Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Admin Starred Posts


Admin Starred Posts lets you mark posts, pages and custom posts within the WordPress admin with stars.
This helps you highlight a post, or mark it so you remember is important.

For example, you might have tons of pages, but are always editing one or two. In that case, star those pages,
and they’ll be easily recognizable in your list of posts.

If you’ve used Gmail before, you’re very familiar with this feature. Similar to that email client, this plugin
let’s you click on a star in your list of posts, pages and custom posts to ‘star’ it.

The plugin works out of the box, but you also get some configuration options to help you customize it to your workflow.

Configuration Options

  • Rotate between 12 different “stars”
  • Drag and set the orders of your stars
  • Enable/disable this feature for any post type in your WordPress install
  • Decide whether you want stars to be visible to every one, or in a per user basis.

Other Features

  • You can display only starred posts by using the “Stars” filter available at the top of the posts list.

This plugin requires WordPress 3.8 or higher


  • Starred Posts in the "All Posts" screen
  • Filter activated to show only one type of starred posts
  • Instellingenpagina


  1. Upload the Starred Posts folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress installation
  2. Activeer de plugin
  3. Go to your posts or pages list in the WordPress admin. You should see little stars to the left of each post title.
  4. Customize the plugin by going to Settings>Starred Posts in your WordPress admin


Admin Starred Posts plugin is activated, but I don’t see any stars in my posts list

First make sure the feature is enabled for the post type you want to use. You can set this in Settings>Starred Posts.

You can also check if the Stars column is enabled in the post list. Go to “All Posts” in your admin, and click on “Screen Options” on
the top right corner. There you can choose what columns you want to display. Make sure “Stars” is checked. Click “Apply” after you make
any changes.


26 januari 2023
This plugin is so useful for managing site wide updates and status of pages especially when working with a group- which are done, which need attention, which haven't been started. I install it on every site I've ever worked on, so I'm probably responsible for at least a hundred of the active installations. Please keep it updated and tested!!
20 augustus 2019
Nicely does the job of marking like email inbox. Some feature enhancements like adding from post edit page with a note will be great.
29 juli 2019
Nice plugin. Thanks for its simplicity and easy to use. Will be great if able to mark the post on the post editor itself. Hope to see this in the new version soon. Cheers
11 juni 2019 1 reactie
I wanted something to show/mark next to my pages in the admin when I have completed the page and done all the neccessary SEO before the page can go live. I searched loads of plugins which were too bloated or buggy before i found this little gem. Simple, works and solves my problem perfectly. The only feedback I would give to the author is to expand the functionality a bit, if possible, to offer more options/settings etc. But thanks a ton to the author!!
3 september 2016
Hi Great tool thanks. Just two thing. That's a little slow to add or remove start and if you have many choice, it take time to remove.
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  • small fix in plugin version and readme file


  • Star images slightly updated (saturation and sharpness)
  • small fix in css position rule


  • Cleanup version numbers
  • Bug Fixes when looping through stars, specially on slow networks.
  • Bug fix: don’t display “yellow-star” label when star is unset


  • Bug Fixes when looping through stars, specially on slow networks.
  • Bug fix: don’t display “yellow-star” label when star is unset


  • Improved layout for mobile


  • Improved code for faster switching between stars
  • Using a sprite for stars instead of multiple images


  • Fixed issue when using quick edit to edit posts
  • Small updates to graphics
  • Added Settings link in plugins page


  • Uses array_column, if available, for searching in star array


  • Added star names. It’s more user friendly when filtering
  • Added a class for star info. This will help to add more custom stars


  • Eerste release