AffiliateWP – Winkelkrediet


This plugin requires AffiliateWP v2.6+ in order to function.

This plugin allows you to pay your affiliates in store credit. At this time it supports the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integrations in AffiliateWP.

WooCommerce vereisten

Om deze plugin met WooCommerce te gebruiken, heb je AffiliateWP en de belangrijkste WooCommerce plugin nodig.

Easy Digital Downloads vereisten

To use this plugin with Easy Digital Downloads, you need AffiliateWP, Easy Digital Downloads, and the EDD Wallet extension.


  • Installeren en activeren.

  • When marking an AffiliateWP referral paid, it adds the total to the user’s credit balance. If for some reason you go back and mark it unpaid, this plugin will also remove the referral amount from the balance.

  • On the WooCommerce checkout page, if the user has credit available, it will show a notice and ask them if they want to use it. Based on the credit available and order total, it will create a 1 time use coupon code for the lower amount and automatically apply it to the order. i.e. for a $100 order and $50 credit, it would generate a $50 coupon since the order is more. If the order is $25 and they have $50 in credit, it will generate a coupon for the $25 order total, and leave them with a $25 credit balance after checkout.

  • Bij het succesvol afrekenen, wordt de waardebon code voor eenmalig gebruik opgepakt en wordt het totaal van de waardebon afgetrokken van hun beschikbare saldo.


  • Ondersteunt dit Easy Digital Downloads?

A: Ja dat doet het!

  • Ondersteunt dit EDD Recurring Payments?

A: Yes it does! Affiliates that refer subscription purchases by customers can receive store credit each time a renewal order is processed if Recurring Referrals is installed on the site.

  • Ondersteunt dit WooCommerce?

A: Ja dat doet het!

  • Ondersteunt dit WooCommerce-abonnementen?

A: Yes it does! Affiliates that have earned store credit and have active subscriptions can have their credit applied to their renewals. Affiliates that refer subscription purchases by customers can receive store credit each time a renewal order is processed if Recurring Referrals is installed on the site.

  • Ondersteunt dit andere e-Commerce plugins?

A: Niet op dit moment.

  • Kan het zo worden ingesteld dat alleen bepaalde partners in winkelkrediet worden betaald?

A: Ja!

  • Kunnen partners kiezen of ze in winkelkrediet willen worden betaald?

A: Ja! Er is een optie waarmee sitebeheerders die profielinstelling voor partners kunnen inschakelen.


8 januari 2019
Hi! Just adding respectfully a review that hopefully boosts this above 3 stars, because 3 stars was disheartening and the review that brought the rating down so low is 3 years old and never had any response in the forum back, so it's really not valid to consider that review by itself, nor should it so incredibly affect the overall rating for AffiliateWP! 🙁 🙂
1 augustus 2018
I just started using this and with the latest update, really works well in offering store credit to my affiliates in lieu of payment. Many affiliates want the credit over the payment which... which is GREAT!
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Version 2.5, November 3, 2021

  • New: Requires WordPress 5.2 minimum

Version 2.4, June 28, 2021

  • New: Enforce minimum dependency requirements checking
  • New: Requires PHP 5.6 minimum
  • New: Requires WordPress 5.0 minimum
  • New: Requires AffiliateWP 2.6 minimum

Version 2.3.4, March 22, 2021

  • Improved: Add indicator to see what referrals should be paid in Store Credit
  • Improved: Tested up to WordPress 5.7
  • Fixed: Adjust how used coupon codes are retrieved in WooCommerce 3.7+

Version 2.3.3, February 24, 2020

  • Fix [WooCommerce integration]: Store credit cannot be used

Version 2.3.2, April 14, 2019

  • Fix [WooCommerce integration]: Fatal error when applying store credit if a subscription product is in the cart

Version 2.3.1, February 16, 2019

  • Oplossing [WooCommerce-integratie]: verwijder de waardebon wanneer deze uit de winkelwagen wordt verwijderd
  • Fix [WooCommerce integration]: Invalid coupon amount and store credit deduction when cart is updated after coupon is applied

Version 2.3, July 29, 2018

  • New: Added support for applying earned credit to renewal orders in WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • New: Added support for redeeming store credit and other coupons in WooCommerce
  • New: Added support for earning store credit through Recurring Referrals add-on
  • New: Added support for selecting which affiliates should receive store credit for referral payouts
  • Fix: Updated incorrect text domain
  • Fix: Coupon applied multiple times on subsequent “Apply” button clicks
  • Fix: Fatal error in EDD integration when marking referral as paid if EDD Wallet is not active
  • Fix: Store credit amounts do not update when editing referral amounts


  • Fix: Fatal error that could occur when store credit is enabled, EDD integration is enabled, but EDD Wallet is not installed and active


  • Fix: Fatal error that could occur when store credit is not enabled from the Store Credit settings tab


  • New: A shortcode has been added: [affiliate_store_credit]
  • New: The edit affiliate admin screen now shows an affiliate’s store credit balance
  • New: A “Store Credit” column has been added to the “Affiliates” admin screen
  • New: A filter has been added for the WooCommerce integration: affwp_store_credit_woocommerce_coupon_data
  • Fix: PHP Notice: WC_Cart::get_checkout_url is deprecated.
  • Fix: Retrieve the coupon amount via the proper getter method in WooCommerce
  • Fix: The WooCommerce store balance could be incorrect if the affiliate’s ID did not match their user ID


  • Fix: Store credits sometimes fail to apply to WooCommerce carts at checkout.


  • Fix: In some cases, payouts would cause an error when the referral status could not be determined.


  • Fix: Plugin version compatibility fix.


  • New: Store Credit add-on options have moved to their own AffiliateWP tab. It’s part of the family now!
  • New: An “Available Store Credit” section has been added to the “Statistics” tab of the Affiliate Area
  • Fix [WooCommerce integration]: Store credit can now be used more than once per day by an affiliate when applying it toward the balances of purchases made in WooCommerce. Shop til you drop!
  • Fix [WooCommerce integration]: Store credit can now only be used by the affiliate for whom it was created. Credit where credit is due, and only where credit is due!
  • New: Added AffiliateWP activation script. Having AffiliateWP installed and activated is probably a good idea if you’d like to use this add-on!
  • Oplossing [talen]: Voegt vertaalbare strings toe voor de action_add_checkout_notice methode. Bueno!


  • New: Added support for Easy Digital Downloads


  • Oplossing voor WooCommerce 2.3.3+: voer afrekenacties uit nadat de winkelwagen is geladen vanuit de sessie.


  • Eerste release.