CAPTCHA 4WP – Antispam CAPTCHA solution for WordPress


A free and easy-to-use CAPTCHA plugin for WordPress

Protect your WordPress forms and login pages from spam and automated attacks with CAPTCHA 4WP. Choose from multiple ReCAPTCHA versions and strike the right balance between security and user experience.

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Use the CAPTCHA 4WP plugin to add CAPTCHA checks to WordPress forms and logins. Choose from V2 (I’m not a robot), V2 Invisible, and V3 noCAPTCHA to ensure the best user experience at all times without compromosing security. Avoid false positives falling through the crack with V3 failover to ensure humans can still pass the test even if the result comes back below the passmark.


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CAPTCHA 4WP key plugin features and capabilities

  • Add CAPTCHA to WordPress native forms such as login pages, user registration and comments forms etc
  • Ondersteunt meerdere ReCAPTCHA versies
  • Gebruiksvriendelijke wizards voor eenvoudige, probleemloze installatie
  • Set ReCAPTCHA V3 passmark score
  • ReCAPTCHA failover configuration (ensure no prospect is incorrectly marked as spam)
  • Plugin automatically detects visitors’ language and shows CAPTCHA in that language
  • Veel meer

Upgrade naar CAPTCHA 4WP Premium en krijg nog meer

With the premium edition of CAPTCHA 4WP, you can choose from a wider range of CAPTCHA service providers, 1-click WooCommerce and other 3rd party plugin support, whitelisting, and much more.

Lijst met premium functies

  • Everything in the free version
  • Add CAPTCHA from hCaptcha and Cloudflare Turnstile on your websites
  • CAPTCHA checks text, visual and position customization options
  • Eén-klik integratie met WooCommerce
  • One-click integration with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, WPForms, BuddyPress & other plugins
  • Veel meer

Refer to the CAPTCHA 4WP plugin features and benefits page to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to the Premium version of CAPTCHA 4WP.

Free and premium support

Premium world-class support for CAPTCHA 4WP is free via email or through the WordPress support forums.

Opmerking: betaalde klantenondersteuning krijgt prioriteit en wordt verleend via één-op-één e-mail. Upgrade naar premium om te profiteren van ondersteuning met prioriteit.

For any other queries, feedback, or if you simply want to get in touch with us, please use our contact form.

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Installing CAPTCHA 4WP

From within WordPress

  1. Navigate to “Plugins”page and click the “Add New” button
  2. Zoeken naar “CAPTCHA 4WP”
  3. Klik op installeren en activeer daarna de plugin


  1. Download de plugin uit de WordPress plugin repository
  2. Pak het zipbestand uit en upload de map naar de folder /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate CAPTCHA 4WP through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress


  • The wizard makes configuration a breeze.
  • Use the wizard to choose your preferred CAPTCHA version and seamlessly connect to the service provider.
  • When using ReCAPTCHA V3, you can also choose a failover action to avoid false negatives falling through the cracks.
  • ReCAPTCA V3 in the WordPress login form.
  • ReCAPTCA V2 "I'm not a robot" in the WordPress comments form.
  • ReCAPTCA V2 "I'm not a robot" in the password reset request form.
  • ReCAPTCA V2 "I'm not a robot" in the password reset form.
  • The CAPTCHA configuration can easily be seen in the plugin's configuration page.


Can i use this plugin to my language?

Yes. this plugin is translator ready. If you want to help translating this plugin in your language please contact us.

Can i show multiple CAPTCHA’s on the same page?

Yes. You can show an unlimited number of CAPTCHA’s on the same page.

How can I add CAPTCHA to a form created with Contact Form 7?

Use the unique 1-click feature: simply click the “Add CAPTCHA” button in the Contact Form 7 form builder to add the CAPTCHA to the form. Support for Contact Form 7, WPForms, Gravity Forms and other popular third party plugins is only available in CAPTCHA 4WP Premium.

Hoe kan ik Captcha toevoegen aan WooCommerce-checkout en andere pagina’s?

Simply select the WooCommerce page you want to add CAPTCHA to in the plugin’s CAPTCHA placement settings. You can also specify where exactly you want to add the CAPTCHA test on the checkout page. Support for WooCommerce and other third party plugins is only available in CAPTCHA 4WP Premium. Get your free 14-day plugin trial today.


31 juli 2023 1 reactie
Does not work as it supposed to.Login in admin redirects all the time to Google, adding the captcha to wholesale form blocked sending the form without any other warning.
28 mei 2023
The Association have a network of 20+ sub-domains sites to offer individual access to sub groups, with another captcha in the formularies. Many of those sites will disappear in an upcoming revamp. I ran into Captcha4WP because the subscribe plugin of webling_ch, our database and accounting software chose it. We were exponentially spammed with fake registration. With Captcha v3 and a 0,6 sensitivity: no more problems.As we do not use captcha4WP in all the sites, support offered us a good deal that, as the webmaster, I could take without asking for a special budget. Thanks! Gilbert
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7.3.1 (08142023)

  • Improvements

    • Improved help text and prompts for better user experience when setting up the plugin.
  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed fatal error related to a non-static method when using a custom login form.
    • Fixed PHP warning when updating the plugin due to and SDK location update.

7.3.0 (08092023)

  • New features & functionality

    • Added two new captcha methods – hCaptcha (Always Challenge) and Cloudflare Turnstile.
    • Added a new setting to purge the plugin’s database files on plugin uninstall.
  • Improvements

    • Improved licensing and activation mechanism on Multisite networks – admin is now able to choose to enable CAPTCHA at network lever or on individual subsites.
    • Adding further help text for 3rd party form plugins and the new captcha providers.
    • Improved help text and settings messages within admin pages & wizards.
    • Improved wizard UI/UX and added logic to validate better site keys and secret keys used in captcha configurations.
    • Improved build infrastructure by refactoring code to a more modular approach.
  • Bug fixes

    • V3: Fixed a JS error which can prevent users from submitting a payment while checking out on WooCommerce.
    • V3 + BuddyPress – Fixed a JS problem which was sometime preventing users form adding new groups.
    • V3: fixed an error which was preventing users from logging in on the Checkout page (WooCoommerce).
    • V3 – V2 failback – Fixed an error that was causing captcha challenge to not prompt for users trying to log in via the Checkout page (woocommerce).
    • V3 – V2 failback – Fixed an error that was preventing users from adding a new group (Buddypress).
    • V3 – V2 failback – Fixed an error that was preventing the captcha challenge from showing up when there was a false positive (Buddypress registration form).
    • V3 – V2 failback – Fixed an error that was preventing users from posting new comments or replies (Buddypress Comments form).
    • V2 Invisible – Fixed an error that was preventing users from posting new comments and replies (Buddypress Comments form).
    • V2 Checkbox – Fixed a JS error that was causing the users to be able to comment without solving the captcha challenge (Buddypress Comments form).
    • Fixed some edge case problems with the licensing system when the license was disconnected and reconnected from the plugin.
    • Fixed a problem with a plugin setting which was causing Users and Roles not to be properly excluded from captcha.
    • V3 – V2 failback – Fixed some JS errors which were preventing users from paying using Paypal and Stripe payment gateways.
    • Contact Form 7: V3 – V2 failback – Fixed a small error that was preventing the CF7’s form confirmation message from being hidden right away after submit.
    • Fixed an error that could have caused a PHP fatal error when admin had settings enabled related to failed logins.
    • V3 – V2 failback – Fixed an error that was preventing users from registering to the website via the WooComemrce form.
    • V2 Invisible – Fixed an error that was preventing users from placing an order if the captcha position was “Above Checkout button”.
    • V2 Invisible – Fixed a JS error that could prevent users from creating new Buddypress groups.
    • V2 – V2 Failback – Adjusted CSS for WordPress core forms in order to prevent the captcha box from getting out of frame.
    • Fixed an edge case when the user was unable to log in if the captcha configuration was removed from the site.
    • Fixed an edge case where a license expired notice message was showing when the captcha version was changed/reconfigured.
    • Fixed some JS errors which were preventing V2 Invisible configurations from being set up in the wizard.
    • Fixed some PHP errors which could trigger a fatal error once user downloads the system information file.
    • Fixed the position of the third-party forms “how to” paragraphs in the Settings and Placements page.
    • Fixed various JS errors which were preventing user from removing captcha configurations.
    • Fixed WordPress notice in the previous version on the Plugins page – “Notice: Fix: error in PHP version 7.4”.
    • Fixed an edge case when installing Gravity Forms along with Captcha 4WP could cause a PHP error.

Refer to the CAPTCHA 4WP releases page for an over view of what is new and improved in every update of the plugin. Refer to the CAPTCHA 4WP plugin changelog for the complete detailed list of what was new, improved and fixed in previous version updates of CAPTCHA 4WP.