12 Step Meeting List


This plugin helps twelve step recovery programs list their meetings. It standardizes addresses, and displays results in a searchable list and map.

It’s also the easiest way for Alcoholics Anonymous service entities to get listed in the Meeting Guide mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

This plugin was originally designed to maintain a list of A.A. meetings in Santa Clara County, CA. It is now used to provide meeting information for A.A. and other 12-step recovery groups around the world.


  • The Meeting Notes field is for any non-standardized meeting info, such as Basement, or Building C
  • Location should be a simple place-name, eg Queen of the Valley Hospital
  • Address should only be the address; no “Upstairs” or “Building C” or “Near 2nd Ave”
  • You can fill in a very basic address and then when you tab away from that field you will see it try to standardize the address for you. If you write “1000 trancas, napa” it will replace it with “1000 Trancas St, Napa, CA 94558, USA.”


  • Meeting list page
  • Meeting map
  • Meeting detail page
  • Edit meeting
  • Wijzig locatie


Just install the plugin, add a mapping API key from Mapbox (or Google), and start entering your meetings. That is all it takes to get started!


My meeting type isn’t listed!

If it’s a broadly-applicable meeting type, please ask us in the discussions forum. We must maintain consistency for the mobile apps, so not all proposals are accepted.

If you have access to your theme’s functions.php, you may add additional meeting types or rename existing ones. Simply adapt the following example to your purposes:

if (function_exists('tsml_custom_types')) {
        'XYZ' => 'My Custom Type',

Please note a few things about custom types:

  1. Once you’ve added the type, you will see it under ‘More’ on the Meeting edit screen. It will show up in the dropdown once you use it on a meeting.
  2. Be careful with the codes (“XYZ” in the above example) as this gives you the ability to replace existing types.
  3. Note that custom meeting types are not imported into the Meeting Guide app.
  4. They are for members in recovery to find a meeting. If you can’t imagine an addict looking for a meeting this way, then we recommend not adding it to your site.
  5. Don’t add a type for the default, eg ‘Non-Smoking.’ If you do that, then you have to be vigilant about tagging every last meeting in order to make the data complete.

Where are my meetings listed?

It depends on your Permalinks setup. The easiest way to find the link is to go to the Dashboard > Meetings > Import & Export page and look for it under “Where’s My Info?”

I need to correct a meeting address or change a pin’s location

We get our geocoding positions from Google (this true even if your maps are by Mapbox). Google is correct an amazing amount of the time, but not always. If you need to add a custom location, add this to your theme’s functions.php.

Note you can add multiple entries to the array below.

if (function_exists('tsml_custom_addresses')) {
        '5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France' => array(
            'formatted_address' => '5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France',
            'city' => 'Paris',
            'latitude' => 48.858372,
            'longitude' => 2.294481,
            'approximate' => 'no',

Can I update the type descriptions?

Yes, you can add, update, or remove these descriptions. Adapt this example as needed and add it to your theme’s functions.php. Using an empty string '' will unset the type.

if (function_exists('tsml_custom_descriptions')) {
        'C' => 'Special closed type description',
        'O' => '', //this type has been removed

What is Change Detection?

Change Detection augments our data import utility by periodically polling your data sources and generating email notifications to Change Notification Email recipients who you registered on the Settings page.

How can I enable Change Detection for my disabled data source?

Change Detection can only be enabled when adding a data source to your list of Data Sources. Re-registering an existing data source is necessary to get Change Detection enabled. This includes:
* To be safe, always make a backup of your existing meeting list by using the link on the Import tab to export your Meeting List.
* If you are going to have change detection on multple data sources, you may choose to add the parent organization(s) to your list of Regions first (i.e. District 1, YourCity Intergroup, etc.).
* Remove the data source (click on the X next to its Last Refresh timestamp) We suggest first noting the json feed URL (hover over the feed name to view the URL) for use when adding it back.
* Set data source options: enter a name for your feed, set the feed URL, select the parent region from the Parent Region dropdown, and lastly choose the “Change Detection Enabled” option.
* Pressing the “Add Data Source” button will register a WordPress Cron Job (tsml_scan_data_source) for the newly added and enabled data source. By default, this cron job is scheduled to run “Once Daily” starting at midnight (12:00 AM).
The frequency and time that the cron job runs is optionally configurable with the [WP Crontrol[(https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-crontrol/)] plugin.

How can I convert a data source into a maintainable list for my new website?

When editing a data source record a warning is given that the record will be over-written when the data source is refreshed.
To avoid this warning and prevent a refresh from altering an edited record it’s necessary to follow a few simple steps to reimport the data source records:

  • Make a backup of your existing meeting list by using the export link found on the Import tab of the Import & Export page.
  • Open the exported file (meetings.csv) which you should find in your local Downloads folder.
  • Delete the entire ‘Data Source’ column found near the far right and then Save the file (recommend using Save As to rename the file to something unique such as my-meetings.csv).
  • Remove the imported data source (click on the X next to its Last Refresh timestamp).
  • Import the saved file using the Import CSV feature on the Import & Export page.

Your meeting list records will now no longer display a warning message when being edited, and will not be overwritten by a data source refresh operation!

How can I make the Region dropdown not be collapsible?

Add this CSS to your theme:

div#tsml #meetings .controls ul.dropdown-menu div.expand { display: none; }
div#tsml #meetings .controls ul.dropdown-menu ul.children { height: auto; }

How can I show Any Day by default?

The easiest way is to link to that view straight from your navigation. Usually that looks like /meetings/?tsml-day=any, but it can vary depending on your settings.

If you’d prefer to keep the default address, you could add this code to your theme’s functions.php instead:

$tsml_defaults['day'] = null;

How do I change the default search radius for location searches?

Add this to your theme’s functions.php. The value should be an existing value, ie 1, 5, 10, 25 or 50.

$tsml_defaults['distance'] = 25;

Can I get the meeting list to display the full address, including city, state and country?

Add this to your theme’s functions.php.

$tsml_street_only = false;

Can I set a custom “Update Meeting Info” button in TSML UI?

Add a URL to your theme’s functions.php.

$tsml_feedback_url = '/feedback';

You can add variables to the URL that can be picked up by a form plugin:

$tsml_feedback_url = '/feedback?slug={{slug}}&id={{id}}&name={{name}}&day={{day}}&time={{time}}&end_time={{end_time}}&types={{types}}&notes={{notes}}&conference_url={{conference_url}}&conference_url_notes={{conference_url_notes}}&conference_phone={{conference_phone}}&conference_phone_notes={{conference_phone_notes}}&location={{location}}&formatted_address={{formatted_address}}&region={{region}}&location_notes={{location_notes}}&group={{group}}&group_notes={{group_notes}}&district={{district}}&website={{website}}&email={{email}}&phone={{phone}}&venmo={{venmo}}&square={{square}}&paypal={{paypal}}';

Feel free to adjust as necessary. This can also be a new email URL, such as:

$tsml_feedback_url = "mailto:office@domain.com?subject={{slug}}";

Can I change the order of the columns on the meeting list page, eg put the Region first?

Add this to your theme’s functions.php. Feel free to change the order or column names (eg ‘Region’) but keep the keys the same (eg ‘region’).

$tsml_columns = array(
    'region' => 'Region',
    'time' => 'Time',
    'distance' => 'Distance',
    'name' => 'Name',
    'location_group' => 'Location / Group',
    'address' => 'Address',
    'types' => 'Types'

Can I change the “Location / Group” column to display only the Location name instead?

Add this to your theme’s functions.php.

$tsml_columns = array(
    'region' => 'Region',
    'time' => 'Time',
    'distance' => 'Distance',
    'name' => 'Name',
    'location' => 'Location',
    'address' => 'Address',
    'types' => 'Types'

Can I change the default sort order on the meeting list page?

By default, the plugin sorts by day, then time, then location name. To set your own sort index, add this to your functions.php:

$tsml_sort_by = 'region'; //options are name, location, address, time, or region

If I am using Mapbox can I change the theme?

By default this plugin uses the Streets theme, v9. To change this, add this to your functions.php:

$tsml_mapbox_theme = '<theme URL>'

Please note the version of the Mapbox script we use doesn’t support all the themes displayed on the Mapbox site. The themes which have been tested and are known to work are: mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9, mapbox://styles/mapbox/outdoors-v9, mapbox://styles/mapbox/light-v9, mapbox://styles/mapbox/dark-v9, mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-v9, and mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-streets-v9.

How can I override the meeting list or detail pages?

If you are using the “Legacy UI” appearance, copy the files from the plugin’s templates directory into your theme’s root directory. If you’re using a theme from the Theme Directory, you may be better off creating a Child Theme. Now, you may override those pages. The archive-meetings.php file controls the meeting list page, single-meetings.php controls the meetings detail, and single-locations.php controls the location detail.

If you are using TSML UI, then adding local CSS is the best way to customize the appearance of the meeting finder.

Please note these pages will evolve over time. If you override, you will someday experience website errors after an update. If that happens, please update your theme’s copy of the plugin pages.

Can I see types in the meeting list? And can I adjust the /Men and /Women after the meeting name?

To see types in the meeting list, one way to do it is to add some CSS to your theme which will make a types column visible.

@media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
    div#tsml #meetings .types { display: table-cell !important; }

One drawback of this approach is that it shows all the meeting types, and you might not want all of them to be displayed over and over in the meeting list.

Another approach is to adjust which meeting types are “flagged” in the meeting names, by default for most programs this is /Men and /Women. To adjust this, find the meeting type code for each type you want to show and include it in your theme’s functions.php like this:

if (function_exists('tsml_custom_flags')) {
    tsml_custom_flags(array('M', 'W', 'O', 'C'));

The code above will add “Open” and “Closed” flags to the meeting name.

When there are notes on a meeting, can I indicate that somehow in the meeting list?

Yes, with CSS. Rows that have meeting notes will have a ‘notes’ class. To add an asterisk, for example, try this:

div#tsml tr.notes a:after { content: "*"; }

Can I import a custom spreadsheet format?

If you don’t mind some PHP programming, then yes! Create a function called tsml_import_reformat, and use it to
reformat your incoming data to the standard format

if (!function_exists('tsml_import_reformat')) {
    function tsml_import_reformat($meetings) {
        //your code goes here
        return $meetings;

How can I change some of the text on the template pages, eg the column headings?

You can make use of the gettext filter to override the plugin’s translation strings. For example, if you wanted to replace ‘Region’ with ‘City,’ you could add the following to your functions.php file.

function theme_override_tsml_strings($translated_text, $text, $domain) {
    if ($domain == '12-step-meeting-list') {
        switch ($translated_text) {
            case 'Region':
                return 'City';
    return $translated_text;
add_filter('gettext', 'theme_override_tsml_strings', 20, 3);

How can I temporarily hide a meeting without deleting it?

Save it as a draft by editing the meeting’s Status.

Are there shortcodes?

Yes, you can use [tsml_meeting_count], [tsml_location_count], [tsml_group_count], and [tsml_region_count] to display human-formatted counts of your entities. For example, “Our area currently comprises [tsml_meeting_count] meetings.” Also [tsml_next_meetings count="5"] displays a small table with the next several meetings in it. Use the count parameter to adjust how many are displayed. This will be unstyled if you’re not using bootstrap in your theme.

Additionally, you can use [tsml_types_list] and [tsml_regions_list] to output linked lists to your meeting finder.

Are there translations to other languages?

It is translated into Polish. If you would like to volunteer to help translate another language, we would be pleased to work with you.

I entered contact information into the meeting edit page but don’t see it displayed on the site.

That’s right, we don’t display that information by default for the sake of anonymity. To display it in your theme, go to Meetings > Settings and set the Meeting/Group Contacts dropdown to “public.”

Can I run this as my main website homepage?

Sure. Try adding this code to your theme’s functions.php:

add_action('pre_get_posts', 'tsml_front_page');

Also check out our One Page Meeting List theme.

Can I use this plugin to list telephone meetings or other meetings without a fixed location?

Yes, but you will need to enter an approximate location. To do this simply enter the city and state or province of the general geographic location of the meeting into the address field.

Can I change the URL of the meetings list?

Yes, try setting the $tsml_slug variable in your functions.php.

$tsml_slug = 'schedule';

You may set it to false to hide the public meeting finder altogether.

To apply these changes, you must go to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes”

Can I update the $tsml_slug to be appended after the site url instead of the blog url identified in permalinks structure

Yes, you can use the following filter to change the with_front configuration from true to false

add_filter( 'tsml_meeting_with_front', '__return_false');

Can I use my own geocoding API key?

Yes, add the following to your theme’s functions.php. Make sure you’ve enabled the Geocoding API in the Google Cloud Console.

$tsml_google_geocoding_key = 'my.api.key.goes.here';


4 maart 2021
When we were hit with COVID, this app was invaluable to keep up with the constant changes our groups were throwing at us. And Code4Recovery kept up with all of our constant requests for adaptations to it because of all of the newly-discovered needs we had to get the information out! The fact that it feeds the Meeting Guide app, too, makes it a must-have. As a Central Office manager, I have been happy with this app for 3+ years now. Love it!
2 februari 2021 1 reactie
I am Web administrator for AA Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. I cannot thank the developers of this plugin enough for simplifying my job. Works so well 'out of the box'. Simple and fast with just the right mix of functionality and good user interface.
23 november 2020
Kudos to whoever donated this code. I was looking at it to see how it opens up zoom for a meeting - there's a tremendous amount of work there. Thanks again.
15 april 2020 3 reacties
This plugin is a wonderful gift especially during these "shelter" times. The developers have been AWESOME with support, adding in changes in speedy time, and keeping it current for those of us working with it.I loved this app when I first saw it many years ago and have even more love for the support people now. GREAT SERVICE.
20 november 2019
Thank you so much for the time and effort spent in developing this plugin. Love the ease of use in finding meetings for newcomers and old timers alike!
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  • [tsml_types_list] and [tsml_regions_list] shortcode links now work with TSML UI – more info
  • Editors can now use the Import & Export screen – more info
  • Fix possible PHP notice on upcoming meetings widget – more info
  • TSML now imports 12x12 meetings properly – more info
  • Helper function to set custom meeting type descriptions – more info
  • Remove legacy PDF code – more info
  • Add open source license (GPL2)


  • District is now selected when joining a meeting to an existing group – more info
  • Fix for warning when refreshing a JSON feed – more info
  • Provides info to help tech support / debugging – more info
  • Add Dialpad as valid conference provider – more info


  • Fix missing file warning


  • Split Import & Settings into separate pages – more info
  • Fix bugs when rendering Appointment meetings – more info
  • Add more options for linking TSML UI to a feedback URL – more info
  • Use TSML’s geocoding key except when specified in code


  • Fix bug in 3.14.8 causing Regions and Districts to not be editable – more info
  • Fix warning when type_descriptions are not set for program – more info
  • When using TSML UI, remove Online and Location Temporarily Closed as default flags – more info


  • Remove deprecated “BETA” geocoding option
  • Don’t regenerate cache after every update
  • Upgrade dev dependencies
  • Overriding theme files no longer overrides TSML UI setting
  • Add four new types for Al-Anon
  • Remove automatic taxonomy pages
  • Add ability for meetings page to be appended to site URL (rather than blog URL)
  • Add Discord and GoTo.com as valid conference providers


  • Fix directions button on mobile
  • Fix TSML-UI data loading on GoDaddy CDN


  • Add href link to meeting name for change detection
  • Add flag settings to TSML UI configuration
  • Fix build of directions URL for Google Maps


  • Fix table layout bug when filtering
  • Enable multiple levels of regions in TSML UI


  • Set parent region on imported data source records
  • Enable user-settable location-only column


  • Add Jitsi conference provider
  • Update Google Sheets importing to v4 API
  • Expand change detection email report
  • Add file timestamp to feed URL


  • Rotating geocoding key to counter a spike in usage


  • Make cache file unique


  • Add Switch UI feature to facilitate switching between the two available user interface displays: Legacy UI and TSML UI
  • Refactor Import & Settings page with tabs & cards to segregate and group features and settings
  • Modify feed to follow the directive from setting “Meeting/Group Contacts Are” (Private/Public)
  • Improve CSV export/import, includes contact and imported feed information
  • Add TSML widget on WordPress dashboard


  • Add change detection notification option for feeds
  • Update url in TSML UI shortcode
  • Fix district dropdown list
  • Write approximate value when saving location


  • Fix bug adding pages
  • Fix database updates


  • Add CSS class for past meetings
  • Allow translations of attendance options
  • Use a default meeting title if left blank
  • Add CMA support
  • Create feature_request.yml issue template


  • Internal upgrades (please note: TSML, like WordPress, now requires PHP 5.6 or higher).
  • Link to new PDF service.


  • Address performance issues.
  • Fix link to new Discussions (replaces Issues for public users).


  • Fix widget filtering.
  • Fix URL query parsing of attendance_option.
  • Fix filtering options persistence.
  • Revamp handling of online meeting links.
  • Change open/closed definitions text.
  • Fix display of online meeting location.
  • Fix handling of attendance_option import.
  • Update shortcode sytax for TSMLui.


  • Fix PHP warnings.


  • Add attendance option support, and improve online meeting support.
  • Add support for custom MapBox themes.
  • Improve TSMLui integration (short code, options).
  • Fix bug preventing map from displaying.


  • Add BETA feature for API Gateway to replace direct geocoding calls to Google.
  • Add option for webmasters to configure their own Google geocoding API key.
  • Fix bug related to display of 11th Step meeting type.
  • Fix bug related to tsml_addresses ajax function.
  • Improve cache entries.


  • Hot-fix to replace API key and correct additional geocode-related bug.


  • Hot-fix to remove geocode error when adding new meeting.


  • Fix bugs associated with approximate values/display of directions dialogs.
  • Fix bug preventing draft locations from showing in suggestions.
  • Replace Twitter Typeahead with jQuery Autocomplete to fix dependency on
    deprecated jQuery code (should satisfy WordPress 5.6 compatibility).


  • Fix subversion process.


  • Fix readme.txt version number.


  • Hot fix.


  • Added tracking of approximate location. Markers/Directions are not
    provided for approximate locations.
  • Fixed bug leading to incorrect sorting in meetings list.
  • Fixed broken link for support (Need Help?).
  • Fixed bug preventing use of meeting cache.
  • FAQ moved to Wiki on GitHub.


  • Added notes fields for online/phone meetings.
  • Fixed bug preventing selection of multiple types.
  • Fixed bug preventing customized meeting URL.
  • Fixed bug involving meetings in draft status stripping location.
  • Fixed classname issue with online meeting provider.
  • Added program type Compulsive Eaters Anonymous-HOW.
  • Fixed JQuery error with WordPress 5.5.


  • Fixed bug involving end_time for meeting.


  • Fixed bug introduced in previous version.


  • Added additional support for 7th Tradition contributions.
  • Added outdoor and seniors meeting types.
  • Fixed bugs affecting contacts.
  • Tweaked how contacts are displayed.


  • Added TC and ONL flags for Al-Anon and other programs.


  • Added hiding of conference phone numbers.
  • Changed Temporary Closure to Location Temporary Closed.
  • Changed online meeting to be accepted if dial-in only.
  • Improved URL screening for csv/json imports.
  • Improved front end styling for meetings.


  • Updated CSV import/export and template to reflect added fields.
  • Added abiility to bulk add/remove Temporary Closure type.
  • Add two additional online conference types.
  • Updated online phone button.
  • Other bug fixes.


  • Fixed issue with setting null for conference types.
  • Fixed JSON feed not importing online conference info, and Venmo info.
  • Added Skype conference type.


  • Changes online meeting information from group to individual meeting (Issue #82).
  • Adds front end styling for online meetings.


  • Maintenance release


  • Added feature to include online meeting information for temporarily closed meetings.
  • Added “online meeting” type.


  • Added temporary closure styling to widget.


  • Changes to front end display supporting temporary closure tag.


  • Adding “Temporary Closure” meeting type to all programs.


  • Compatibility for PHP < 5.3
  • “Need help” button on Import & Settings page


  • Added option for upcoming meetings widget to display message if no further meetings exist for today.
  • Added size to PDF generator.
  • Fixed bug with restoring meetings from trash.
  • Updated logo.


  • Fixing bug in geocode caching (Ogden)


  • Updating how PDF displays groups (hmbrecords)
  • Updating documentation regarding JSON feeds (brianw)
  • Updating bug and feature request processes


  • Restoring PHP 5.3 compatibility


  • Updating meeting types for Al-Anon


  • Adding two new programs


  • Importing Google Sheets (via Puget Sound)
  • Fixing search with apostrophes (Houston)
  • Further attempts to fix PDF errors (Ft Worth)


  • Further attempts to fix PDF errors (Ft Worth)


  • Fixing PDF error (Ft Worth)


  • Geocode (Western MA, Traverse City)


  • Hiding PHP notices for empty locations (Ft Worth)


  • Fixing javascript bug when meeting has no types


  • Fixing meeting types bug introduced in earlier commit


  • Bugfixes relating to meeting type “flag” customization (Akron)


  • PHP 5.2 compatibility (Hanover PA)


  • Geocodes (Bolivia)


  • Fixing night time filter


  • Fixing error message in upcoming meetings widget (Inland Empire)
  • Including slug in export CSV (Northern IL)
  • Update cache when deleting meetings (Southern IL)
  • Removing mention of non-AA programs from readme (San Diego)
  • Fixing code formatting in FAQ


  • Importing fix


  • Syntax error on PHP < 5.4 (Palm Springs)
  • FNV Import Location Field (Minnesota)
  • District filtering working again


  • Fixing filter for parent regions (PA Al Anon)
  • Adding ‘delete all’ AJAX route
  • Fixing JSON Import (San Francisco)


  • Adding Non-Binary meeting type (Los Angeles)
  • Geocodes (Western Mass)


  • 3.4 was missing a file 🙁


  • Major rewrite to make plugin more CPU-efficient (Ventura)
  • Fixed bug where leaving a space at the end of a data source would cause an error
  • Fixed bug where filters wouldn’t work after switching to Google Map view (SCA)
  • Added post_status to params for tsml_get_meetings() (New England SLAA)
  • Some new geocode overrides