4.0 – 2015-10-11

  • dropped jQuery dependency (huge thanks to Guti for rewriting javascript code from scratch. Força Barça! )
  • fixed issue with empty blocked spam counter (showing zero instead of nothing)

3.5 – 2015-01-17

  • removed function_exists check because each function has unique prefix
  • removed add_option()
  • added autocomplete=”off” for inputs (thanks to Feriman)

3.4 – 2014-12-20

  • added the ability to hide or show info block in the “Screen Options” section

3.3 – 2014-12-15

  • refactor code structure
  • added blocked spam counter in the comments section
  • clean up the docs

3.2 – 2014-12-05

  • added ANTISPAM_VERSION constant (thanks to jumbo)
  • removed new spam-block algorithm because it is not needed

3.1 – 2014-12-04

  • remove log notices

3.0 – 2014-12-02

  • added new spam-block algorithm
  • bugfixing
  • enqueue script only for pages with comments form and in the footer (thanks to dougvdotcom)
  • refactor code structure

2.6 – 2014-11-30

  • reverting to ver.2.2 state (enqueue script using ‘init’ hook and into the header) because users start receiving spam messages

2.5 – 2014-11-26

  • update input names

2.4 – 2014-11-25

  • update input names

2.3 – 2014-11-23

  • enqueue script only for pages with comments form and in the footer (thanks to dougvdotcom)
  • clean up code

2.2 – 2014-08-03

  • clear value of the empty input because some themes are adding some value for all inputs
  • updated FAQ section

2.1 – 2014-02-15

  • add support for comments forms loaded via ajax

2.0 – 2014-01-04

  • bug fixing
  • updating info

1.9 – 2013-10-23

  • change the html structure

1.8 – 2013-07-19

  • removed labels from plugin markup because some themes try to get text from labels and insert it into inputs like placeholders (what cause an error)
  • added info to FAQ section that Anti-spam plugin does not work with Jetpack Comments

1.7 – 2013-05-31

  • if site has caching plugin enabled and cache is not cleared or if theme does not use ‘comment_form’ action – Anti-spam plugin does not worked; so now whole input added via javascript if it does not exist in html

1.6 – 2013-05-05

  • add some more debug info in errors text

1.5 – 2013-04-15

  • disable trackbacks because of spam (pingbacks are enabled)

1.4 – 2013-04-13

  • code refactor
  • renaming empty field to “*-email-url” to trap more spam

1.3 – 2013-04-10

  • changing the input names and add some more traps because some spammers are passing the plugin

1.2 – 2012-10-28

  • minor changes

1.1 – 2012-10-14

  • sending answer from server to client into hidden field (because client year and server year could mismatch)

1.0 – 2012-09-06

  • initial release