Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro


ACADP is een professionele, krachtige, flexibele folder plugin van hoge kwaliteit waarmee je elke soort bibliotheek site kunt maken.

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Nested Categories

Hiermee kan je je vermeldingen ordenen in oneindige categorieën en subcategorieën

  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited category levels

Unlimited Custom Fields

ACADP geeft je de flexibiliteit om een onbeperkt aantal aangepaste velden in te stellen, zodat je site gemakkelijk alle zakelijke gebieden kan herbergen waarvoor je wil adverteren.

De volgende aanpasbare veldtype formaten zijn beschikbaar :

  • radio
  • check box
  • select list
  • text area
  • input box

Andere kenmerken zijn:

  • Assign as many extra fields as you like to your categories
  • Set different fields as required
  • Connection to the search widget to select individual fields to be included in the search filters

Locations & Regions

ACADP biedt een zeer configureerbare locatie configuratie:

  • Set country and almost any location scenario (country-state-city or country-city-suburb-street etc.)
  • Functional Google maps integration
  • Unlimited locations

Backend Management

De beheerder kan alle vermeldingen in de backend beheren, nieuwe vermeldingen, categorieën en locaties toevoegen en hun gegevens bewerken. Het biedt volledige controle over alle instellingen en houdt alles georganiseerd, zodat je site soepel blijft werken.

Customizable Layout

ACADP biedt je de flexibiliteit om te bepalen wat je wil weergeven en hoe je de front-end op de site kunt weergeven .

Bijvoorbeeld, je kunt

  • Choose how many columns display in the categories/locations view, sorting order, show or hide empty items, include listings count next to the item name, etc…
  • Decide which of the listing details to display
  • plus many more

User Functions

Elke gebruiker heeft toegang tot een persoonlijk paneel waarmee ze:

  • Manage listings
  • Renew listings
  • Delete listings
  • Edit listings
  • Favourite listings (wish list)
  • View Payment History

Adding Videos and Images

Geen enkele site is compleet zonder multimediafunctionaliteit. ACADP integreert eenvoudig afbeeldingen en video en biedt alle voordelen die ermee gepaard gaan, voor zowel kopers als verkopers.

  • Admin can control the limit of images a user can upload
  • Users can add videos from YouTube or Vimeo

Advanced Search Widget

De geavanceerde zoek widget geef je de flexibiliteit om resultaten te filteren op basis van een breed scala aan criteria, waaronder:

  • Search by keyword
  • Search by category
  • Search by location
  • Search by custom fields
  • Search by price range

Revenue Options

Laat je vermeldingen nog harder werken om extra inkomsten te genereren door geld te verdienen met de vele opties die beschikbaar zijn voor gebruikers.

  • Featured Listings: Charge users if they wish to make their listings featured or sticky. Featured listings are displayed at the top of all listings.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Charge users to submit listings by creating paid plans using WooCommerce. This is a PRO feature.
  • Fee Plans: Charge users to submit listings by creating paid plans. This is a standalone feature. No third-party plugins like WooCommerce required. This is a PRO feature.
  • [+] more revenue options coming soon

Payment Plugins

Payment plugins out of the box!

  • Offline payment – when your advertisers want to pay via a standard bank transfer method.
  • PayPal – This is a PRO feature.
  • Stripe – This is a PRO feature.

Email Notifications

Administrator email notifications are automatically sent for:

  • New listings
  • Expired listings
  • Order created
  • Payment received
  • Abuse notifications

User email notifications are automatically sent for:

  • New listing postings
  • Notifications of expiring listings (administrator can set when the email is sent)
  • Listing expiration
  • Order created
  • Order completed

NOTE: Admin can customize the Emails sent to users.

Other Features

  • GDPR Compliance.
  • Add to Favourites.
  • Comment on listings.
  • Allow Users to Contact Listing Owners.
  • Honeypot anti-spam technique to block spam submissions.
  • Toon of verberg Google reCAPTCHA (v2) uitdaging in ACADP formulieren.

More information at PluginsWare.


  • Lijst met detailpagina’s
  • List View
  • All Categories Page
  • Search Widget
  • Others


Deze plugin heeft 5 blokken.

  • ACADP – Search Form Display a ACADP Listings Search Form.
  • ACADP – Categories Display a list of ACADP Categories.
  • ACADP – Listings Display a list of ACADP Listings.
  • ACADP – Listing Form Display a Listing submission form.
  • ACADP – Locations Display a list of ACADP Locations.


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. From the WordPress Admin Panel, click on Plugins => Add New.
  3. Click on Upload, so you can directly upload your plugin zip file.
  4. Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, and then click on Install Now.
  5. Once installed, click “Activate”.

That’s it! Visit the official Documentation page for further setup.


Will the plugin work with my theme?

“Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro” has been designed to work with any theme. In case you find any conflict issues, kindly write to us here explaining the issue along with your site link. You should receive a reply within 24 hours (except Sunday).

Does the plugin support third-party page builder like “Elementor”, “WPBakery”, “Divi”, etc.?

Yes. Simply, generate your shortcode using the plugin’s “Shortcode Builder” and add it to your favourite page builder.

Can the plugin be translated into my language?

Yes, the plugin is translation-ready and you can translate it to your own language easily. Kindly follow the instructions here.

Is the plugin compatible with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, it is. However, do not “network-activate” the plugin. Activate it on only the subsites on which you need a directory. This can be done under “Plugins -> Add New” as the Administrator user.

The plugin is not working for me. What should I do now?

Kindly write to us here explaining the issue along with your site link. You should receive a reply within 24 hours (except Sunday).

See our FAQ page, which is updated more regularly.


3 januari 2024 5 reacties
You have included new custom designed location and category dropdowns with no means of backward compatibility with previous versions.The search box in these dropdowns is not required if you only have say 4 entries. Whats more they don’t even automatically close once the user has selected an entry. What made you think that every site wanted to transition to these dropdowns? How can you get rid of the search box and get the dropdown to automatically close once you have made a selection? Why are radio buttons forced on everyone, what if I don’t want radio buttons to keep the controls consistent with my existing custom fields dropdowns? seems poorly thought through.
28 december 2023 3 reacties
Impossible to customize the appearance, not even the color and size of the texts. Really a shame for a Wordpress plugin, in 2024! And the pro version (which I bought) does not offer more possibilities.
11 december 2023
I am extremely pleased with this software and the support received. Although there is a time difference of when we are working, I submit a ticket during the day and see an answer the next morning. Sanjiv has been incredible during our implementation process. I highly recommend this company and their software.
15 november 2023
I recently integrated Advanced Classified & Directory Pro into my WordPress website, and I am beyond impressed with its performance and features. This plugin is a game-changer for anyone looking to create a powerful and user-friendly classifieds or directory website. The setup was a breeze, thanks to the intuitive interface and well-documented instructions. The customization options are extensive, allowing me to tailor the plugin to fit my specific needs effortlessly. One of the standout features is the robust search functionality. It provides users with a seamless experience, making it easy to find the information they’re looking for. The sleek and responsive design ensures that my website looks great on any device. I appreciate the attention to detail in the user management system. It’s straightforward to manage listings, and the ability to monetize through various payment gateways is a fantastic bonus for those looking to turn their website into a revenue stream. The customer support is exceptional. I had a question about a specific feature, and the response was prompt ( With time delay due to location), helpful, and friendly. It’s evident that the developers are dedicated to providing an excellent user experience.
7 maart 2023
Works right out of the box…incredible easy..I tried like 10 plugins and this is the most easy and versatile one…definetely will go for pro. Only, I was not able to get the contact form working. I hope admins check this out.
7 maart 2023
ACDP is a brilliant plugin. It allowed us to set up a professional directory quickly and easily. It had all the essential features we needed and communication with the team was fast and efficient. Highly recommended!
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  • Security Fix: Local File Inclusion (Contributor+). Thanks to the security researcher “João Pedro Soares de Alcântara (Kinorth)” and “Darius Sveikauskas” from Patchstack.
  • New: Added support for the placeholder variable “%%term_description%%” in the Yoast meta description field for our plugin’s categories and locations.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.7.3).
  • Fix: The strings in the block edit.js files are without text domain.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: The single listing page is not scrollable after clicking the listing images.


  • Security Fix: Fixed “Missing Authorization to Arbitrary Attachment Deletion” issue reported responsibly by Adam Goodlin (Wordfence Customer Support Engineer).
  • Tweak: The searchable dropdown UI introduced in our last version for the “Categories” & “Locations” dropdowns has been improvised with better user accessibility.
  • Tweak: The new searchable dropdown UI has been added as an option. By default, the plugin will use the standard HTML select box for the “Categories” & “Locations” dropdowns.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.6.2).
  • Fix: WordPress 6.5 compatibility issues.
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


This is a major release and the plugin’s front-end HTML layouts have been completely rewritten. If you are using the customized version of our plugin, we strongly suggest having a backup of your website before upgrading.

  • New: The “Categories” & “Locations” dropdowns are replaced by a custom-developed searchable dropdown.
  • New: Option to disable the “Keyword” search field in the search forms.
  • New: Support for YouTube shorts URLs in the listing form.
  • Tweak: The plugin’s front-end HTML layouts have been completely rewritten using the modern FLEX and GRID layout systems.
  • Tweak: The plugin’s Javascript has been completely rewritten using Vanilla JS and the jQuery dependency has been reduced majorly.
  • Tweak: The “Categories” & “Locations” blocks (Gutenberg) have been updated with new settings.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.6.1).
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • Security Fix.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.5.10).
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: WPML Compatibility.
  • New: POLYLANG Compatibility.
  • New: “Range” Custom Field.
  • New: Settings for making the core fields in the front-end listing submission form as “Required”.
  • Tweak: Updated to the Gutenberg API Version 2.
  • Tweak: Settings page has been improvised for a better user understanding.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.5.6).
  • Fix: [+] a few minor bug fixes.


  • New: A filter hook “acadp_custom_field_display_value” for developers to override the custom field value before display.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.5.2).
  • Fix: The listing “Never Expires” field is unchecked even when the listing duration is set to “0” in the plugin settings.
  • Fix: Google map points to the wrong location after the zip code has been entered.
  • Fix: Issues with the “ACADP – Listings” block in some WordPress environments.
  • Fix: Replaced deprecated methods in the Gutenberg blocks.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: “Number” Custom Field.
  • New: Option to duplicate listings.
  • New: A filter hook “acadp_listing_thumbnail_html” for developers to override the listing image.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.4.5).
  • Fix: WordPress 6.x compatibility issues.
  • Fix: Issues in the price display when the comma (,) is a decimal separator.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: GDPR Compliance.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: Option to set image field as required in the listing form.
  • New: Option to send a copy of the contact form message to the sender.
  • Fix: Changing the category in the listing form erases the custom field values.
  • Fix: Social share links are wrong in some WordPress environments.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Security Fix.


  • New: Date & DateTime Custom Field.


  • New: Honeypot anti-spam technique to block spam submissions.
  • Fix: WordPress 5.9 compatibility issues.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: WordPress 5.8 compatibility issues.


  • Fix: Issues with “View as” & “Sort by” dropdowns that occurred after the 1.8.3 plugin update.


  • Fix: Marker (OpenStreetMap) shows the wrong location when selecting a child location.
  • Fix: “Retry Payment” button shows even after the payment is successful.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Google Maps MarkerClusterer not working after the 1.8.1 plugin update.


  • Fix: Issues with Locations & Categories dropdown that occurred after the 1.8.0 plugin update.


  • New: OpenStreetMap Integration.
  • New: Display custom fields on listing archive pages.
  • New: New shortcode attributes to filter listings based on custom fields.
  • New: Display Listing ID on the single listing page.
  • New: Option to DELETE / NOT DELETE the plugin data & media files when uninstalling the plugin or deleting the listings from the plugin.
  • Tweak: The “category” attribute in the [acadp_listings] shortcode accepts multiple category ids separated by comma(,). So, you can show listings from multiple categories.
  • Tweak: The “location” attribute in the [acadp_listings] shortcode accepts multiple location ids separated by comma(,). So, you can show listings from multiple locations.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.4.2).
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: Open images in a lightbox on the single listing pages.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.4.1).
  • Fix: Listing slug changes when the “Listing Details” meta box is positioned above the “Publish” meta box in the back-end listings form.
  • Fix: “Navigation Menu” widget shows wrong menu titles when used on the single category/location pages in the footer position.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: “Listing Badges” and “Single Listing Page” settings not inserted properly in some WordPress environments.


  • New: Option for users to mark listings as sold.
  • New: Phone number field in the contact form.
  • Tweak: Settings page restructured for better user experience.
  • Tweak: Snap map to user location on the listings map view.
  • Tweak: Sender details in the contact form auto-filled for logged in users.
  • Tweak: Hide email address, phone number completely from the single listing page.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Security Fix. Prevent XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attempt on the title fields. Thanks to Softlink ICT, Wilco de Jongh for bringing this issue to us.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: WordPress 5.3 compatibility.
  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.3.1).
  • Fix: Pagination not working on the “Manage Listings” page when the page URL contains additional query parameters like “renew”.
  • Fix: Disabled editing of expired listings from the site front-end until they are renewed.
  • Fix: Unable to sort listing form images in the mobiles.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Removed the misleading upgrade notice from the readme.txt file.


  • New: Plugin Dashboard.
  • New: Shortcode Builder.
  • New: Mechanism that auto-detects plugin misconfiguration issues and provide the fixes.
  • Tweak: Simplified settings page UI.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Issues with wrongly escaped HTML output.


  • Tweak: Updated Freemius SDK (2.3.0).


  • Fix: Security fix.


  • New: WhatsApp share.
  • Tweak: WP Query optimization.
  • Fix: WordPress 5.2 compatibility issues.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: Updated freemius integration code to show our PREMIUM version(s).
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Security fix.


  • Fix: Unfortunately, there were some bugs in the 1.6.1 release and this is an immediate release which addresses those issues.


  • Nieuw: Gutenberg blokken voor locaties, categorieen, lijsten, zoeken en de nieuwe lay-outs van vermeldingsformulier.
  • Nieuw: compatibiliteit met Yoast SEO plugins.
  • Tweak: “Quicktags” optie voor de front-end lijst van TinyMCE editor.
  • Fix: Single listing pages slider navigation issue.
  • Oplossing: weergave van aangepaste veldwaarden in de afzonderlijke lijstpagina’s.
  • Opgelost: reCAPTCHA weergaveprobleem op pagina’s met enkele listing wanneer reCAPTCHA is uitgeschakeld voor de optie “Nieuw vermeldingsformulier” in de back-end plugin instellingen.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: Display categories as ‘dropdown’ or ‘list’ using ‘ACADP Categories’ widget.
  • New: Display locations as ‘dropdown’ or ‘list’ using ‘ACADP Locations’ widget.
  • Tweak: zoeken op meerdere keywords.
  • Opgelost: problemen bij het opslaan van lege waarden van het aangepaste veldtype selectievak in het vermeldingsformulier.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Unfortunately, there were some bugs in the 1.5.8 release and this is an immediate release which addresses those issues.


  • New: Option to create custom fields to the “form” instead of “categories”.
  • New: Added new action & filter hooks for monetization.
  • Fix: Option to keep listings permanent and never expires.
  • Fix: “location” and “category” query string conflict with other third party plugins.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: Listings moved to ‘Renewal’ state wrongly.


  • New: User Login, Registration system.
  • New: Added support for the new “document_title_parts” filter hook to filter the page titles.
  • New: New shortcode attribute “featured=0|1” to disable featured listings always being added to the top of the listings archive pages.
  • New: New shortcode attributes for the shortcode “[acadp_search_form]” to customize the display of the Search Form.
  • Tweak: Settings page SLUG changed to “aec_settings” to avoid conflicts with other plugins.
  • Fix: Categories dropdown issue when listings disabled in top level categories.
  • Fix: Conflict with “Ultimate Member – Google reCAPTCHA” plugin.
  • Fix: RSS Feed URL issue in single category, location pages.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Nieuw: nieuwe attributen ‘category’, ‘location’ toegevoegd voor de shortcode [acadp_listings].
  • Nieuw: vermeldingen in willekeurige volgorde weergeven.
  • Nieuw: een nieuwe container CSS-klasse ‘acadp-entry-featured’ toegevoegd in de aanbevolen vermeldingen. De gebruikers kunnen dus de uitgelichte vermeldingen naar behoefte opmaken.
  • Tweak: toon video, kaart, contactgegevens op de enkele vermeldingspagina zonder widgets nodig te hebben.
  • Tweak: aparte dropdown voor elke categorie/locatieniveau.
  • Tweak: betalingsopties verbergen wanneer de afrekenpagina leeg is.
  • Oplossing: probleem met browsertitel op pagina’s van één categorie/locatie.
  • Oplossing: probleem met sorteren wanneer de ACADP-vermeldingspagina wordt toegevoegd als een statische startpagina.
  • Oplossing: toon beschrijving in pagina’s van één categorie/locatie.
  • Opgelost: vermelding slug niet gewijzigd bij bewerking.
  • Opgelost: Conflict met de permalink-regels van WooCommerce.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Nieuw: ondersteuning voor afbeeldingen toegevoegd voor categorieën.
  • Nieuw: nieuwe “ACADP vermelding” widget toegevoegd.
  • Nieuw: nieuw “URL” aangepast veldtype toegevoegd.
  • Nieuw: aparte valuta toegevoegd voor betalingen.
  • Nieuw: optie om inzendingen in de hoofdcategorie te beperken.
  • Nieuw: nieuw shortcode-attribuut “view” toegevoegd om lijsten per specifieke weergave weer te geven.
  • Tweak: de eerste afbeelding van de aanbiedingen wordt automatisch toegevoegd zoals weergegeven.
  • Tweak: Plugin vertalingen worden geladen met “init” hook in plaats van “plugins_loaded”.
  • Tweak: optie om “WP Editor” of “Tekstgebied” te gebruiken als teksteditor in het lvermeldingen formulier.
  • Tweak: valuta toegevoegd naast het “Prijs” label in het vermeldingsformulier.
  • Tweak: geef de beschrijving van aangepaste velden weer in de front-end.
  • Tweak: alle links van de WordPress core vermeldingspagina’s worden omgeleid naar de aangepaste pagina’s van de plugin.
  • Oplossing: probleem met het aantal vermeldingen in “Categorieën”, “Locaties” pagina’s.
  • Opgelost: probleem met beeldrotatie in IDevices.
  • Oplossing: “Akkoord met voorwaarden label” weergaveprobleem in het vermeldingsformulier.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Opgelost: Fatale fout: oproep naar een member functie get_queried_object_id().
  • Opgelost: categorienaam wordt weergegeven als titel in plaats van vermeldingsnaam.


  • New: Added map view for the listings.
  • Fix: [+] Issue in sending emails to the listing owners.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Fix: ‘glyphicons’ display issue in single listing page when email, phone number and website fields are empty.


  • New: Added new ‘ACADP Listing Address’ widget.
  • New: Added new ‘ACADP Listing Contact’ widget.
  • New: Added new ‘ACADP Listing Video’ widget.
  • Tweak: Single listing page re-designed.


  • New: Added new action hook ‘acadp_before_checkout_form’ for payment processing.
  • New: Added new shortcode ‘[acadp_payment_errors]’.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • New: Added new setting to configure “Google Maps API Key” under “Misc” tab of the plugin settings menu.
  • New: Added new ‘[acadp_search_form]’ shortcode.
  • New: Added new ‘ACADP Categories’ widget.
  • New: Added new ‘ACADP Locations’ widget.
  • New: Added new attribute ‘header=1|0’ for the shortcodes [acadp_category], [acadp_location] & [acadp_listings].
  • New: Added new attribute ‘id’ for the shortcode [acadp_user_listings].
  • Fix: Custom fields display issue in listing detail page.
  • Fix: [+] few minor bug fixes.


  • Tweak: ‘edit_acadp_listings’ & ‘delete_acadp_listings’ capabilities given to the subscriber user role.
  • Tweak: Currency input method changed from select box to input box.
  • Tweak: ‘acadp_currencies’ filter hook removed.
  • Tweak: ACADP namespaced ‘acadp-bootstrap.css’ file modified to be more compatible with non-bootstrap themes.
  • Tweak: ‘Featured’, ‘Popular’ & ‘New’ labels appended next to the title.
  • Tweak: Social share icons moved to the bottom of the content.
  • Tweak: Location field moved above the categories select box in search widget.
  • Fix: Missing password link in the user registration email.
  • Fix: Wrong user name on the user dashboard page.
  • Fix: Promote button link in manage listings page.
  • Fix: Images display issue in listing detail page.
  • Fix: Wrong Open graph tag values in ACADP pages with social sharing buttons.
  • Fix: Issue in hiding categories, locations, custom fields & price fields in search widget.
  • Fix: [+] lot more minor bug fixes.


  • New: Added new shortcode attribute to control listings display order.
  • New: Added new shortcode attribute to filter listings by featured.
  • New: Added new shortcode attribute to control display limit.
  • New: Added new shortcode attribute to show or hide pagination.


  • New: Added new action & filter hooks for monetization.
  • New: Added register & forgot password links in the Login form.


  • Initial release.