ACF Inhoud Analyse voor Yoast SEO


This plugin ensures that Yoast SEO analyzes all ACF content including Flexible Content and Repeaters.

Yoast SEO for WordPress content and SEO analysis does not take in to account the content of a post’s Advanced Custom Fields. This plugin uses the plugin system of Yoast SEO for WordPress to hook into the analyser in order to add ACF content to the SEO analysis.

This had previously been done by the WordPress SEO ACF Content Analysis plugin but that no longer works with Yoast 3.0. Kudos to ryuheixys, the author of that plugin, for the original idea.

This Plugin is compatible with the free ACF 4 Version as well as with the PRO Version 5. Please be aware that it ignores Pro Add-Ons for Version 4. In that case please upgrade to ACF PRO Version 5.

If you have issues, please submit them on GitHub

Previously called Yoast ACF Analysis.


Remove specific field from scoring

add_filter( 'Yoast\WP\ACF\blacklist_name', function ( $blacklist_name ) {
    $blacklist_name->add( 'my-field-name' );
    return $blacklist_name;

Remove field type from scoring

add_filter( 'Yoast\WP\ACF\blacklist_type', function ( $blacklist_type ) {
    // text, image etc
    $blacklist_type->add( 'text' );
    $blacklist_type->add( 'image' );
    return $blacklist_type;

Define custom field a specific heading value

add_filter( 'Yoast\WP\ACF\headlines', function ( $headlines ) {
    // value from 1-6, 1=h1, 6=h6
    $headlines['field_591eb45f2be86'] = 3;
    return $headlines;

Vernieuwingsfrequentie wijzigen

add_filter( 'Yoast\WP\ACF\refresh_rate', function () {
    // Refresh rates in milliseconds
    return 1000;


17 september 2019
Installed this just as my site went live and it stopped half the pages loading. Mass panic as I tracked down the cause, everything worked fine when I turned it off...deleted!
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Released December 10th, 2020


  • Fixes a bug where ACF Analysis would fail on term pages when using WordPress 5.6.


Released September 29th, 2020


  • Fixes a bug where the content of ACF fields wouldn’t be included in the SEO and readability analysis when using the Classic Editor plugin.
  • Fixes a bug where changes to the content of ACF fields wouldn’t trigger a live refresh of the SEO and readability analysis.


  • No longer supports ACF versions below 5.7.


Released September 1st, 2020


  • Compatibility with Yoast SEO 14.9.


Released August 4th, 2020


  • Fixes a bug where the content of ACF blocks in ‘auto’ mode was not taken into account when the block (automatically) switched to preview mode. Props to TimVevida.


Released July 21st, 2020


  • Makes the plugin compatible with JavaScript changes introduced in Yoast SEO 14.6. We used to depend on JavaScript files which aren’t there anymore. We now depend on post-edit.js or term-edit.js.
  • Sets the minimum supported Yoast SEO version to 14.6.


Released June 10th, 2020


  • Fixes a bug where an error would be thrown when using the Classic Editor plugin.
  • Fixes a bug where custom fields were no longer analyzed when using the Classic Editor plugin.


Released June 4th, 2020


  • Add support for ACF blocks. Props to TimVevida.


  • Fixes a couple of typos in the code documentation. Props to akkspros.
  • Deprecates Yoast_ACF_Analysis_Facade::get_filter_name(). Use hard-coded hook names instead.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/configfilter hook in favor of theYoast\WP\ACF\config` hook.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/headlines filter hook in favor of the Yoast\WP\ACF\headlines hook.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/blacklist_type filter hook in favor of the Yoast\WP\ACF\blacklist_type hook.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/blacklist_name filter hook in favor of the Yoast\WP\ACF\blacklist_name hook.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/scraper_config filter hook in favor of the Yoast\WP\ACF\scraper_config hook.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/refresh_rate filter hook in favor of the Yoast\WP\ACF\refresh_rate hook.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/field_selectors filter hook in favor of the Yoast\WP\ACF\field_selectors hook.
  • Deprecates the yoast-acf-analysis/field_order filter hook in favor of the Yoast\WP\ACF\field_order hook.


Uitgebracht op 15 mei 2019


  • ACF URL velden worden nu geanalyseerd als links. Rekwisieten voor t49tran.


Uitgegeven op 22 januari 2019


  • Fixes a bug where textarea and non-headline text content would not be wrapped in paragraphs for the analysis. Props skaeser.


  • Introduces the ‘yoast-acf-analysis/field_order’ filter which allows for adjusting the ACF field order. This also adds the possibility to prepend field content to WordPress’ post_content using a negative field order. Props skaeser.


Uitgebracht op 10 juli 2018

* Fixes a bug where attempting to get the ACF version, wouldn’t always be reliable. This would lead the plugin to think that a newer version was installed than what was actually present.
* Fixes potential conflicts with other plugins due to generic variable naming.
* Fixes a bug where the YoastSEO ACF Content analysis would attempted to be loaded, although it wasn’t available.

* Adds filter examples to the readme.


Uitgebracht op 19 oktober 2017

* Fixes the mismatch in textdomain according to the plugin slug.
* Fixes using an incorrect path when loading plugin data.
* Fixes a bug with flexible content and repeaters, in combination with ACF 5, causing JavaScript errors.
* Fixes a bug with short array notation which is a problem on sites running on PHP 5.3 or lower.
* Fixes a bug where assets are loaded without checking for required dependencies.


Uitgebracht op 22 augustus 2017

     * Volledig herschrijven, inclusief volledige ondersteuning voor ACF 4 en 5.


Uitgebracht op 24 juli 2017

* Fixes Yoast SEO Premium social sharing tabs not showing any content when this plugin is active, props Matt McAchran.


Uitgebracht op 30 juni 2016

  • Bugfixes:

    • Lost een incompatibiliteitsprobleem op met Yoast SEO versie 3.2+ waar de assets zijn geregistreerd met een nieuw voorvoegsel.
  • Internationalisatie:

    • Verbeterde tekst in meldingen wanneer afhankelijkheden ontbreken.